Interracial Kink: Exclusive interracial private house parties for those in and traveling to the San Francisco bay area. Come play with some of the sexiest and kinkiest couples anywhere. The bay area’s exclusive weekly (every Saturday and other evenings) party for sexy attractive couples, single women, and select single guys.
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Interracial Kink

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Exclusive interracial private house parties for those in and traveling to the San Francisco bay area. Come play with some of the sexiest and kinkiest couples anywhere. The bay area’s exclusive weekly (every Saturday and other evenings) party for sexy attractive couples, single women, and select single guys.

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I kinda liked it

hey hey this is naomi, a local bay area female swinger. iv been there 3 times my favorite thing about these parties is the nice house and hot tub..... eriks attitude sucks but i love the selection of i woould say its great for women and not so good for men

A Complete Joke

We showed up a this party because we were told there were the majority was going to be single women and couples!!!! Oh my!!!! WTF were soooooo lied to. OMG we could not believe it. It was a bunchof black men just waiting around to "CHIMP OUT" on a white woman/wife. Terrible. They were disrespectful. They gladly told me I could stay and my hubby where the door was. UNREAL!!!!!! Needless to say, we didn't hang around. An ENTIRE WASTE OF TIME!!!! This site should remove interracial kink from it!!!

BUSTED!!!!!12/13/08 This party was the worst!

I am very angry that our host Erikk let us be in the middle of his bullshit! I dont appreciate being in a SWAT raid, M-4 machine guns pointed @ me, my picture and personal information listed with the local authorities, just because I decided to go to a swingers party and explore my kinky side!.....I am very disappointed in Erikk!!! and I probably will never attend another party ever there and I will encourage anyone else to do the same!

What a disaster!

I wasted my money by coming to this.Not only there were no women but the COP came and raid the place.I was in handcluff for 2 hour I want my money back.I drove all the way from San Jose to get guns pointed at my head and handcluffed

What a disaster!

I'd give zero if I could. Wife doesn't mind single guys, but this was ridiculous. She felt very intimidated. We'll try other clubs that at least have some couples. They guys weren't even that hot. We were disappointed and left early. First bad experience in the lifestyle. Stay home and watch a movis instead!

Party for profit. Avoid if you are a single guy

This party was a complete joke. Billed as an "Latin style orgy," this sausage fest was far from it. I would think for something to be classified as an orgy, not only would there have to be women, there would also have to be actual SEX. There were approx 13 single guys at this party, and the only women were two mature Puerto Rican ladies in their 50's. One of which looked like someone's grandma, and could have even been 60. And these ladies both had sex with one perspective guy each. Thats it. So even if you were super horny and ready to bang a 50's momma out of desperation... you couldn't have even done that. It was just a bunch of frustrated guys wandering around in their underwear, hoping that something might happen. Oh then of course there was the host, who was having a grand ol time. Why? Because he just made 1300 bucks off a bunch of horny chumps. Meanwhile he drank martinis, and danced the night away in ignorant bliss. And what was also crappy to see, was the poor guy who showed up@almost 2AM. That guy had no idea that all that was inside was 13 horny frustrated guys. But the host took his money just the same, acting as if there was an epic adventure lying ahead. But knowing full well that there was zero game, and essentially zero chicks. So instead of being cool or honest, and saying "hey, its kinda late, there's no chicks here, why don't you just come in" or "are you sure you still want to come in?" etc., he just took his money like a chump. That guy of course left an hour later, without even removing his jacket. REALLY LAME AND FRUSTRATING OVERALL. THIS IS A PARTY FOR PROFIT. It was advertised in the SF GUARDIAN for crying out loud. Not listed in events, but advertised. A lot of money is made on these events, and it was sad to see a bunch of guys get taken and misled thinking they were headed for an epic "orgy." BOO on the host for essentially running a scam and not being honest with people. He also informed me on the phone that "9 or 10 single guys are allowed" when in reality he lets in as many as want to come. Living in a bling house like that isnt cheap. I also talked with other guests, and they said the reviews / highlights of the parties are always over exaggerated and inflated. In other words, MARKETING to make you think "OMG! these parties are crazy!" When they are really just a high profit cocktail party with some occasional sex). He also said that "between 25 and 50 people show up" which again was just more marketing. I am a huge hater of deception, and thats my main problem here. He's taking people's money, misleading them into thinking its something other than it is. He's preying on single horny guys, and making a fortune off their misfortune. I notice i am not the first one to post a review like this. If you are a single guy, I would avoid this place like the plague.


I've read some of the good reviews and bad ones. The good ones are exaggerated I think and the bad ones don't do any justice. The parties are hit or miss and are comparable to any other swing party in that some nights it will be hot and other it will not be. However, one thing I ask the host is to do a better job at limiting the number of males to couples/single females. It does get to be a sword fest.

too many men...not enought women

went thinking we would meet and really get to know some couples in the lifestyle.....but only two couples.....and way to many men....i asked the host why so many and he stated that most women like that....he needs to advertise it as a gang bang....not a swing night!

Really enjoyed Saturday Evening

Just wanted to thank Eric and Darri for a really great time last nite. It was really great to be around so many horny, beautiful, women and SlutRaven was just incredible! I was amazed at this woman's stamina and can understand why it would take more than just one to satisfy her appetite. I also liked the two voyeaur couples that were getting turned on while watching her and us suck and fuck! Also, the new blonde lady getting some lessons in group sex pleasure from Raven was really hot to watch, the look on her face as Raven licked and sucked her newly initiated pussy was one of purest expressions of orgasmic pleasure I had seen in awhile......that is until Raven sucked me dry a little later! The threesome that Raven had with the new couple there was also hot. Watching that woman lick and suck Raven's pussy while her boyfriend was fucking her is a nice memory as well as the gangbang that followed with Raven and the new girl taking on many cocks until new girl had to leave. Towards the end of the nite Raven wanted more so she took me and two other guys into the room with the red mattresses (orgy room?) whereupon she proceeded to literally suck and fuck us all dry. All in all, a very good time that I hope to repeat! Thanx again to Eric & Dari! D

Great Saturday night Party

Erikk& Dari, Thanks so much for the fabulous party Saturday night. We have been to many party houses but yours was by far the best. I can still picture my wife Maylene dancing with Erikk at 3am to Sinatra----Maylene is a dancing machine, Erikk is a great partner, the evening was an erotic extravaganza. Maylene fucked 8 guys, 7 of them handsome young black guys and 3 of the 8 came back for 2nds. 8 guys, 11 fucks, at least 6 of the guys shot their cum load, thats a new record for Maylene, who incidentally is from South America. Maylene says, "invite more of the black hunky studs", she loved them all with their big, hard cocks. And we must tell you, all of the single men were considerate gentlemen. Maylene was sorry she only got to play with 3 women, but she and Raven hit it off so well it limited her bisexual activity. We are anxious to return to your house to party. We love to be nasty and kinky, and we are particularly looking forward to a more parties, as well as daytime and Wednesday parties, and we are excited about naked sex in the backyard. Make sure we get on your email list, what do you have for us this coming weekend? Thanks again for inviting us, Maylene & Rick

Thank you Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Good evening Ladies, It's Diego. I would like to thank the two lovely ladies for their posts about my sensual massage skills. And let everyone else know that I am at Interraccial Kink parties on saturdays, and if you would like to make a private appointment just hit me with an e-mail at See you soon. -Diego


We have been to a couple of E&D's parties and had a blast. Havin read some of the other reviews, it is true there are alot of single men at these parties. So with that in mind, we arrived ready to fuck them all. It was a huge turn on for G to be sure every guy got a turn with her and of course K had a blast fucking/sucking as many guys as G insisted. (was his week to be the Dom) G also got to fuck a porn star and K licked her till she came. NASSSSSTY,, Just the way we like it. We'll be back for more!! NastyCouple,,G&K

Yeah Diego is the BOMB!!!!!!

Yeah that guy was amazing. I was ready to go smoke a cigarette and go home after he was done!!! He was the highlight of my night. -Lynette

Great Saturday Night Party

Erikk & Dari, Thanks for being such great hosts and those awesome Martinis. I had a ball and fucked 6 times, one single lady twice. Man, I was drained. Looking forward to more banner week.

NYE 2004 Party

We attended the new years eve party and we had an absolutely great time!!!. Everybody there was sexy, attractive, friendly and very kinky and you have a beautiful home with a great ambiance. Sex is the most natural thing in the world and were glad there\'s people like you who offers opportunity to celebrate that. We look forward to attending upcoming events. Thanks again!!!! Les & Sabrina

Saturday night

Hello Eric & Dari, I wanted to let you know that I had a blast on December 18, 2004. Mini-mini skirt night, I was the black female who came by myself and was sucked and fucked by numerous men. That was one of my fantasies and i fufilled it that night and look forward to cumming back and having more. I plan on coming to your place for some hot and nasty excitment. Look forward to seeing you real soon... Rhonda

Saturday night

I had an awesome time at the party I was at, and hope it was great for the rest of the gang too! Now I know why you ask folks to eat their wheaties!! In fact, hope those wheaties have a protein boost in them - we certainly need it!!! Have fun, and keep the parties going! hugs, -Aksh.

Waste Of Time

Hosts allow way too many single men. Only 4 couples were present and two didn't play (even with each other). A total waste of time and money. We drove 70 miles for nothing. Strikes me as a Party for Pure Profit rather than Pleasure

Friday night party

Erikk and Dari Thank you for letting me join your group, I have been to your home and had a great time, I look forward to playing again.. and meeting more fun and friendly people just like me that like to try new and exciting things..thank you Candy

Saturday night party

Hi Erikk and Dari, and thank you so much for such a wonderful party on Saturday :-))) You have a beautiful house, cool friends and a great concept .... and such fun. We had a wonderful time, and you can be sure that we won't forget it, especially Kim who was still writhing from the pleasure 24 hours later :-)) Fortunately, although Kim was tired, she wasn't too tired to remember everything that happened, and the thought of it will keep her happy for a long time to come:-))) She sends a very special thank you to your masseur friend who made it happen for her :-)) Not that Charlie missed out !! :-)) He really appreciated your hospitality and that of your lady guests, and just hopes that next time he may get a chance to know Dari a little better. :-)) Anyway, please keep us on the list for news and we'll look forward to a return. Charlie and Kim

Best Swing Party Ever

I want to tell everyone that I had the time of my life on Saturday. By far my best party ever. Diego

Fun Saturday night

Erikk and Dari: I had a great time at your Saturday night much fun to see so many people truly enjoying themselves. I'm looking forward to attending again soon, hopefully with a hot woman on a Friday couples night, but if not, single guy Saturday was awesome enough! Thanks again, mark

Saturday night orgy party

Hi Erikk Dari, Frank here of Frank and Candy. Want to say we both had a good time at your party last Sat., meeting you and your guests. Looking forward to coming again.

Saturday night

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the party Saturday night. It was Raven’s first time at a Saturday night party and by the time we left, she had fucked no less than 11 men and at least three or four more who came back for seconds – I lost count. It you couldn’t tell by her continuous screams, she is an incredibly multi-orgasmic woman who truly appreciates the attention of lots of men (and women) and she enjoyed herself immensely. And I am a man who adores seeing her in ecstasy. We are both looking forward to more – she expressed her desire for “working up” to a larger and longer party in the future. I’m certain that at some point in the coming months, she will want to be a part of one of your special gang-bangs. Sincerely, Byron and Raven

Saturday night

Well I just want to thank E & D for having a OFF THE HOOK party last night. Once again I had a ball meeting some new people and have a BLAST. To the new couple that came up from Fresno..... THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR CUMING!(lol) To my Fire Place Buddies.... All I can say is damn, damn, damn, we need to do that again in the future. To the San Jose guys, my early chat two are something else. D it was good to see you again....and Mr Latin Lover you should holla at me sometime. And to all the other people I met, it was nice to chat with you and I hope to see you at a future event! And to Ms. Hostess.... I meant what I said, if you want to give up that job, you cal always start an Apple Martini Bar! Pease & Blessings, Rose

Wednesday party

Hi Erikk & Dari- I look forward to coming to future parties. I hope to be able to join you again in the next few weeks.. Please keep me informed. I had a great time and met several nice people on Wed. evening. I look forward to seeing you again soon..... Take care til then...... Kisses, Shay

Best sex party ever

Hey Dari and Erik,,,, I had the most wonderful sex filled evening ever....thanks for letting me cummmmmmmm...always baddgyrl

Hot Party

Thank You Both Thanks for the warm reception we recieved. Your Party ROCKS. Again Thank You. Daniel & Sonya

Top of the Line

Erikk & Dari, I just wanted to say thanks for everything last Saturday night. I know my girls and I had a great time at your party. We will be sure to make it back really soon. You have a beautiful home and made us all feel really comfortable. I look forward to doing it again. Ryan, Andrea, and Heather


Three couples - though one of the women was so drunk she had to leave - and about 15 single guys. A waste of time

Saturday night

Hi guys, we just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time last night, we had fun and totally enjoyed ourselves and others. See you soon! N & P~ p.s. Dari, I loved your mini dress, very sexy! (Nina)

Friday Party

Erikk and Dari you truly are the best hosts and have a wonderful home. Thank you for inviting us. Truly, N and J

Saturday night

Hi there erikk & Dari; I wanted to thank you for you'r hospitality last night,you guys are the greatest.I had a realy nice time, and especially so near the last part of the evening.Nothing beats the purr of satisfaction from a woman after the gang finishes their night with her bang.The massage table was a greate idea.hope to play again sometime soon.Thanks :) STEPHEN

Friday night party

Erik and Dari, Thanks so much for letting us join your party Friday night. We had lots of fun. We have both talked about how much we enjoyed getting to know you two. We were glad we came early. And I guess we came late, too! Talk soon. Lynn and Keith

Best swing party in the bay

Thanks for hosting us at last night's party, we had a great time and will be back soon. J & S

Saturday night party

Erikk and Dari, Thanks sooo much for a wonderful evening. Your both personable and have a beautiful home. I got to eat a lot of pussy last night. It was extremely fun! I'm going to try to get my wife up here for a party when she's completed her rehab. The group at the party last night was incredible. Everyone was friendly and I felt very little of the usual singles isolation. Hope to see you again, Mark.

interacial what??

i attended this party and it was a pork sword fight!! the fee to attend was absolutely crazy. i felt like i helped pay somones mortgage to be accosted by 15 single swingin dicks! this was the worst bay area club i have been to and do not reccomend it for anyone! ohh wait a minute single men love it. blowin ya as much as possible stephanie

Party Comment

Hey Erikk and Dari.. thank you for a wonderful and eventful saturday night for our first time it was very enjoyable ... thank you for the invite im sure you will be seeing us again for the couple swap thank you for being wonderful host and hostess... D and T

Thanksgiving Party

HEy guys. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to cum to your event as a single male. I had a fantastic time. There were several women that I had the pleasure to enjoy and one more that I wish that I had. I will definitely be back. Oh and Dari, my ass hurts Take care care and hope to see you guys soon. Derwin

Another Great Party

I went to the party as a single male and had a fantastic time. Erikk and Dari were great hosts and the few single males that were there were respectable and I think couples who have had bad experieces with single men would have been proud. The couples were hot and very sexual. While I pleasured several women and had my cock sucked so good, the high light of the nite for me was watching this gorgeous female getting DP and her screams of estacy could be heard all over the house. The 2nd event was watching 3 gorgeous women, I white, 2 black, go at each other. What a night. I am going back again this weekend. I must say that single men if you are selected to cum to these events, please be respectable and don't give the good men a bad name. Oh and the food was good too.(smile) Kingrichjohn

Thanksgiving Party

Going to Interracial Kink for the first time was a great experience. The beautiful & sexy hosts made us feel right at home. Dari makes the best margaritas.the crowd was live and participating. The place is very comfortable and clean. It was like a surf & turf "all you can eat" buffet. Stiff hard ons and sweet lickable ladies. It was pure joy. We would definitely make it a point to return. This is a vibe you just have to experience. Thank you so much Erikk & Dari from: Silkysmooth


We can't say enough good,great things about this place.The host are sexy beautiful,friendly people.The house is wonderful.Clean,spacious and cozy,especially by the fireplace.The food was good too.The crowd was great.Me & hubby were like hungry people at a "all you can eat" surf & turf buffet.Pretty sexy females sweet to the taste.Guys hard like steel,no limp ones to be found.It was right up our alley so to speak.A bunch of beautiful,sexy uninhibited people dancing,kissing,licking,sucking and fucking having a great time.It is what thanksgiving is about.We can only say,"Cum feel the vibes for yourself."This party was Outstanding,Off the hook,Fanfuckingtastic,perfect Ten.

October Naughty Couples Party

olanzo withrite wrote: i will like to make a comment on this past Friday night party, as a couple we felt very comfortable , knowing that we were all there sharing and having a great fun time, we will not mind making a contribution to parties of such nature in the future.

Greedy Girls Party November

Ummmm! I was one of the greedy girls! I love attending Erikk & Dari's parties for one special reason! I am greedy & there are plenty of pussies & dicks to go around! I am the hot white girl they are refering to & my hunnie was there as well! Can't wait for the next party WE WILL BE THERE! Ready to cumm & play! XXXoXXXo -Amber & Ryan

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