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Pleasure Zone

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PleasureZone is the Bay Area's preeminent party for couples and women only--upscale, safe, sexy, and female-centric.

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We have fun at PZ!!

We have been going to PZ for years. It is not a true swingers party but it does have a lot of swingers at it. The best way to enjoy is either go with others that you have hooked up with in the past so you know you have a guarantee. We usually do that and end of with 2 to 4 other new people to join our after party room escapades. A Sexy no pressure environment with women in skimpy clothes clubbing. Who could ask for more if your a male or bi-female.

At Best It's a expensive Club with a slight edge..Swingers NO !!

My wife and I have been to many Pz Parties over the last 10 years..This is why we don't Go anymore. Where do I start: (1) Not really a swingers Party. More like a Expensive party for clubbers that want to an edge. (2) The Owners..(Not Good) They hire pretty Hostesses / Pole Dancers Who are there to recruit couples to the after party for the owners pleasure, ( Maybe you or maybe the couple you have spent the evening with & Not you !!) F...ckin selfish and terrible !! We have been to the after parties some are good and some are not. (3) They say " All about the Girls" Yea Right !! (ALL about the Money) Expensive Club with expensive drinks You will have a $200- 300 hundred in to the night with a 10\% chance of hooking up before the the owners or there pretty little hire take them away..Don't GO !!! Better options out there !!

Dance Club .... Not much more

This is just a nice dance party for couples-only. Nothing more. Good atmosphere, fair price, great music, expensive drinks, and lots of dancing. People are nice, but most are there just to dance and some ladies show off some pole dancing. Very FEW women actually looking to hook up or couples who want to play. Very cliqueish crowd. Very. The only hope you have here is getting invited to a private after-party. But that seems hard to do. As a dance club this is great - as a sex/swinger event it is lame.

Pleasure Zone (PZ) is PG

The 2 times i went it was very clickish. Even though I knew some people before going no one really seemed friendly or welcoming. I did make a connection with one person but I found that it was more like a friend even though there was some kissing going on....As my boyfriend says, PZ is NOT a swingers is more like PG! If you're looking for a swingers club this isn't for you.

Totally Adicted

I've gone to many PZ parties over the last 6 yeats and always have a blast. I understand what some say, it can be a little clickish. I am in my 50's so I don't exactly fit their demographic. None the less, the staff is always friendly, I never feel shunned - but never get invites to the afterparty either. LOL The parties are always very safe. I have never seen a woman, single or with a male, disrespected in any way there. The DJ Dimetrius used to spin at Ruby Skye, the last year or so he has gotten more into a european beat. Not really my thing. The parties are still a blast though. I go every chance I get!

I LOVE PZ -- so much FUN!

I have been going to PZ off and on since 2001. I have to say that I absolutely love PZ and the party is really what you make it. It's not a swingers club persay. It is a place to meet alternative people and who knows that can happen. You can't go there with the expectation of getting laid. It's not that type of party. People there are into all different things - soft swap, full swap, same room sex, etc. There is not just one afterparty. Multiple people have their own afterparties after. People are friendly and I wonder if maybe the vibe people are giving off is negative. If you are there and aren't smiling, people will not go up to you. Maybe you look bored or unhappy. MAJOR turn-off. I have met some of my best friends at PZ. PZ is not cliquish. A lot of people just know other people there. But the people they know at PZ are people they met THERE. I have at least 15 friends that I met at the club. People we hang with are ALWAYS looking to meet new people. Check it out. Go in with an open mind instead of an agenda. :)

NOT a Swingers Club!

This is defenitely NOT a swingers club! I have attended SEVERAL parties, and of course I always make it a point to have a blast with my girlfriends. YES it seems to cater more towards girl/girl. I have gone with guys and it seems to be more boring that way. and PLEASE get a much better DJ.

Don't be haters...

After looking through these reviews, it's obvious that certain clubs cater to certain demographics. We've been to 90\% of them all, and must say they are all good in their own way, to certain people. We also agree with most of the positive reviews about sounds like the negative reviews are from disgruntled people who obviously didn't fit in. C'mon, people, be this scene is all about having fun and finding the right atmosphere for you! If you don't like the club, then a polite, "No, thank you" is all that's need to bash each other! With that said, we think that the music @ PZ is the best by far, at least for dancing and getting your groove on! As for the after-parties, and not getting invited...c'mon, start your own!

What PZ really is

Here's the way PZ works: You pay your money so you can attend the party, then the owners of the club decide who and who isn't getting an after-party invite. Great if you're invited, totally sucks if you aren't. We've been invited to the parties twice, one rocked, one was boring. We've been rejected once...not only do you not get to play, but you feel ripped off. I understand the need to screen people, but don't waste people's time and money: pre-screen them with email, ala Club Kiss and Twist. I agree, DJ Dimitrios is the worst DJ ever, the guy has serious Attention Deficit Disorder, his gig is 5-minute blasts of 80's dance music, one right after another.

NOT a swinger's party - the Naughty Valentine's party

We (a VGL young couple under 30) also decided to go to the PZ party this past Saturday with some friends...maybe it was because we've been before, or because we met some really awesome people, we can honestly say that there is no other party like PZ. Yes, it can be intimidating or "not fun" if you don't meet anyone you like or hook-up with, but we definitley think PZ has the best-looking, youngest crowd there is out there. Bar none. The Valentine's party was off da hook, so not sure why a good-looking young couple did not have fun, unless they didn't meet any other fun people (which we find impossible!). I guess you can't satisfy everyone all the time, but we will definitely be back and recommend PZ to everyone! You just can't expect a "swinger's" party...PZ is more like an upscale meet-and-greet for the hip and upscale crowds. And, yes, their marketing is awesome, and true!

unbelievable marketing

after speaking with very good friends of ours that have been going to quite a few pz parties in the past, they recommended that we check it out. I found the website a few weeks earlier to the date of the "valentine's" event and was very, i mean VERY impressed by the site. So, between the site and our firends description of the parties they been to, everything seemed to check out. We got there by 10 as recommended, it didn't fill up till 11-11:30. But, it was the filling up that freaked us out. except for a handfull (that's 1 hand) of good looking people, the rest were soooo much older than we were expecting and not to our "personal" liking. we left by midnight to start our own party and most likely will not go again. KUDOS to the webmaster!

The PZ Party is FUN!!!!

We have been attending the PZ party for the past 8 years and have always had so much fun. We wish PZ parties were held every single weekend. Where else can you find so many attractive good looking couples than the PZ!!! Everyone is friendly and non pushy. This is the club to go to if you like being around attractive and fun couples that are low pressure, and into girl/girl play, soft swap, or full swap fun at the after parties. The music is always the latest and greatest beats. The crowd always has new faces. If youíre younger or elderly, the PZ party is for all couples. You wonít find a better looking crowd and any other club than the PZ. We always get invited to nearby after parties. Itís solo much FUN. SEX everywhere! Donít stay home and be bored all weekend. Go have fun at the PZ parties!!!!

just no good-stay clear

Been there and never again this party is plain awfull. Dj dimitris plays the worst stuff ever, made the night worse. Too many people standing around and looking cool, maybe when i fit the profile of a bald mullet i will attend this stripper wannabe contest. Did i mention the music is just awfull, he plays stuff that suits the unhip. yuck!!

Pretty Lame - Avoid!

We have been there several times and each time we thought it will get better .. but it does not. The people are posers, not a place to go if you are looking to meet people with any substance. I woldn't waste any money going to this place there are lot better hangouts in the city.


Pleasure Zone has done it again! This party was off the Hook. From the time we walked in until they closed the doors we didn't stop dancing. Great music, VERY SEXY & HOT CROWD. We will definitely be back.

Swingers, Music

They called pleasure zone a "Bad Swingers Party" Of course because pz is a pre-party. Haha that means that they didn't get invited to the afterparty, which means that they basically didn't fit the profile or they were very shy. There is not a friendlier party than PZ Period! As about the music? If you don't like it you simply have very very bad taste in music. The music at Pleasure Zone is by far the Best music we have ever heard. Always a carefully orchestrated blend of the best dance music in the world. We mean in the world!! We've been travelling quite a bit the past three years and we almost always come back for PZ and it's mostly because the music is just unbeleivable. I mean the DJ is by far the Best. Host of the Best Dance show in San Francisco, Resident at Ruby Skye and 1015 Folsom and by far the most celebrated DJ figure in the Bay. Hats off to PZ for sparing no expence to hire the "Maestro" of San Francisco.

Lost it!

It used to be a pretty hot party a couple of years ago but no more. The scene seems very fake and contrived with what looks to be paid dancers scattered around to make it seem sexy. As others mentioned, it's also pretty "cliquish" so it's difficult to meet people whether you want to just chat and dance or hook up later (and this is coming from a young and in-shape attractive couple).

The best there is in the bay area

While I will agree that this club is NOT for the "older" pot bellied married with kids swing crowd who are used to going to swing parties in people homes...this IS THE EVENT to attend if you are a younger, hipper and the girl is bi curious. Definitely people hook up at after parties and swingers will always find a place to party. You will not find a more attractive crowd anywhere. The flip side is if you are not in good shape and not as attractive, you may feel a little out of place. I have seen couples in their 50s going to this club who were very out of shape and they didn't seem to have as good of a time. I will also agree with some that it may seem somewhat "cliquish" the first time you go. But, don't worry, everyone is friendly and you'll soon find yourself making new friends. Every night is different, and if you don't make new friends on one night, I would suggest going again. Music: you either love it or hate it... I love it. Definitely check it out, but if its your first time, I'd go on a SF night rather than a southbay night. Oh, and mark your calendars for their big event nights like the bikini party or lingere party...those are very well worth it.

PZ Rocks Big Time!!!

Totally agree with the previous post. We have been attending PZ for years, it just keeps getting better. Previous posters..obviously did not visit the website or they would have read what this party is all about. It is not a sex club! It is an upscale Meet N Greet type of party. Much better than LiteNSweets could ever be! Hands down! Dimitris is not only the host of 92.7 (the best radio station in the Bay Area) but he is also the resident DJ at Ruby Skye in S.F. (one of the most upscale dance clubs in the bay area), and at 1015 After Hours in S.F. on Saturday's. Granted, not every single party is the same, thank god, each one has something to offer to every one. Again Hats off to the host and hostess of PZ. And no I do not work for PZ nor do any of the other posters on this review page! They don't need to post fake reviews to get people to go to their parties! There is always a different group of attendees, new faces every month as well as the regulars, unlike LiteNSweets, which draws the same people every time! Rating.......

Obvious rantings...

Without starting a war of words, we'd like to give our honest feedback...We think the 2 reviews below were for the southbay party on 6/14 which we also attended. Yeah, the parking sucked big time, but that is not the fault of the party...apparently there was a big convention that night, and also a concert nearby so all the parking was taken, unless you followed the advice of the pz website which said to show up early to get the best parking! Also, as most of the reviews below attest to, PZ is NOT a swinger's party!!!! This is a sexy dance club environment! Don't come to PZ expecting to get laid, because this is not what it's about. We guess everybody's taste is different, but there is no place anywhere, swinger's club or not, that has a better looking, sexy crowd. If you complain that no one talks to you, why don't you go up and talk to them? This is a social atmosphere, and yes, there are lot of newbies...after all, PZ has definitely "corrupted" more young people, and turned them into swingers than anyplace else, bar none. And the music? Usher? C'mon...they played hip hop the first part of the night and then european dance tracks the other half...just because you're not familiar with the music and don't know the names of the songs doesn't mean that it's crap...actually, Dimitris (yeah Dimitris!!!) is the host of the #1 dance radio show on 92.7 FM, so that must mean something! The vip tables are just that....people reserved them ahead of time, so if you want one, just reserve one ahead of time, or show up early and there was plenty of seating around. Bottom line, enjoy PZ for what it is...not what you wish it to be! There are plenty of parties out there to satisfy all tastes ;)


... with a Capital B. Searched around for 30 minutes for parking. I don't really know what this place is. The music sucks--don't go there expecting to hear Usher or anyone else. The DJ strickly plays "unknown" artists. This is not only a bad swingers club, but it's just plain bad. These people define swinging as "being in the same room with people who've fantasized about it" only. You can't even think of this as a "meet and greet". I've gotten more action and had more at a regular club!

Don't waste your time!

It sucked! well I guess if your a newbe then it would be ok! the music sucked the people where shy and noone woud talk to anyone else.There was no place to sit everything is VIP (yeah right) and the men where ugly! waste of my money and I wish I could get a refund. and the parking SUCKED! we had to walk 10mins we stayed 45 mins and left. we went to a real party then "lite"n"sweet try them out it was SO much fun! this nebe stuff is for people who don't know what to do. so what ever the other postings your reading the people who work there must of wrote that cause it isn't true! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! I give it a 0

PZ is totally hot!

We went to the PZ lingerie party and had a blast. Never seen so many hot half naked sexy women in lingerie before! Just check out the website but it does not compare to actually being there. Interestly, there were so many topless sexy girls on the dance foor. Consistent with the extant positive reviews below, the pz provides a wonderful safe atmosphere to dance, meet other couples and have a great time. Two thumbs up!

Not Swingers

Your right this is not an on site swingers party....All the fun starts after the party, this party is just a teaser to get you started, help you meet other people and hopefully hook up with some other sexy people. If you think you are going to go to this party and get laid right there on site, don't bother, that is not what this party is all about. Perhaps ALL of you that are bashing PZ should take the time to read and visit the Website. Get a lot more info before you start talking about something you obviously know nothing about! PZ ROCKS!!!!! AND SO DOES DIMITRIS!!!!!!

RE: C'mon people get real!!

That was the whole point of our comment regarding the pole dancers, they stole the show! Took away from the normal vibe of party. You obviously have not been to a PZ party in the past. Theses girls were obviously professional pole dancers and made the rest of the party goers hesitant to do any pole dancing once they finished their little show. And Yes, they did make it seem that you were at a strip club! As for the other two posts regarding the music, you obviously have no taste in music, Dimitris is the best DJ and plays the best music in the bay area. The party does not start rockin til he starts playing, so you must have been in the wrong dance area. Music still gets a 10, professional pole dancers get a -10, overall rating.....

Not swingers and the Music Sucks!

The party is great if... you're not a swinger. Most people there were whether singles who got together into couples just to get in or very conservative soft-swingers who don't go further than kissing and maybe some touching. Music sucked in our opinion. Also, too many fake girls who seemed to be hired by the club to provide the atmosphere but not to play with real people.


PZ is fun, until Dimitrios starts playing after midnight. It changes the mood. His music sucks!

C'mon people...get real, PZ is the best!

We were also at the March 26th party, and like all the other times we've gone (for almost 3 years), we met the nicest people, danced our butts off, and then went to a hot after-party with 2 other couples! Don't know what "strippers" are being talked about in the review below, but the girls dancing on the pole were way hot! They definitely stole the show! And, yes, we did see 2 S.F. cops there, and we even had a nice talk with them...they loved the party, and only stayed for a few minutes to check it out (they told us they'd be back with their girlfriends next time too!). So, c'mon people...enjoy the vibe, and the music, oh my lord!!

March party

It was our first time at the club and all was great except for the police presence. It made us feel a little uneasy being around them, I thought no single men were allowed?

March 26th Party!!

Guys, hate to do this but, this was probably one of the worst PZ parties we have been to and we have been going for the last 5 years. What was with the Pole Dancers! This totally took away from the sexy vibe of PZ and made us feel like we were in a strip club on Broadway! Could hardly fight the urge to slip the $1 bill in her undies. On a lighter note, the MUSIC as usual was fantastic, Go Dimitris!


We are new to the Swing scene and were a little apprehensive about going to the party, but as soon as we got there....Wow. The people were beautiful and friendly, the music was great. A wonderful sexual undertone persisted throughout the whole party, yet maintained its high class. We quickly became comfortable and ended up going back to a stellar couple's room and continued the spectacular night! I simply do not understand how anyone could not have a great time. We will be going to many more PZ parties in the future!! -Bogiemut


Went to NYE party and danced our butts off! Had a great time.

New Years Eve Party!!

They went and did it again! Hats off to the Host and Hostess, and all the PZ staff. This party was off the hook. Location was great (Main room was a bit small for the number of attendees but good none the less). Music was Fantastic. The DJ (Dimitris) did not skip a beat, and kept us all dancing and having a good time. Can't wait for the next one! Rate this at 100 if they would let us but have to settle for a 10. Thank you Dennis, Amy, Dimitris, John and all of you at PZ. Yummycpl


I Agree with the music part. I don't very much like pz cuz when we want to get laid. We, a couple of times got invited to afterparties but it will be 4 or 5am before we do anything. A lot of girl play and stuff and the real action takes it's time to begin. But we are hooked in the music. Oh my God! The best mix every time. Not even close to anything we've heard before.

We agree but...

well, see we think that you are right. Pz has propably created more swingers out of young good looking people than any other party, cuz it's not a swing club. But please don't put down the swing clubs cuz we Love them. Yes we do go to pz to meet other Great looking couples but we sometimes like to just get laid so, the real swing clubs will do the trick. We agree that there is really no comparison to pz. It's really a class act party but it's the only one of it's kind too. There are no other things to compare it to. Music? Are you kidding us? Absolutely the Best! The Dj is a combination of a musician, rockstar, dancer and he has the Best taste in music than any dj we've ever heard. He is simply incredible. He does whatever he wants to the crowd! His name is Demitrios or something and he is simply THE BEST! In closing. PZ is the Best party for what it is, but if you want to get laid at 10pm instead of 3am go to a swing club instead. If you feel like feeling sexy dancing your ass off and then take the chance of getting invited to an afterparty go to PZ. There are no guarrantees but you will have the time of your life.

Ok, here is the truth

We are an above average looking mid 30's couple. We go to swing clubs as well as dance clubs. We have been going to pZ for the past 3 years. What a good looking classy party!!! I remember going there and the crowd being older but nice and things changed but not dramatically the past 3 years. First they started moving the party to different locations. Some of them were better than others but they always try to maintain the amazing friendly atmosphere. The hosts are incredible and genuine. Class act!!! You will never and we mean never find hosts like that in any party. Period! Yes, sure enough we don't always get invited to afterparties but we also know where we stand! The crowd has been getting Younger and Better looking over the past years. It's now the Best looking crowd we have ever seen in any night club. But the difference is this. Usually good looking crowds are snooty as well. PZ crowd is friendly and nice as long as you respect your limits. Remember PZ is not a swing club. It's a club that swingers like us go to meet other like minded couples who are either swingers or they are going to become. We don't think that PZ gets enough credit for what it has done to the community! We think that PZ has CREATED more new and sexy swingers than any other party in history! It's simple, people who are curious about the lifestyle they have two choices. They either going to go to a nasty swing club with old pushy people or they go to PZ. If the latter is true they are going to become swingers eventually. The non threatening atmosphere along with the amazing looking friendly people will do the trick! That's what pZ is. Don't let us even start about the music. Simply amazing! A blend of erotic, disco, house that seems to be taking every person on the floor on a trip, that they wish they would never come back. The music is not your cheezy swing club style crap and it's not the monotone night club E infected beat. It's music that gives you a high all by itself! THE BEST DJ EVER!! Hands down. We're hooked on pz simply cuz we know understand what is about! It has quitely changed our life and we know many couples that it's done the same to them but, you have to take it for what it is. A very very sexy party for mainly women and couples . that redefines class!! If you can't understand class don't trash it! Just stay out, there are enough places to go. You don't have to go to PZ. Our rating? The Best Party Period!


PZ ROCKS! We had a fabulous time. We have been attending PZ parties for the last 5 years and have always had a great time. Host and Hostess are outstanding, not to mention VERY SEXY!! We also attended the Midsummer Nights Dream at the "W" Hotel. What a night! No words to describe the event or the sexual vibe that went on into the night. We will definitely be attending their parties in years to come!

Back to School -9/25/05

This is the first PZ party we went to and we loved it! We had so much fun, so glad we went...We especially loved the theme of the party - school girls, etc...very sexy! We'll definitely be back for more PZ parties, can't wait!

Midsummer Nights Dream Party Sept. 4th

This was the best party to date!! The enviornment at the W hotel was sheek and luxurious perfect for the PZ party crowd. You can always count on a great time since Amy and Dennis have every detail thought out and arranged perfectly. They never leave any stone unturned. The crowd is always friendly and social making everyone feel like your at home even if you and your mate come alone. I highly recommend the PZ party to everyone!!

Midsummer Nights Dream Party Sept. 4th

Definitely the best party we have been to yet. Went to the party as our usual foursome (2 cpls). Arrived at the W Hotel around 10.30pm. The place was very stylish and when we arrived the party was already in full swing. Upon entering the dance floor we saw lots of couples and ladies interacting. It was hotter than the party we attended at Club Glo last month. Music was loud and the crowd was very interactive. Looking forward to the Halloween costume bash next month. We will be the cpl dressed as the roman goddess and gladiator.

south bay PZ

Other then the party down stairs it was great. Don't like the single men the let in downstairs grabin ass and startin shit like the PZ parties in frisco better. THis rating is only for the south bay

PZ Party @ Club CLO San Jose August 2004

It was our first time at a PZ event and it was great. Went there as a foursome, two couples, and had lost of fun interacting with others. Party did not seem to heat up until after midnight. Lots of beautiful people and sensual interaction, women kissing and touching. Felt sorry for some of the couples that came on their own and just sat on the side lines. You have to be pretty social or come as a group to have fun. A total turn on for all of us. Will be attending the Midsummer Nights Dream party on Sept. 4th.

Pleasure Zone South Bay-Club Glo

Had and kick ass time. Beautiful women and men. Lots of sexy play. I would recommend this club and the Pleasure Zone to anyone.


In response to Pleasure Zone = crap, and Why did I spend $50.00 - You both sound as though you are single men that got in on the sly, Shame Shame! YOu obviously did not visit the website and read what the club is all about! IT IS NOT A SEX CLUB! It is a sexy dance club where women can go and not feel threatened by single guys gawking and grabbing! My husband and I have gone for over 5 years now and have always had a fabulous time. If you go with the expectation of getting laid, stay home. That is not what this club is about. If you hook up with someone for an after party, great. If you want to hook up, speak up and invite someone that interests you. Why is it that everyone thinks they should be invited to an afterparty....plan ahead and get a room and have one yourself! And single guys....stay out!

Fun, but hard to connect

We have been to the PZ a number of times. It is a bit hard to connect with anyone however, at least for us, since people tend to stick with others they know already. We'd love to be invited to an after party, but haven't had an invitation yet, so we have to settle for dancing, drinking, and gawking at the fine looking women. The dance music is pretty good, if you like techno and euro house music, and the clubs are nice. It can get a bit hot, temperature wise, with the large crowd. If you are going there expecting to hookup and get laid, you will almost certainly be disappointed unless you are already part of a larger group that is there also.

Gave it a 2nd chance

We previously gave PZ a bad review for the "French Maid Party" but thought we'd give the "PZ Lounge" party (6/12/04) a chance. We had a much better time here and the setting was way more intimate and less like any typical dance club. We even had a very sexy fun time with two other couples on the dance floor. To us it seems like the "signature" parties are the ones to avoid but the "lounge" parties are just the right speed.

Why did I pay 50$??

Went to their function in SF on 6-12-04 with my lady. This party was no different than going to a thousand other dance clubs around the country. I am very confused as to why the zone is even listed in the clubs/parties section? I don't think it should be associated with bay couples. Big waste of my time and money and we had no expectation of having sex there, just boring!

Pleasure Zone is great!

We have been going to PZ for over a year. The crowd is young unlike some seing clubs. The women are very attractive and the vibe is very sexy. It's one of our favorite places to have a sexy time. Now their in San Jose which makes it even better.

Pleasure Zone = crap... go to a night club instead

Man, all of you who wrote about the attractive girls there need to go to Brazil or Hawaii for a fucking reality check. Those girls are 7's at best. Anyhow, I didn't find PZ to be any different than large club parties like 2nd Sunday at the Mission Rock, or the Wet Party back in the day. Same people, same crowd, same music, same bullshit. It's all a big cock tease. Lame. Look, I don't pay money to get my cock teased, that's why I don't go to strip clubs. I'd rather use my money and get laid at an AMP. Or go to a real swinger's club that doesn't bullshit around.


But we beg to differ, it is not us older swingers that are doing the complaining..more like it may be the newer swingers that are looking for a quick lay? We have been attending PZ for nearly 3 years now and like the previous poster, find that it is getting better. The crowd does seem to be getting younger though, so perhaps our assessment is correct in that it is the newer swingers that are not finding exactly what they want. With each event that PZ holds, the staff and promoters do an outstanding job! The host and hostess go out of their way to make sure that all feel welcome, both new comers as well as us Old Timers. As for the girls that some seem to think are strippers, yeah they may work for PZ, but keep in mind they are doing their job, helping to make each person feel welcome and to get the party started by loosening up the crowd. If you are looking to get laid, go to an after party, Club960 is always an option. Or spring for a hotel room. In our book, PZ rates a 100, unfortunately this site does not let us rate that high, so we will have to settle for a...

What's to complain?!?

We have to also add in our opinion...and that is PZ is definitely the best thing going on!! We've been going for about a year now, and haven't missed one event in that time. We've actually noticed that the parties are getting better, better looking people, better music, and with the new location, everything's clicking. Not to cut anyone down, but we've noticed that the people who complain are usually the older swingers who are looking for just sex, and this is not what PZ is about. We were also at the french maid party, and loved it! Don't know what the fuss is about single guys, because we sure didn't notice any...maybe because there were the usual security personnel from the club. Also, because PZ IS a girl-centric club, it may seem there are single guys haning out, but it's only because all the guys' girlfriends are dancing and having fun with each other! If you don't like pz, try going to a regular club or a strip club...then you'll come back and really appreciate it! Before we discovered PZ, we hated going to regular clubs and having all these idiots try to be disrespectful to us, and our sexy ladies... Our advice? Appreciate pz for what it is and have fun!

Lost its appeal

First, we should say that we had a great time during our first trip to PZ about 6-8 months ago. However, we were pretty disappointed with the French Maid party (4/24/04). Our main gripe was that the party did not seem to have the girl-centric feel that it used to have. There were far too many single men for there to be a comfortable environment for women to explore their sexuality with each other. There were even groups or single men walking around. It felt more like a strip bar to us with many men gawking at the women and I even got my ass grabbed by a guy. This is not a bad thing when given permission, but female-derived boundaries are supposed to be what makes a club like this worth going to and comfortable. It seems like with it's popularity, PZ has totally lost this. We hope that in the future the female-centric environment that we so loved the first time can be regained. Until then, we will pass...

PZ isn't perfect, BUT...

After reading the reviews on here, we felt we should also give a review of pleasurezone. We've been going for about 8 months now, and although we generally always have a good time, there are a few times when we felt there could have been some improvement. However, we've been to all the other clubs, parties, and events out there, and feel that pz is still the best there is. This isn't a sex club, so if you're looking to play or have the sole purpose of going to pz to look for play partners, then you're going to be disappointed. We've definitely met some of the best (and most attractive) people at pz parties, and some of our closest play partners come from PZ. But, pz is a private nightclub-type party, and not a sex club. Yes, some of the people there are not swingers, or even looking for play partners. But, that's the cool thing we've found out we like about it is that it's open to everyone, and we love to corrupt the newbies :) The music is not for everyone (remember, this is a nightclub atmosphere, not a house party)...but if you like modern, DJ-culture club music, there is none better. Plus, they have a 2nd room with hip hop now, so we saw that there's alot more diversity too. Sometimes the drinks are not that great, or it gets hot, but that's not pz's fault; the nightclub should do something about it. All in all, we would rate it about a 8-9, not perfect, but still the best out there. No one does it better, that's for sure.

Back to School Night

Hubby and I went last year and for what it's worth... the music was not that good, the drinks were not that good and there were no fine couples to approach. Too many college girls hanging in the stantioned off private room - what was that about? They were obviously not there to play. It just felt like a fake party. Seemed like an amateurly produced event and a waste of money.

Too fake

we felt that the party is too fake... too many stripper-like girls with pimp-looking boyfriends... also, most couples seemed to be whether uncommited or not couples at all... no one seems to be looking to play... definately not for those who like to swing for real... if you wanna be a wannabe for a night though - this is your place..

Pleasure Zone ROCKS

After reading the reviews that have been posted, I could not resist. We have been attending PZ now for almost 2 1/2 years, in that time we have missed 2 parties. I would have to say that Pleasure Zone is one of the most friendly and girl centric parties in the Bay Area. We have always had a great time. We do not set out to get LAID when we go to PZ. If we meet up with another couple of single female, that's great...if not so be it, go for the fun of meeting other couples and females, not just for the sex. Oh and by the way, THE DJ ROCKS!!!!! Never have we been there when he did not have the entire room bringing down the house right along side him. Hats off to the Host and Hostess and all of the PZ staff for a job well done. They score a 100 in our book. The NYE party was a real Blast and Great fun. And for the price it was WELL WORTH IT!

New Years Eve Masquerade Ball 2003

TO: Director of Marketing or some such person RE: New Years Eve Masquerade Ball 2003 Sunday, December 28, 2003 Damn, so the men get charged three times as much as the ladies. If I go alone I pay 50.00$ (fair), but if I bring my Hubbie 250.00$- do you get a room? I have heard good things about your club, but thatís a bit pricy. Basically your saying the men are ugly and nasty, so you triple charge them, well I love other girlís, but if the men donít got it going on whatís the point. So explain your marketing plan-please. I want to go to you ball on New Yearís, but my Hubbie would rather stay in Santa Cruz, invite some of my girl friends over to our condo, watch the surf and relax. Help me out- give him some incentive, not just good looking women, come on its California- we are all damn hot women and MEN. So any contestís to win tickets? I donít even have an idea of the place you rented out. Let me know, I am really wondering why you would turn off good clientele, all the people I know make great money, look amazing, but would feel insulated that if they where male they had to pay triple. What about ugly single girlís, do they pay 50.00 or what? N.Y., New York premier clubs donít charge that much for a gala like this one.

PZ is for clubbers, swingers, and everyone who has a sexy vibe.

Just wanted to put in our 2 cents worth....PZ is not a "swinger's club," meaning that it's not a sex club or anything like that. We've been going for almost 3 years now, and we go for the eye candy (the best!), music, dancing, mingling and hooking up. And then we head to the after-parties for the sex! We've found it to have the most professional, courteous staff, and although sometimes there are glitches (which business doesn't?), the staff are always very friendly and what's so wrong that they have hot girls who are nice to people? There are "swingers" that go, but most people (like us) would just consider ourselves sexy, modern people who like a very girl-friendly, sex positive vibe. We also go to Lush, and other "swinger's" clubs, and enjoy those too, but PZ is definitely not for those who just want to come and have sex. Basically, PZ is a very sexy club, not a sex club.

Not for swingers

The party is great if... you're not a swinger. Most people there were whether singles who got together into couples just to get in or very conservative soft-swingers who don't go further than kissing and maybe some touching. Music sucked in our opinion. Also, too many fake girls who seemed to be hired by the club to provide the atmosphere but not to play with real people.

PZ is the best!!!

Wow, we were just at the Nympho Halloween Ball, and have to say we can't remember when or where we have ever seen sooooo many hot couples and women in one place before! This is definitely the party to check out if you're young (at least in mind and spirit!), good-looking (no fatties), love great music (not like that crap most house parties play), and like to be surrounded by nice people who are always smiling :) We go to a lot of clubs, and swing parties, but PZ is by far the classiest and most fun. Too bad we can't have sex there, but we save it for the after-parties anyway. We can't wait to go back! The only bad thing? It ended too early!!

school girl night

Pros: young crowd, lots of room to move around and dance. Coat check and bar. Parking garage across the street. Cons: NO climate control (ie sweaty and smelly), watered down alcohol, very, very bad music. VIP pass is nothing special just another small room with no air conditioning.

This has the hottest looking people!

Of all the places we have explored in our combined experience in the last 15 years.... This is the best place to people watch, dance, flirt, and get hot - then go home and have hot monkey love with your partner! We have not made any love connections with others, but it could happen there!


Went there for the first time and had a great experience. Low pressure, open, friendly, and a lot of fun! We will definitely return.

Pleasure Zone review

The best place for the 20-something crowd that wants to dance, mingle, and see and be seen. We prefer the Arena and Elegant Rapture for the South/East Bay places and Lush for The City. We are 30-40 and if we could turn back the clock PZ ----wish it was around when we were twenty-five!

Hot Bodies and a happening club

We recently went to the PleasureZone party this past weekend and found it welcoming. The staff were very pleasant and open and everyone there was Hot!

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