Barry & Shell's: Barry and Shell have been hosting swing parties for couples and single women for 35 years. We offer a safe and pressure-free place to explore sensual fantasies and meet like-minded people. 

Please call us with your partner to obtain more information. We don't accept email reservations. Our phone number is 510-834-5808.
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Barry & Shell's

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Phone: (510) 834-5808
E-Mail: Click here for contact form

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Barry and Shell have been hosting swing parties for couples and single women for 35 years. We offer a safe and pressure-free place to explore sensual fantasies and meet like-minded people. Please call us with your partner to obtain more information. We don't accept email reservations. Our phone number is 510-834-5808.

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This is closed.

Barry died suddenly a couple of years ago and She'll closed a year after. My first couple times here were absolutely fabulous the crowd was definitely mid 40s to higher but then and even mix every once a while of the younger crowd as well

Where is this venue?

We are wondering where this venue is located. We tried calling the phone number listed but it is disconnected and there is no email address to contact. We read the reviews and it sounds like a place we would like to attend. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Barry & Shell or where the event is located? If so, please let us know. Thank you.

New Years Eve Party

Hello, My husband and I are in search of a cool sexy swinging nye party this year. We are a sexy fun loving afrcan american couple looking to have fun. Please do advise us if you wil be throwing an event for the occasion..... contact us at the following email address

New Years Eve Party

Hello, My husband and I are in search of a cool sexy swinging nye party this year. We are a sexy fun loving afrcan american couple looking to have fun. Please do advise us if you wil be throwing an event for the occasion..... contact us at the following email address

Its the real deal folks!

Went there a while back> what a low key, now pressure place. Everyone there was nice. They, B/C, have been doing it for so long that its second nature for the hosts. Its the most comfortable setting i have ever been in and want to go back!

bad news couple

it sounds like you were at the interacial swing party in Hercules given by Erik big black guy?yes this place is for the young and mixed couples,once in a while you'll find very nice ladies but mostly young guys and a security guard with a gun at the door.

Bad News Info Couple -

You weren't at Barry & Shells. Barry is the hosts name, and Shell is the hostess. There are no rules to read. They don't have parties on Friday nights, and they never let single men in. We're not mad, we just want you to get your facts straight. Two4fun408

We Had A Great Time!

We are new in town and were looking for a friendly place where we could enjoy ourselves and have fun with others. B&S was recommended to us and the reviews on this site seemed very good, despite the most recent one. We met Barry and Shell and many other very friendly couples. I didn't see any singles there other than the guy working in house. The couples ranged from late 20's to 60's. Most were in their 40's and 50's, which is typical in most clubs we've been in, so I would say the mix is normal. As I said, the people were very friendly and we met and played with a few couples and had a wonderful time. The house was nice, but not huge. The play areas were clean and well stocked with everything you would need. They had both public and private ares to play. There were lockers available for us to put our stuff in. All in all it is what we were looking for. We'll be back!


Hold up wait a minute , I,m not upset or pissed just want to give all a heads up about this so-called swingers club. If I could give it a zero I would but 1 was the lowest # available. I must first say the web page is far from the truth. Th host is Barry (aka) Erik and there is no wife named :SHELL we later learned after arriving that they have been seperated for a while now so Im not sure why her name is still mentioned in the reviews. When we fianlly arrived at 12:45 am Friday night 10/9/09 we were greeted by a gentlemen who we later learned was the person giving masaages who does not have a license to do so. Finally Erik (aka) Barry greeted us at the door and we were asked to read the house rules , he also told us we missed a Hot couple that had just left and there would be more couples arriving and many couples on the list . I began to inquire about the security of our items because one of the rules were to be nude and his reply to secure our items was for us to use his closet by the front door and hold on to your jewelry and wallet . I was like OK , the cover for couples were $60.00 females were free . Seemed to be a fair price. When we entered the house we secured our liquor on the counter and noticed we were the only couple and were greeted by 5 males . I was a little taken back because the reviews were so good making you want to join in on the party with all of the other couples. Needless to say we were not happy but we stayed for a little while because we traveled so far. After two drinks one of the guys asked us for a drink because he forgot to bring his own alcohol . We were done and ready to leave when we were asked by Erik ( aka ) Barry if he could have a drink from our bottle. What host does not have sufficent alcohol for himself not to mention for the house we were out , I must say the house was nice bot not enough to keep us. He did have a jacuzzi , WOW. THE BOTTOM LINE . He made this party seem like it was all of that and hot couples and single females running all over.Like I said I'm just hear to give you heads up , like I said im not mad it was a learning lesson if he had been upront when we walked in so we did not have to waste our time and money I woould have thouth he was straight up and someone I couuld work with to maybe show up at another time . The webiste was falkse and so was he, Its more like a gang bang for your girl . any questions feel free to blog and leave a message Bad News Info Couple

Love their "Voyeur Room?

The best in Northern Calif...hands down. When my boyfriend and I have gone the age of the crowd has usually been between late 20's to late 50's (30-70\% respectively). Designed a womens taste and comfort..What we enjoy most is their "Voyeur Room". Usually crowded and stimulating. Also plenty of private areas for one on one play or w/ new friends..Parties here are safe and very clean. The house islocated in a very nice neighborhood...

Good for mature swingers

Went to B&S a couple weekend back. Nice and friendly people. There were a lot of couples: more than I could care to count. The average age of folks there seems to be well over 45 with very few under 45. Very few. So, if you're looking for a bunch of mature, fun-loving swingers, this is just the place for you.

Best in the Bay Area

These folks have it DOWN. They know all the pitfalls, and have made their rules accordingly. My wife became comfortable enough on our first visit with minutes. Shell is such a darling worman. Fantastic energy, a sex fairy looking after everyone!

A real fun experience.

We've been to parties with younger and louder crowds (which is a good and bad thing). But we've never been to a place with a more comfortable vibe! The people are sexy and easy to approach and talk to. I don't know what it is about the place, but clothed or naked, you just feel at ease and open to do pretty much anything, with anyone... We did. =)

Absolutely the best...ohyes!

We have been going ( and cumming ;) here for a long time and met couples and single ladies who have become good friends in the lifestyle. If you want to really experience the lifestyle for what it really is...this is the place!

Safe, Comfortable, and Fun

This is a great place for new couples to get started. The social area is seperate from play and warm, friendly people attend. I've always loved dancing there and the multiple, diverse play areas make it easy to choose a perfect spot regardless if you're looking for a private area, semi-private or all out group room. The added glory holes can be very fun also. Try it, you'll find a place to go where you'll want to go back. B & T


I love Barry and Shells. I have never had a bad time there.. people have always been friendly and very sexy. I have seen couples and single woman from early 20's into the mid 50's there and every age inbetween. A wonderfully Diverse crowd of people. I have gone to Barry's with play dates and as a single woman.. I only go to places as a single if I am VERY COMFORTABLE there... it is a safe place for me to go if I am dateless so single ladies.. don't be afraid to go and have some fun! D


Thank You!!!! Barry & Shell we had a GREAT TIME!!!... The club was very clean and lots of space to play private or group (We did both) Sexy people young and old. Very open and pleasent. We will be cumming back :).... Tom & Mina

Been goin' there for a lonnnnnnng time

This is a friendly atmosphere from the moment you get into the door. People are not cliquish. You'll meet folks of all ages, sizes and appearances. Nice folks who look like your neighbors. We're met our best friends in the Bay area at Barry & Shell's.

Safe, Secure, with Inviting Couples

We've met some great sexy couples and have had some awesome play time at Barry and Shell's. Shell is a great woman to talk to when you're new and a great friend. Barry is a real sweetheart. Love them both. The house has lots of room with a variety of play areas (private and group) and a great atmosphere. Don't miss this club.

Me & my 3 dates

I have been to a few swing parties but I have to say my experience at Barry & Shell's was the best. Let me say that I started my sexual fun by advertising to fulfill womens fantasies. I did this online thru and and was very successful. I have several men who help in fantasys. 3somes, gang-bangs and even a few gals that help for bi fantasies. My group has been going for over 10 years now. Barry's: I was invited by one of my gals who plays with us to go to Barry's. I had never heard of the place before. You needed a date to get in the door, she was not sure if she could make it on the night I was free. I ended up asking 3 different gals...and yes, at the last minute they all wanted to go. I went into Barry's with 3 gals on my arms. Barry has a "stand-by" list of friends willing to come over at a moments notice (he likes to keep the playing field equal). We had a wonderful night ! I have not experienced so many orgasms as I did that night ! We were the 1st to arrive and the last to leave. I was not pushed away by anyone that night. I played with gals half my age and gals 20 yrs older than me. My three gals also had fun together for me to watch then they had their way with me. Poor guy? LOL. Barry's is very clean, plenty of towels and condoms, food & sodas. I was like a kid in a candy store! My experience was fun ! I slept the greater part of the following day & woke with a smile. Matt - Hercules

For a fun Saturday night

I've been to Barry and Shell's many times and always have fun at their parties. They have a nice buffet, a dance room with a jukebox, a large hot tub and lots of great playrooms. I like the mix of people who attend - all ages and very friendly.

Better than most for sure

We've had nothing but FUN the two times we attended Barry and Shell's party. We just wish they hadn't changed the schedule to once a month. The newbie friendly enviornment is great. The wide range of ages is a great plus and the places is clean. Very nice indeed. We look forward to getting back into the swing of things once school starts back up.

One of the Friendliest parties we have ever been too!

We love Barry and Shells! We have been going there off and on for the past 4 years. We have always had a great time there. Shell is a very warm wonderful hostess and makes you feel at home. Ages vary every time we have been there. Sometimes older crowd from 30's-50's and sometimes much younger there as well.. 20 somethings. It just depends on the night.. it is always different. The atmosphere and the people are what keep us going back year after year. I hope they will be around for many more to come.

Back in the day...

My very first play party was BARRY AND SHELL'S. I remember when they had parties on Wednesday nights and I believe that every swinger should be made to attend this party at least ONCE as well as read a copy of The Ethical Slut as just some kind of Prequesite.

My opinion

Having not actually been to Barry & Shell's yet I am basing this review strictly on email contact with them (thus the 5+ rating). Just wanted everyone to know that I got a very quick response regarding getting more info and they are very friendly people. I will try to make it to one of their parties soon :)

Barry and Shell's

This place is great!! 40-50 couples of all ethnicities. Condoms and lotions everywhere. The hosts make sure that everyone is having a good time and being respectful. Hot tub is awesome. We were told that it is mostly people in their 60's, but that couldn't be more untrue. Also found the couples much more attractive than at the arena. Also notice that couples must stay together (within reason), so that men can't use women they don't know just to get in the door.

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