Club Fling: A female centric private party in SF Bay Area. Swinging couples and very select singles are invited for a naughty and sexy affair.

We are re-launching our event after a 5 year break! Check out our website for more details
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Club Fling

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A female centric private party in SF Bay Area. Swinging couples and very select singles are invited for a naughty and sexy affair. We are re-launching our event after a 5 year break! Check out our website for more details

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Great nights to remember

We have been to the new bay couples parties a few times and it's getting better and better with every time. From the great VIP service everybody gets to the great venues that they select for their events. We will be back next week!

Club Fling Newbie

So This past wkend was my first time hitn CF. Sat I really got a chance to meet people, everyone seem really laid back openminded..Down to earth individuals...Very clean place, and the host are great, they are there for you if you have questions or just need some water...There def no pressure to do anything you dont want to. But trust me it wont take much to get a little a newbie I was comfortable and got a chance to have a little fun! =) Def will be going again n the near future!

Clean well run place.

Went there on a Friday night as a single guy to check it out and was very impressed with both the staff and the house.Very clean and friendly.Would definitely recommend this place for couples. Lots of play to be had and nobody was giving off bad vibes. Love the supplies of towels, toothpaste, mouthwash etc. that is a great idea. Good porn in the tv room.Hot dancer and really comfortable furnishings.Great place.

Clube fling the best

Last night we have a blast,these is or 3 time in these club and my wife and I we promisse to return again.We have so much fun.And again congrats to Alex & Jessica for to make us like we are at home. Sergio & Analia

We had a total blast, and didn't even play!

My husband and I attended for our first time last night. Even though previous to our relationship I have lifestyle experience, my husband is quite new to it. So we were both a tad nervous and unsure of what to expect. We were extremely surprised by the lovely house, and surroundings provided for us. Anything you need they have it! We didn't play, but talked to many lovely people who were all extremely welcoming and friendly. I even got out of my own shyness to dance the rest of the night away. I haven't had that much fun in a long time!! I'm very happy to say that we will be attending tonight for Heaven and Hell theme, and we're hoping to have even more fun than we did last night. :) So if you're new and nervous, fear not because all of the hosts/hostesses/security are all extremely respectful and polite and inviting. You couldn't ask for a more wonderful place to come and play or watch!

We are all here to have fun...

...and fun is had at club fling! Every party that I have attended has been a blast. There is always someone new to talk to and if you like to watch others play, dance or just be around sexy beautiful people, you will be in heaven. The hosts are always warm and welcoming and their security staff are polite but always looking out for your safety. As a single woman, I feel at ease each and every time I attend an event with Club Fling.

Club Fling

Very Nice, clean, classy and welcoming. Host/ess are always more than happy to show you around and introduce to others, so you do not feel isolated. Single female safe! Security walks you into the club upon arrival along with back to your car upon your exit. Definetely a club to frequent.

Very inviting and friendly club

I have been to just about every swing club in the SF bay area over the last 10 years, and Club Fling is excellent. The house is very nicely decorated and appointed, in very good condition, and in a very discreet location. They do a great job of giving you an introductory tour, and all the supplies you might need are provided. Most importantly the people were all very friendly and not clique-ish like they are at so many other clubs. There were several very hot looking young couples when we went, and we are really picky about what play partners look like. We will definitely be back many times.

a must not miss

We have been in this lifestyle for sometime now; we have been to many events, clubs, house parties and such. We attended club fling to night and found it to be right at the top of our list. It is a fun, clean, classy sexy place. The hosts were very welcoming. A tour was given for first time guests, with a quick run down of the house rules. We found it to be a place that swingers of every level could have a great time. No pressure and friendly social guest with lots of amenities to help your night go hustle free. The staff was always on the move keeping the place clean. We highly recommend club fling, it caters to all swingers from newbie to porn starts and everyone in between.

very relaxing and friendly

this place is amazing,my wife and i are new to the lifestyle and every one made us comfortable.the staff are awesome and informative,great hostess,the single men are absolutly respectfull of other couples space,and all the other couples were friendly and sexy,we had a great time and will be coming back for more and more and more!!!!

classy & sexy experience

*~* Newbies..."Swinger Virgins", but Alex & Jessica made us feel extremely comfortable & relaxed here !! The ambiance and atmosphere were classy and SEXY !! We quickly had our clothes off and got busy in the pitch black room...with LOTS OF observers !! Which we loved, actually !! Oh, yeah...we came (and cummed) the next night and Ron tasted my peach pie on the Master bed !!! Yeah, for me ! The staff is friendly, "HOT", respectful, SEXY, personable and make you feel welcomed & relaxed. We would totally recommend this club to any newbie looking for a very classy and sexy NOT trashy or raunchy experience !!! *~* Ron & Nikki

Newbies let loose

My husband and I went for our first lifestyle party at club fling. We went expecting to watch and learn. Before the night was over we ended up playing with other couples. The single men were respectful and followed the rules. We were very comfortable with the people and environment. All the reviews here are accurate based on our experience. It was an amazing sexual experience. We will be back.

Fun Clean Place

We have been here a few times. Everyone is friendly, the place is safe and clean. we have had fun every time. We enjoy the socializing in the main area. There are several places for play. The massage is great when available.

A newbie couple that felt relaxed and had fun!

This is our second time coming to club fling as a couple and to a swingers club. We were greeted by security who helped us park our car. We than were met at the door by a beautiful host named Jessica. There was a very friendly crowd and the place was very clean and orderly. There were plenty of clean towels and toothbrushes, wipes, Listerine, soap ect in all the bathrooms. Having those things really made me feel comfortable and let me know how important cleanliness is to the staff. The second time I came I met Jen another pretty and friendly hostess. Alex remembered me by name which really made me feel really welcomed. There were plenty of rooms to choose from and plenty of rooms in which we could just mingle with the other guests. The standard and professional environment I saw at Club Fling was impressive! I am definitely coming to the next party!

We can't wait for the next Party!

I had a great time! There were 2 beautiful hosts named Jessica and Jen. They were really hot and gave us a great tour. I really like that the place was so clean and had everything you could think of. There was a wide variety of condoms and snacks. Everyone was so friendly and there were so many cute couples who we had fun playing with in the porn room. My girlfriend had a great massage by Tony. According to her "His hands were magical!" My wife had many attractive single guys to choose from. We look forward to many new adventures there!

Single Female and Felt Very Comfortable

I am a single female and attended 2 Fridays ago by myself. The house was easy to find on the street, there was a security person in the parking lot that helped me to park and then walked me in, there was a hostess to show me around and Alex to introduce me to people. The house was clean, well organized and spacious. There were free sodas, waters throughout the house and "supplies". I had such a great time that I went back last Saturday. Alex and his staff are very professional and accommodating. The security person walked me back to my car on both visits. This is the perfect place for newbies and seasoned lifestylers to go.

first time great time

we are couple traying life styel for first time 2 weeks ago on friday we asist to flings party i hope all clubs are like this one clean organice and fun place we meet 2 couples and 1 single guy respectfuul getleman wo took to my wife for 10 minutes shegot shy and desied to set no and he ondestud she was not ready best time ever recoment this ples to everyone lou mary ps alex ist the best host eveerrrrrrrrrrrrr

We had a wonderful time

We went for the first time last weekend on a Saturday and it was the best "club" we have ever been to. The hosts are excellent and evryone is really friendly. This is not easy to do as we have been to other clubs where there are cliques, but this club does not seem to have this problem. We arrived and they have a great set up with massage tables. Massages with happy endings are a great start to the evening. The single guys are polite and it is easy to engage with them. The location is comfortable, warm and most importantly, very clean! We are in two minds whether to submit this is so good we want to keep it to ourselves, but they can definitely cope with more people and as long as they keep the standards high (i.e. nice, clean people who are friendly) we will be back frequently.

It dosen't get much better than this.

I'm a male and I was very impressed on the hospitality and the way they made you feel comfortable. There were single and attached very attractive ladies who wanted to experirnce sex with multiple partners. For the men don't be shy but be polite. Many of these ladies are to shy to get things started and are waiting for you to approach them. What a fantastic time.

First timers who had a great time

We went to club fling for the first time Saturday night. We had a great time. We felt very welcome, and the staff were great. They went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. Awesome play space, beautiful facility and very discreet location. The guests were very friendly with great interaction. All types, someone for everyone. We highly recommend this professionally run club that has a lot of class. They really have their act together. We can't wait to go again.

So much to do and see

My husband and I went to club fling for the first time last week and we had such a blast, the hostes were all very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing no pressure and safe fun, we will definately be regulars!!

If you're not here, you are missing out!

We've attended several parties and it keeps getting better each time. Alex and Naomi are fantastic host and throw a classy party. The place is impeccable and with all the sexy people we've met there, it's quickly become one of our favorites.

Simply Outstanding!

By far the best lifestyle club I've been to. Comfortable, yet classy and with fantastic people all around. Everyone was very attractive, whether physically and in terms of personality. There really is no other place to go if you're looking to meet quality people in the lifestyle. I'll be back for sure!

What a breath of fresh air!!!

Club Fling is the place to be! A super laid back atmoshere with a "no pressure" philosophy. What a great mix of people from all stages of the lifestyle. The hosts are super sexxy and very friendly and make sure that all of their guests are comfortable. My hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed the people we met and the conversations we had! To say the least we were impressed with our epxerience! We definitely look forward to returning...

The guests are sexy & the ambience is right

Club Fling is a nice venue and a laid back place. The location is as pleasing as the club. It is apparent that a lot of thought and effort has gone into choosing the decor, lighting and music. It couldn't have been more apt. The party was casual yet classy. We also appreciate Alex's prompt reply to communication and the fact that, unlike at the other party we went to where the host was "friendly" and "laid-back", Alex was friendly and constantly and unassumingly ensuring that the guests were having a good time. His attention to detail, when he ensured that bottles of water were always available within arms's reach or when he purposefully marched around the house keenly ensuring the music was right or when he turned up the heat, went neither unnoticed nor unappreciated. The guests were young and beautiful. Friendly and casual. We all sat around on couches and on the carpet drinking wine and being silly - like old friends. The massage took very good care of the ladies. Alex definitely has a certain idea of how he wants the club to be and he pretty much has it down. The attention to ambience is impeccable and Alex sure takes fun seriously! Alex will definitely be seeing more of us.

We'll Be Back to Club Fling!

We went to Club Fling on a Friday for Couples/Single Women, and had a really nice time. The place was a lot more crowded than anticpated which made for a great surprise and delicious night. We will definitely be back!!

Club Fling is awesome!

My husband and I attended a Saturday night party at Club Fling a couple of weeks ago. It was an awesome time! If you're a couple looking for hot single guys this is the place. I played with several really hot guys during the night! The atmosphere is great; very nice people, comfortable, very clean and safe.

One more dream Cum's true!

Wife and I had a great time, the place is great and has plenty of room for everyone. We attended on a Sat night and the wife had fun playing with multiple men at once...little slow out the gate but as the night went on everyone let looked to be having a great time. Thanks Alex...we will be back.

It keeps getting better everytime!

The first time I was there, I had a great time at a couples night. The second time, it only got better. The atmosphere is excellent to mingle with high class people. You get to meet very intelligent professional and sexy folks while having the most fun. The music, the lighting, the guests and mainly the host Alex, makes that place an all time must see!

Our first time was the best!

Me and my sexy wife attended our first time swingers party and this place was really great . Not only are the sexy players fun but our host Alex was so down to earth he made us feel like family. If your looking for a great place to meet others and be in a safe and clean environment then you must check out club fling. Alex thanks again we will be back.

Bringing Sexy Back to the South Bay: Club Fling!!!

I LOVE this club in the South Bay built by a "visionary" club-goer. First, this club offers high value at a reasonable price. I attended on Saturday night as a "select" single male and noticed the discretion in Club Fling's selection of males who are all fit, handsome "gentlemen" with manners. Alex and his team also have created a classy environment ideal for pampering that special woman including sparkling clean showers, fresh towels, and a fantastic masseuse whose table sits next to a warm fireplace! We all talked for about an hour and then nearly everyone played in the HOT, inviting and large playspaces! Very sexy crowd but surprisingly unpretentious. And special props out to the "cherry on top" of the party: the BEAUTIFUL host Jessica (and her awesome husband James was the coolest guy there)! Alex, thanks for starting this great club on Saturday Night!!!

Extraordinary Club! Thinking outside the box.

Where do I start? Our first visit (Friday night) exceeded all of our expectations. The hosts, Alex and Naomi, assure that everyone is comfortable and entertained. Beautiful, clean and spacious setting with every amenity you could possibly need. Everyone was friendly. Definitely not your average swing club. My wife, who was hesitant on going at first, had a great time thanks to Alex and Naomi's warm personalities. We will definitely be returning. We want to see what Saturdays are like! K&C

The party was a lot of fun

We were are the first Friday night Party. We thought the house was well organized and well run. The hosts were great and very attractive. Everyone was having fun and hosts and guest were very respectful. We will definitely be going back.

New friends, great fun!

This was our first time at a club and we were a bit apprehensive...Alex took the time to answer all our questions in advance and upon arrival we felt most comfortable. Our overalll experience was top-notch and we completely enjoyed both the other couples and the ambience and setting fully. Not only did we have fun, we had FUN. Thank you Alex! Also looking forward to seeing S & L again -oon.

A new standard is set

This place is the most comfortable I have been to. Friendly hosts, clean, beautiful home and a personal masseuse. It's paradise. You cannot go wrong. Plenty of different themed rooms and plenty of very down to earth people. We cannot wait to go back. You must experience this at least once before you die.

Fun, exciting and clean

The party was hosted at a nice ranch style home. As soon as we entered it was immediately evident that they really cared about making the experience nice. Everything from cheese and crackers, to tooth brushes, towels and showers. We had a blast!!!

intimate and inviting

What a fun night we had. This was our first time to a private residence. We were not disappointed. It was a relatively small crowd, but people were friendly and open. My husband and I felt relaxed and definitely sexy! The host and the hostess were more than gracious, we enjoyed them both very much! We appreciated the attention to hygiene and the clean environment. Thanks for the playtime! L & R

Opening Night Was Nice

A friend of my enjoyed the evening at Club Fling. My guy and and I found a nice cute female (Linda u r a cutie pie) for him to play with. The house is very clean, people were friendly and the host were great. We will cum to Club Fling again. Thanks Alex for the warm welcome. P.S if you are seeking a nice clean place to pty as a newbie, Club Fling is where you want to be.

Club Fling review

Club Fling is a really great place to let it all hang out and have a good time. Went opening weekend and it was a lot of fun. Alex is a wonderful host, making sure everyone is comfortable and having fun. The house is amazingly beautiful and there is plenty of room to have private space or be around others. You have to go.....don't miss this swinging play house....:)

Beautiful House

Michale and I went last week-end and really enjoyed ourselves. The house was absolutely beautiful!! Huge , clean I should say that again CLEAN! a very comfortable place to meet and mingle. The play rooms were very well stocked with everything you could ask for , the bathrooms had everything from tooth brushes to clean towels ,lots of soap. Its very clear that good hygiene it a top priority to the host, which was very appreciated. The lights were low the music quite fitting for setting the mood. the only thing missing was more people. Club Fling has created a wonderful ,safe environment for people who want to get out meet new friends and play. I would encourage anyone to go see for yourself , you will be pleasantly surprised. We will go back! M&M

Great place very sexy

We had a great time, the host and hostess were very cordial and informative. The enviroment was very clean and inviting,definitly we are going back. A very sexy enviroment with alot of mood lighting.

WOW! What an incredible evening!

It was our 1st time at 1 of these parties and the host made EVERYTHING so enjoyable for us. It was a very CLEAN and warm place with plenty of room to "explore" alone with your partner, or join in with any of the ongoing activities. My partner had never been to a party, and not only did she rave about it all the way home, it was also her 1st F/M/F expeirence (Thanks Tiff) We felt very comfortable from the start and as the evening progressed, we felt more than ready to try bolder things. Thanks again for a fantastic evening! We will most certainly be back.

Outstanding new club

This is a new club in a wonderful house, with gracious, classy and thoughtful hosts, Alex, Naomi, Sasha and Ron. Theme rooms are hot. Some played, some watched; all in fun. Hot couples, Nice mix and very invitingsetting. Bravo! we will be back.

Great time opening night

Alex and his beautiful girlfriend (who's name slips my mind) are gracious hosts and the house is large and very clean. People were friendly and unpretentious. We will definitely return to this fun party which should only get better!

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