Club Kiss: Club Kiss an on premise party in San Francisco for hand selected ‘modern’ couples and single women. Join us for an evening of XXX adult fun at our secret venue in the Mission District.  A female centric club where all guests are pre-screened to assure a hot and sexy club.
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Club Kiss

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Club Kiss an on premise party in San Francisco for hand selected ‘modern’ couples and single women. Join us for an evening of XXX adult fun at our secret venue in the Mission District. A female centric club where all guests are pre-screened to assure a hot and sexy club.

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Honest review from a real person!!

After months of talking about it my husband and I finally made it to Club Kiss. Not only did it meet my also quieted the fears I had about visiting a "sex" club. This place is awesome! The people I met were completely normal, fun, outgoing couples just like me and my husband. They were so normal it was like being at a friends wedding! We laughed and drank together, complained about the DJ then went and fucked in a cool is that! Hands down the best thing about this club is not the funky layout, the comfy beds, or the cool people, its the fact that is exsists! Thanks to Chris and Sarah for getting it right....this place rocks! I think i should note....the bathrooms are well stocked and still pretty clean well into the night, there are huge buckets of condoms, clean towels and wipes, mini toothbrushes and mouthwash, the bar had soda and juice as well as cups and ice - all included in the entrance fee which I might add is very nicely priced. The patio is cozy and the dancefloor is just the right size for the crowd. The DJ wasn't that great when we went but still threw in a couple of hot mixes. We are definately going back and bringing friends.

Sexy Place For Fun.

My boyfriend and I have been here a few times and each time has been a great experience. The staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is so engaging. People there are very laid back and easy to talk to. We have met so many nice and sexy couples and we look forward to coming here every time. It's such a great place to hang out and mingle and have great hott sex. You can participate with other couples or just enjoy being with your partner, I love this place!!

Super Positive experience

it was our first time in a swing club and we got positively surprised. There were around 30 couple and maybe 5-6 single girls. Crowd was good, nothing fantastic (but we are in SF not in NYC) but decently dressed and good behavior. People were dancing, drinking, chatting, few were having sex (nothing dirty). We will definitely go again, we also want to try Twist. Any feedback on it?

This is Good and Bad

My wife and i went here in February of 2009. Hard to find, but we thought worth the effort. Very nice people that checked us in and such. The layout is a problem - no one dances and the play rooms are poorly laid (no pun intended) out. Similar crowd to Club Twist - no younger or more beautiful, really the identical people. We had an OK time - not great - people talking loudly and not enough spread out play area. The deal killer was the end of the night - 2:30 am - Dodgy neighborhood, no taxis and tons of drunk clubbers looking for taxis - this neighborhood is BAD - they should have offered a taxi service. We will not return, we will go with club twist. Same deal, better locale, better layout, not scared walking around looking for a taxi.

Sexy Holiday experience

We had an awesome time. True swinger club, everyone was really nice and friendly and best of all Sexy. This was our first time at the club, we danced and talked with other couples. I loved the atmosphere not to loud low lights stripper pole and cool play rooms. We liked that it was reasonably priced too. Our experience was that there was a great mix of different people and everyone was sexy. Everyone was really approachable and we met several coupes, no pressure environment. From north bay to south bay we have been to all of the swing clubs, this is definetly now our new favorite club.

One time is enough

My girlfriend and I decided to try Club Kiss out last night. At first when we got there we really liked the layout of the club; it is really cool. That was about the only thing we liked. Right after we got in, a group of about 6, single and mostly gay males were allowed into the club. They proceeded to walk around talking loudly, peeking their heads into rooms and, I shit you not, snapping photos of people in the club. The rules state that cameras are strictly forbidden, but there was a guy literally walking around with a camera visibly strapped to his back. Also, the club claims to pre-screen people so only hot people are let in, HAH!! I saw some of the ugliest, fattest people at this club (even worse than Power Exchange) and I couldn't believe my eyes when I noticed a nearly 300 pound TRANNY walking around with a group of fat chicks. Most of the people there were really rude, old, ugly or seemed like high school kids that just wanted to be seen at a swing club and not do anything. Out of 50 people, there were about 6 having sex in the back. Everyone else was just there to look cool. After a short time we had seen enough. We got our money back and left.

Awesome experience

We had our first fmf experience last Saturday at kiss. it was spontaneous and very hot. very hip and cool club, pressure free environment. hosts were accommodating, showing us around and explained simple set of rules. for the most part all players followed, though my wife got a gratuitous grope she was not expecting from a busy couple. had fun, strong recommendation for newbies!



fun and unique!

i attended the kiss party as a kinky salon/citadel regular. i was pleased that folks seemed to mingle pretty freely rather than staying in their couple units, which i think makes for a better party. the vibe was chatty and pressure-free. Most of the attendants were attractive and well dressed -- including a few with a real flair for style!

As good as it gets...damn!

My boyfriend and I absolutely LOVE this place! We're a dope, hot, professional couple in our mid 20s that have been to parties all over and this has the best combination of both environment and good-looking-and-there-to-play people (including a surprising number of single girls which we like)! And I mean that seriously. The venue (located in the SF Mission district near some good restaurants like Foreign Cinema) is just the perfect party place. The devilish beauty is in the details, and I mean in *every* room. The dance floor, themed lounges, play areas, bar, everything. So cool. Plus we've found the crowd to be way more attractive, young and really down for fun than most other places. Keep in mind that parking can be hard do to all the bars and restaurants in the area.

A recent visit to SF!

Best time ever!!! Club Kiss is an amazing, sexy night out! I went with my boyfriend and we were definitely impressed with how fun, friendly, engaging, and incredibly HOT the other atendees were. The space is the best I've ever been to, with a fun and social BYO Tiki bar area, dance floor with stripper pole and great music, and lots of comfortable well-designed play space. If you are in the Bay Area, this is absolutely the place to go!

Club Kiss leaves all other swinger events in the dust.

Club Kiss raises the bar for swinger's events. It is creative, fresh, light-hearted, quirky, interesting, and fabulous. The people I have met there have become really good friends. The environment is just the right amount of wacky and wild. The space is intimate but big enough for wandering. Keeping women in charge makes all the difference. This is one of those things that makes me so happy I live in San Francisco.

The best party in town! Yummy!!

This is by far the best lifestyle party in the city. As everyone else has said, the vibe is just right, the music is great and the people are young, hip, and sexy! We've made awesome friends and had some deliciously sexy adventures... shhh... It's hard not to become a regular here ; )

Single and saticefied

I've been going to Club Kiss for about 6 months and i must start by saying this is the best play space in the city. As a single girl the play scene can get overwhelming. I've never felt uncomfortable or pressured here. It's got a totally different vibe than any other space I've been to. No heavy cruising, No creepy dudes lurking, not a dungeon, and people who ask before groping you, just a warm, welcoming environment. The people are HOT!!! In most cases i probably wouldn't mind if i got groped. Just a full house of young, attractive, intelligent, sexy, open minded and respectful people. You can romp in the many play rooms, chill in the BYOB Tiki bar, hang in the lounge, or boogie on the dance floor. You are free to do as much, or as little as you like in a no pressure atmosphere. If you are partying in SF and you haven't checked out Club Kiss you are missing out. See you there.

I adore Club Kiss!!!

The sexy people at Club Kiss are polite, welcoming, and they definitely play with passion! It's a safe environment where it is easy to feel comfortable and have fun. The club itself is a gorgeous feast for the senses -- with it's plush lobby, tiki lounge, stripper pole on the dance floor, and all the rooms for play! Combine that with all the beautiful people and you're going to have an incredible evening of fun! If your in the city, and this is your scene, be sure to check it out!

Not your parents swinger party!

Fun and sexy folks in an amazing space! I've never had anything less than a fab time at Club Kiss. Great music to get things going and a really friendly vibe. I've been going to Club Kiss for three years now and it just keeps getting better!

I love Club Kiss.

The space is fantastic and the crowd is hot. My girl and I are very picky and, at the very least, we always find someone interesting to talk to. We are even pickier when it comes to sharing intimacy, but we've found Club Kiss conducive to some really hot action. Frankly, I think it puts most of the other swinger type clubs to shame. I always look forward to going here!

A very happy single woman

Katydid from Bay couples here. I attended last nights amazing Club Kiss and I just wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks. I have never been so graciously received and royally treated at any club. As a single woman the club scene can be really daunting but I felt at ease immediately at your lovely venue. I met so many attractive and really nice people, I just can't wait to come back. Wow! thank you again. Kisses Kaydie

this party rocks

had our first 'kiss' last weekend and it was awesome. within minutes of being there we had hooked up with a hot single girl. who cares about the empty dancefloor when most people are in the play areas getting busy??? we loved it. will be back for the next one.

Very Sexy, Urban Club

We went to Club Kiss for the first time 10/13. Parking wasn't too bad- a few blocks away down Mission. The venue is very classy and stylish, clean too. The hostess was very sweet and very accommodating, showed us all around the club, as it was our first time. The bartender rocked- she was very sexy and a doll- always remembered our drinks and what we wanted. The music was so-so- it could have been a tad more "danceable", and the night we went, hardly anyone was dancing. It may have been an off night- most couples were just paired off with themselves- we weren't propositioned by anyone (and we are indeed very attractive, fit, early 30-s), nor did we feel like propositioning anyone, since most of the couples that seemed up for play, met up and paired off very quickly. This is definitely a club worth checking out- we're trying again this weekend- hopefully it will be more crowded.

Far Exceeded our Expectations

We just went to Club Kiss Friday (8/19) and it was an absolutely great experience! The hosts were the best, the accomodations were comfortable, clean and sexily decorated. Music was hip and edgy, and theme appropriate. The staff was truly accomodating and fun. The absolute best thrill however was the mix of people. There was a good degree of hot couples, and everyone was respectful and fun and normal! We were pleased with the screening process, but the personalities were an unexpected bonus. We are brand new to all of this but felt immediately comfortable and even had our first experiences around other couples that night. I still can't stop thinking about it! We will definitely be back!

Great Club in San Francisco

We were there August 19 2006. Really nice people run this club, it is always fun and there's lots of variety of people from hot sexers to quiet observers, everyone gets along fine. Highly recommended! The parking is a little tight so allow extra time but there is valet parking next door to use. The atmosphere inside is very cool and artistic, and very sexy.

The Best of SF!

Words cannot describe how great this was - these are the people in San Francisco we've been wanting to see naked for years. Finally! The hosts were fantastic and warm, the guests were sexy, kind and interesting and the scene was a work of art. We connected with a couple with whom we were totally smitten by, plus we made some new friends too. Best Saturday night EVER!!! Can we go back now?

The San Francisco experience

We're semi-regulars at Club Kiss as well as several other Bay Area events - not to mention clubs in our travels from Copenhagen to Melbourne. Club Kiss is unique among all clubs. Casual and friendly yet utterly fabulous. Laden with amenities yet with a true down-home feel. The hosts are the warmest of any in the scene and you feel so at home at their parties! They have a physical environment that is quriky and fun and very "San Francisco" and their location lends your experience the opportunity for a dinner in a hipster neighborhood before venturing upstairs to their space to play and socialize and fuck, thinking about how all the poor suckers in bars and clubs on the street below aren't having nearly as good a time as you are. You can truly be completely yourself at CK - no pretense necessary. That level of comfort bring about a very *real* experience. The music is good while remaining unobtrusive, *so many* clubs get that all wrong. Other attendees are usually fiolks you can find yourself having an interesting non-swinger conversation with. We can all talk about tits and fucking at a swing club, this is beyond that. The crowd is VERY real and always sexy. Gawkers are never seen. Coat check and a smoking patio are available, as well as a BYOB tended bar. Bring some slippers!

you mean Club WOWee wow

Seriously the best. We look forward to Club Kiss every freaking month and drive an hour and a half to get there. The space, oh the space. a full on Tiki Bar, the infamous Pink Room, the lascivious Lotus lounge of totally making out, a dance floor with stripper pole, and sex furniture. These guys really understand what makes a great lifestyle event work. I never get the gross fealing like at some places, the people are always sexy, super nice, and totally fun to be around. I was bummed out when Lush stopped having their parties until I went to Club Kiss.

Get Down at Club Kiss!

Transcend your accustomed Saturday night activities with a jaunt to Club Kiss. This inimitable venue is swank and ebullient. The hosts are real-life superstars. The crowd is always, engaging, interesting and adventurous. A sizzling time awaits all who attend San Francisco's most exceptional adult playground! Not to be missed!!!!!! xoxoxoxxo T&S

CLub Kiss is the best

Of all the places we've been, Club Kiss has the best mix of sexy pepole, good ambiance, and fabulous hosts. We have been there several time in the past year and have never been let down. Thank You S&P!!!

The Most Fun in the mission

Its a great club in the mission. Princess and the Barron are very welcoming and most of the people go to have fun. There is most of the time a lot of sexy action. You can meet as many people as you want or just enjoy yourself with your partner.

groovy vibe at this mission spot

everything feels right here. host and hostess are sexy and charming and the vibe is always mellow. even if the parking is sometimes difficult you are never disappointed at this venue. I have been on several occasions but find it most fun when there are "more" people rather than less. good music mix is always provided.

Good much of the time, but not always

A good party most of the time. Its got it all in terms of rooms and set-up. The guest list varies and I have at times found it going off and other times, people are all standing around watching one couple (us) going at it, despite invitations to join in (and frankly we're hot and fun). The hosts are terrific. The bathroom is definitely sub-par and gets nasty by the end of the evening and parking is difficult, but otherwise a great venue.

What a wonderful place!

What a wonderful place! Great sexy people, relaxed vibe. It has beautiful, comfortable rooms, great music and dance floor. We had the best time, we're looking forward to going back. Definitely recommend it.

HOT! By far the best we have attended!

What a sexy, young crowd!! We enjoyed the comfortable feel. The hosts are EXTREMELY wonderful. If you are looking for the "It" crowd, HERE IT IS!!! We love the no pressure atmosphere, but the best is the crowd. Beautiful people every where. We had such a good time that we are going to keep coming back for more. You should check out thier other events as well. Again, we were thoroughly impressed with the members at Club Kiss.

Sexy, sexy, sexy

The first thing that gets you about Club Kiss is the location. What an amazing, comfortable, sensuous environment! Feels more like someones beautiful home than a club. What keeps us coming back is the guests. Where do they find so many amazingly sexy, intellegent, fun people?? We are consistantly impressed...

Can't recommend it enough!

Great guests, a wonderful, clean venue, killer music, and LOTS of HOT action! We've been to a lot of clubs and parties, and Club Kiss continues to impress us as the best! If you're looking for a low-pressure place to meet new folks, hang out in comfort, and that has plenty of places to get intimate, then this is the party for you. Matt and Khym

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