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Jay and Tee Swing Palace

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Phone: (925) 565-2448
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Swing club for the swinger in you! One of our best features is the "Dark Room" where we have lots of hot bodies all over the room enjoying themselves. We host parties in the Bay Area once a month. Inviting couples and singles. All single ladies from Baycouples get in free!

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this is bayhammer(phillip)

hey jay and tee how have the two of you been i have really missed coming the you guys parties and plan to start back real soon hope my girl China still cumms cuz i miss her as well, the dark room is the bomb and is missed dearlysee you guys soon.

The best parties

J&T are the best parties on the Bay Area, every time that I attent I have all the fun in the world. The ladies get lay, the couples fullfill their fantacies and the single men provied pleasure. this are the parties to be, if you are looking for real sex.

Down home . . .

These are some down-home sexy folks. . . but, with a sense of Bay Area urban sophistication. Jay and Tee are there to make you feel at home. The atmosphere is always sexy; the ladies are always friendly and inviting, and the men ready to please - I promise. I can't wait till the next Jay and Tee party. See you there . . . .

greats party the best

I attended J&T parties a year ago, there were fantastics full of energy and a lot a sex. There were couples, singles of all races. I was lucky to have share wonderful lady's flavors. All of them were perfect Thanks a lot for having me at the parties

To: Postings getting deleted

I guess you have never been to a J & T party because there are plenty of women all diffrent shapes and sizes. I have been to 10 of there party and have only seen couples have see without condoms. When they have sex with other women they always use comdoms. I feel very secure as a single woman going to their parties by myself and a man have never asked me to go raw. Quit hating.

Jay and Tee's Family

I'ved attended parties over the past two years. Both Jay and Tee are great hosts who go out of their way to make each guest feel at home and welcomed. From the time you hear Tee's infectious laugh, to the enthusiatic vouyers,this is a fun,party. People who go to the parties are made to feel like family within the community.All body sizes are welcomed . Unlike some parties, there are a fair number of single men, however Jay is a firm bouncer who attends to all details. I'd recommend this party site for good hearted fun swingers.

Nothing like J & T's family in the Bay

You 2 are the bomb host. As a single lady, the first time that I attended your event I felt at home with family and friends (with a few extra benefits). I met you 2 another party and I knew then that I had to find out who you were etc...so I searched until I found u...LOL...and I'm glad that you welcome me with open arms. Although I didn't play at the first party that I attended, the gentlemen were warm and welcoming and they did not presure me at all. I've met a few good men there that I want to my a dream of mine cum true...keep up the good work and so I can make sure I tell those men what I'm seeking...LOL Puddin

Alwayz a good time @ Jay and Tees Parties....

I attended my first Jay and Tee party in 2006 as a single woman, I was very impressed by being met at the door by Tee, and to recieve a tour first of all, and be welcomed as if i was an old friend, or part of the family. And I was introduced to everyone that was in attendance, making me feel i belonged there. I have never stopped attending their parties and am glad to say that i have made some wonderful friendships along the way. What i have noticed is that ppl continue to come back and its like a family away from family (if u can understand). Today i am part of that family and wouldnt have it any other way..The negative posts i read below are in no way, shape or fashion true. But then come on out and play, see for yourself..I have never attended a party where there were "OLD" unattractive women there, or few single women, or just all men..the ratio is alwayz right on time..Believe there are alwayz sexy single females there, hot couples and the food is amazing....and the DARK ROOM...all i can say is..Um Um Um I will alwayz attend Jay and Tee parties... <Smooches, Sinfully Sweet LadyV>

Thanks Jay and Tee for being you

I attended Jay and Tee's party for the first time in June 2007 as a single. Tee meet me at the door and showed me around, she introduced me to everyone and we just hit it off. Everyone that attends these parties are fun and very friendly they ALL made me fill at home. Though most of the folks "keep coming back" they are very attenative to new comers. Now that i am in the family Jay and Tee is the only place that I can go and let my hair down and be myself. There are always plenty of comdoms,lube, towels, food (good food) and people. The times i went, there was always more ladies then men and most of the ladies are bi, which is right up my alley. IF you never been to one of their parties, you are trully missing out. SEE YOU IN JUNE 2008. ~CHOCOLATE GIRL~

Anit No Party Like A "Jay & Tee" Party!!

Speaking From A Single Woman's Point Of View, Jay And Tee Parties Are The Best I've Attended By Far. There's Always A Warm Welcome From The Host {Tee} At The Door And She Makes You Feel So Comfortable. It's A Safe, Drama Free, Family Like Environment. Not To Mention The Food & Drinks Are A Plus. Look Forward To Attending Many, Many More..."Lickable_Lisa"

You don't have to lie to kick it, boo...

As a single female that's a REGULAR attendee, I find the drama listed below unbelievable (then again, I guess that's what a lie consists of, huh?! lol). I have NEVER heard a woman complain about there being too many guys at a party, unless they're there solely to enjoy female entertainment. The ratio's pretty even, & there's quite the selection for whatever your taste may be (and I take SERIOUS offense to "two old, unattractive women" being that I don't fall into either category, & I'm at every party!!!), and protection is EMPHASIZED REGULARLY at all stages, from the time you're invited forward. With as many spent condoms as you see later on, I doubt VERY seriously that you saw that many folks going without!! Yes, we do sit around...we're like one big, happy family & IT ISN'T JUST ABOUT THE SEX, we like to catch up on what's going on in one another's lives, also. Know that if you come to a J&T party you will HAVE A BLAST...they put it down like NO OTHER & I always leave with a smile; they're some of the sweetest, most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Muah!

Positngs Getting Deleted???

I posted my experience on here and now looking back I see it has been deleted....There were like 50 guys and two old unattractive women playing and all the rest just sat around and didn't talk to anyone. The single guys were rude and I saw way too many people running around not using condoms - I was discusted and would never go back as a single female!!!!

Kelly Loves Parting with You 2

Each time that I've been to one of J & T's parties it was a warm welcome at the door from the host T. I'm shy a bit, but tend to let down my hair when I'm there. Anyone thinking about attending this lovely couple parties GO!. You will have fun, meet wonderful people and leave smiling. To all the wonderful, single women, couples and men that I've met at J & T's parties keep the party going I love it. are very sweet and friendly people.


When you come to a J&T party, (male and females) know exactly what to expect. A "no-holds-barred freakfest". That is why so many persons return month after month to "indulge". The ideas of the themed rooms is another concept that adds to the "ambiance".

Great Time Had Will Be Back

We met Jay & Tee at Twist. First, I must begin by acknowledging the hosts of the event J&T for the endless hours of preparation and for maintaining the database with some of the freaky-est people that I have met. Secondly, I want to thank all of the participants who came out and partied in the first half and those who stayed all night. We had a great time and will be back for more at the next one.

I had a ball, i had a ball, i had a ball

Did i say i had a ball,----When you attend a J&T party expect to be well entertained. It did my heart well to see all the beautiful people who came out and did I add participated. That is what separates a J&T party from the rest. They have a 100\% participation rate.


First, I must begin by acknowledging the hosts of the event J&T for the endless hours of preparation and for maintaining the database filled with some of the freaky-est people that I have met. Secondly, I want to thank all of the participants who came out and partied in the first half and those who stayed all night.


Every time I attend one of jay & tee's parties I have a great time. I have been to 4 partys over the last year and I can say that I had a blast playing with so many different lovely ladies. J & T are great and if you are in the swinging life style and have never attended j & tee's, I highly recommend you go to the next one. Thanks for the good times jay and tee.

Incredible Party

J&T know how to create a wonderful atmosphere and the guys are hot! This is a place where you can enjoy yourself and indulge in multiple pleasures. I will definitely be back for more! The dark room is the place to be. Like Vegas, what happens there, will stay there!


J&T invited us to there parties before but we didnt go, so we went to there last party on the 10/16- and the only thing we could say after was--WOW-- They are great host and the people there were so friendly and made us feel welcome right from the start-and the way they have it set-up was great WE WILL BE COMING BACK and cant wait until the next party

Sat night party 10/14/2006

To all those who came out for this event, I think will agree that this party was one to remember . And yes I have see how you 2 top this party. The vibe started slow and just went off the hook from there . now thats the way to put it down thanks J&T

October 14th Party

Thank U Jay and Tee for a Great First Party!!! The Atmosphere was great and the people were fun and sexy. You both are great host and made us feel comfortable. The "Dark Room" is a room that is not to be missed. We can't wait for the next party. Counting down the days until Nov 11th. K and P

great party 8/19/06

that was a damn good no a great damn party,,,, i ejoyed all that i played with especially in the DARK ROOM and the RED ROOM hell all over the place...and you know i will keep cumming back,,,, i am hooked.... bayhammer

Way too many single guys

We found that there were too many single guys. Very few women, and the few of those that played were 50+ or not attractive to us. They had one case of water for 50+ people for the whole night and the food was so-so. We will not be attending again.

Excellent Party

Jay and Tee are fantastic hosts! They make absolutely sure you're having a great time and are always there for your special needs. The people they invite are friendly and not standoffish. Jay and Tee never discriminate about color or size. They just love to swing and so do the people who attend. I've attended many parties and this one is at the top of my list. Jay and Tee, thank you! SCB

Look no further

A gentleman I believe doesn't kiss and tell but J&T are superb hosts . The recent party was absolutely a blast and those fortunate to have been there will attest to that. Most fascinating was the variety of sensual rooms, the abundant supply of towels and intimate gear, lots to eat and drink and above all an atmosphere was positively charged with raging testosterone and oozing estrogen. The very diverse make up of players only added to the excitement and pleasure, and the women were simply mouth dropping gorgeous. "The Dark Room," is not called the dark room for nothing. Unfortunately like in Las Vegas "What happens there, stays there," so I can't say much but I'll say this "endless passionate moaning. Everyone who goes to J&T Palace owes them a big bear hug and a thank you. If you are into the swing life style then look no further...this is swing home. ~james

the best is yet to cum

J&T invited me to my very first swing party back in Dec. and i have been at everyone of thiers since..... and yes the dark room is very cozy.......... whats on the menu for May? if you are looking to attend your very first swing party and you want to made comfortable then J&T's palace is the place you want to be.

Great hosts and party.

First time going to Jay and Tee's party. It was a welcoming atmosphere and met a number of good people that I will stay in contact with. I had a great time!!!! Looking forward to their next party, I will be a regular.

Always a pleasure

If your looking for a sexy place to get your "swing on", Jay & Tee's party are the place. They have the sexy atomosphere,sexy ass people, and the 2 best features are the host & hostess,always making sure everyone is having a good time. 2 places you don't wanna miss are the "Dark Room" and the "Red Room". If you get chance to attend a party, make sure you go you wont regret it. Jay and Savannah

J & T the place to be!

Jay & tee's parties have such a relax feel to them! I really cant say enought about how comfortable everyone made me feel! I'm big on people & personality.Hands down the best place for friendly & fun people ,........yyz!

Great Comfortabe Atmosphere

Jay and Tee are great hosts and really know how to make you feel welcome. Everyone at the parties is friendly and talkative and while many know eachother, there is no "click" mentality going on. You will find all types of hot people at the parties, and the dark room is not to be missed! R--

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