Twist: Twist is a private party which caters to lifestyle couples who wish to share adult intimacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. We encourage guests to explore all aspects of sensual pleasure and human sexuality by providing a positive, non-threatening forum for discussion, communication and meetings. The intent of Twist is to promote and facilitate gatherings to explore, exchange and share in various human sexual behaviors in a safe, discreet and non-judgmental way. Whether you seek to participate or observe, Twist provides the venue in which open minded people can meet like minded people for on-premises adult fun.
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Twist is a private party which caters to lifestyle couples who wish to share adult intimacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. We encourage guests to explore all aspects of sensual pleasure and human sexuality by providing a positive, non-threatening forum for discussion, communication and meetings. The intent of Twist is to promote and facilitate gatherings to explore, exchange and share in various human sexual behaviors in a safe, discreet and non-judgmental way. Whether you seek to participate or observe, Twist provides the venue in which open minded people can meet like minded people for on-premises adult fun.

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It has definitely gotten better, new location

Great scene when we decided to finally return to twistSF two weeks ago. It had been a long time and we hd not yet visited the new location. Our mistake! Awesome crowd of beautiful people enjoying their time together..someone even pulled a light socket out!! Hilarious, no damage, but a roaring round of applaus to a job well done. One thing a serviceable DJ late night. Let's get the music going and sexy (of all genres).

We go when ever we are in town (Great Place)

We Live in Las Vegas and we really like this place !! Place is clean, Crowd is diverse and friendly, Owners and operators are really nice !! And there is always a lot of action !! We have been to many swinger parties over the years some good & some not so good. (this one is GOOD !!)

Sat July 2 Anybody going to be there?

Planning on being there tomorrow night. Anyone else up for it, or have recent reviews? We are a good looking sexy mid-40s couple and hoping that there are sexy couples there. We tried Power Exchange, but it was too much of a sausage-fest.

First time Halloween Weekend

We went Halloween weekend for the first time and both wore costumes. After sitting and enjoying wine downstairs for a while we both decided to hit the dance floor. The DJ was not bad and we had fun grinding on each other and watching the other sexy couples dance and flirt. We headed upstairs at one point and found a spot on the mat next to couples on either side. We soon found ourselves going at it and having a soft swap with another nearby couple! When done we watched others having sex and soon went at it again. We will go back hopefully soon. It would be nice to be able to chat ahead of time with another couple downstairs and then go up, rather than strictly relying on chance. All in all a great experience.

10/2/10 First Timers..

My hubby and I went for our 2nd year anniversary. It was our first time at Twist. We were both a bit anxious, curious what we would see. Turned out to be a great time, very interesting. We went upstairs kinda early, eager to see what was going on up there. When we took a break and went back down stairs for a breather, turns out most everyone else was heading upstairs. The next time we went up, 30 mins later, it was absolutely packed out. We found a spot as a couple was leaving. We ended up next to a couple and in only minutes we were all enjoying eachother. We pretty much closed the place down that night. We have been smiling about it ever since. I personally can not wait to go back...

6/19/2010: Had a blast

It was not at their old location, but it was still fun. This was our first party and we have to say that we had a great time. It was in a hotel penthouse suite, which was very spacious and had a fantastic view of the city. We were the youngest couple in there, but it was still fun. Everyone seemed comfortable and was very easy to spark of a conversation without feeling obligated to play. It did however get wierd the end of the night because we ended of having a crowd of couples around us while we played. Some even felt inclined to touch without asking. The host of the party, a Russian guy, was cool at first, but did not comprehend the word NO to well. Was not rude, but kept trying all night to play with my wife. Overall it was a great first time. Only warning is that if you are a young couple (our ages: 25/27) it is going to be nearly impossible to find someone close to your age.

Valentine's Day 2010--Also first-timers...

For several months, my boyfriend and I have talked about including another woman in our sex play. We're both attractive, sophisticated, fit, fun-loving people who enjoy socializing, but we were clueless about how to initiate sensual play with others. We tried ads, strip clubs, and even Vegas. No luck. We always felt awkward and a bit illicit. We knew we needed to find an environment filled with like-minded people to decide if this was really something we wanted to explore. We also enjoy the idea of behaving erotically in front of others--whether it's dancing or touching. But we had the misconception that "swingers clubs" were seedy and lecherous. Twist proved us wrong. The staff and premises are top-notch, clean, and classy. The ambiance is sophisticated eroticism; very European--from the intricate lighting to the French porn movies playing on wall screens. We were one of the first couples to arrive, and the staff welcomed us professionally and invited us to look around. They were gracious, professional, and attractive. The dance floor was empty, but music was playing. We explored the upstairs and were surprised to find several couples (and a small group) already at play. Being new at this, we felt a bit shy about walking around and looking, so we went back downstairs, had some house champagne, and waited for more couples to arrive. The hostess was gorgeous, sexy, and wonderful at putting first-timers at ease. The place soon filled with a wide variety of couples, from young newlyweds to older couples. Being in our early 40s, it was refreshing to see a wide mix. Interestingly, though, in that environment age is irrelevant. I was worried it would be predominantly young couples or much older, but it ran the spectrum and regardless of age (hard to tell in the perfect, subtle lighting, everyone acted like they were at camp together. There was a real sense of collective fun, even though many people were clearly there for each other (as were we). Everyone dressed classy and sexy, and although several couples danced erotically, there wasn't anything lewd about it. Really, it was like being at a dance club, but everyone was friendly. There was absolutely no pressure to "play," though we quickly found ourselves upstairs in a room with several other sexy couples and we surprised ourselves with how easy and fun it was to interact. Mostly, it was kissing and touching (for us), but for others in the upstairs, it was full-on multiple partner sex as well. It's nice that everyone can express themselves at their own comfort level. The men were incredibly polite, and there was absolutely no pressure to interact. All of my fantasies were realized and then some (watching other women kiss and touch my boyfriend, having other women join in our play, having others watch us). I have always been incredibly modest in front of others, but surprised myself with how comfortable I felt in my skin. I spent quite a bit of time walking around in nothing but my heels and felt safe and sexy. It was the most liberating experience of my life. I will say, however, that like the other "first-timers," while it was all incredibly erotic, it wasn't as sexually stimulating as I expected. It was as if there was a wall up. I chalk that up to first-time jitters. I'm sure the next time I'll feel freer about feeling aroused. That said, we stayed until closing (4 a.m.) and were seriously shocked that so much time had passed. We clearly were having fun... Thanks, Twist, for making it such an amazing first experience. Both my boyfriend and I agree that it significantly enhanced our intimacy. We can't wait to join you again!

Valentines Day 2010.. first timers

My girl and I decided to check this place out this Valentine's day weekend. She has never been to a sex/swinger club, and I have only gone once (just as an observer) to a similiar event held at a friends house. Needless to say, we were both excited and a bit nervous. This club allows only couples and single women, NO single men are allowed. $100 per couple, and $10 for single ladies. We arrived at about 10:30pm (the parties run 10pm-4am) and were warmly greeted at the door. The hosts explained the layout. Since we had a wonderful dinner and an awesome bottle of red we opted not to bring any of our alcohol to the party (it's strictly BYOB, and no hard liquor is allowed.) The place is VERY nice, clean and classy. There is a downstairs lounge where people mingle and dance. Upstairs are all the playrooms and open spaces. Lockers are available upstairs for you to put your valuable and (when, or should you decide to undress) your clothes. We went upstairs first, to check out the layout before people began to use it. To our surprise, there were already 3 couples upstairs have a full go at it. We walked around, watched a bit and went downstairs. In the dance room were about 15 couples. Most all were sitting down and talking with each other. People were dressed very nice and sexy. We were both pleasantly surprised at the crowd (which I later found out grew to 75 couples!) I would estimate the age range from the mid 20's to the mid 60's, with majority of the people there in the mid to late 30's. Most were very good looking! Lots of people dancing, many dirty, and some ladies were even naked, downstairs. Upstairs the scene was HOT. You don't have to be naked if you don't want to, so no pressure. You have to ask before you touch anyone, and NO means NO. Everyone was EXTREMELTY respectful. I never saw anyone do ANYTHING inapropriate. People were very nice and cordial. The place was packed! There were about 40-50 couples upstairs. Most were just having sex with each other, but there was also plenty of group action. Lots of couples just standing around watching others as well. Condoms, lube and towels are available for everyone to use (and safe sex is encouraged, of course.) Only small issue was that it was so crowded. I asked the hosts and they said that there were 75 couples in attendance, the usual number is 40 or so couples. Either way, we had a great time taking it all in and had a little fun with each other. We left at 2am and headed home for our own little party. I would recommend this to anyone interested in checking out a sex/swing club. Very non threatening and you might find you like it. The only tip I can give you from our own experience is this: The first time might be a bit overwhelming. You might not find any of what you see a real turn on, it can be more of an eye opener such as "HOLLY COW!! These people are actually doing this!!!" Again, I would HIGHLY recommend Twist to anyone interested, don't be a sexual primate. Explore your sexuality and enjoy.

Halloween party 2009

Last Halloween my wife and i were in SF for the weekend, Having read promising reviews both here and on yelp we decided to check it out. We had an awesome time, Lots of sexy outfits and hot people playing, Upstairs area was very erotic with lots of multiple orgies going on simultaneously.It was definitely an eye opener. It was totally a no pressure environment and the hosts were excellent, Next time we are in SF we will be back.

First timers had a great time!

So my play partner and I had never been to a party before. I'd been to a couple in the past, but this was her first adventure into the swinging world. It didn't hurt that she has an amazing ass and guys enjoyed watching her dance...but let me say, I was totally surprised (pleasantly) about how hot and sexy the people were at the party. I expected a fair amount of, well, people that weren't my type. Let me tell you, there were very few there that I would say were not hot. P.S. I'm not affiliated with Twist in any way whatsoever. We both played with about 4-5 people/couples through the course of the night, and if we had the chance to return I could guarantee that we would. The all out group sex was very hot, and there were enough nooks and crannies to find a more private area to play if you wanted to be watched by less people.

Leeand friend Private party

We had a blast, the club is very clean, friendly and classy. A must do on your to do list. I will be back make sure u bring a fun loving partner that is to you or you might not have as much fun don't bring a friend bring your boyfriend.

Wonderful First Time Experience...

There were many conversations between my partner and I about having a different sexual experience and I'm glad we finally did it and that it was at Twist. We visited two weeks ago and though I was nervous, everyone who worked there made me feel welcome and helped calm me down. Though I walked in confident and open minded, they could still tell I was a first timer:). They took their time to explain the basics and I loved that the first thing they boasted was a clean bathroom! The dance floor setting helps create the mood with nice videos, music and lighting. They served refreshments, they even had fruit platters! It was not a "get it done and get out" atmosphere. I now wish we should've arrived earlier. I loved the fresh towels they provided and a shower with all you need to get clean:). Let me now move onto the was simply amazing, erotic, hot, and exciting...everything I didn't expect for my first time but it's because I let go of my hesitations and just let things happen. I trusted my partner to lead and guide, and he was comfortable with what took place. People were respectful and accepted polite declines willingly. Those that were welcome were not forceful or abrasive. If I could use to words?... Elegantly sexy! We will definitely come back and I can't thank Twist enough for bring there when I finally decided to take the plunge. If you are thinking of visiting, and it's your first time, you set the climate and Twist provides the perfect venue. I still find myself day dreaming and dreaming of that night...

It Was a Classy

This was the great club in San Francisco we enjoyed for the last 3 years. They had great atmosphere and great crowd for the most part. However we just find out this last Saturday this new rule “every body most undresses in order to participate “ it is like old time suburban swing clubs, which we never like. We hope the Lana &Yuri will bring back the club like it was very classy.

Not as fun as most

Twist is a friendly place with a mix of attractive men and women. It is just not as relaxing and open as most clubs we have gone to - there is no screening. You wander in circles looking for an open space ,which are minimal - but can be had. But if you are trying to meet someone to swing with - you really have to wait for an opening. You also have to disrobe in place when you find a space - and then dress if you want to move to a new place. And repeat. And there are more than a few lurkers - men who stare at you while their woman are a few steps back - one guy was even walking around (with his date) and just grabbing all the women's breasts as he walked by - not too cool.

My take on Twist

Twist has taken a nosedive in the past 9 months or so. I first went there about 2 years ago and had several really fun evenings. In the past 6 months I have been back about 4 times and the vibe has changed. I notice a lot more 'lurkers' - i.e. men who roam around fully clothed and plop down next to you and just stare as if you were an animal in a zoo. Their timid wives/girlfriends linger in the doorway.... not fun! The downstairs dancefloor is not much of a hangout place. The DJ sucks... for lack of a better term and I think people are all too happy to take it upstairs. Also, in the old days it used to be that Twist would ask you to call in advance to get on the guest list and then ask for ID at the door. These days it seems as if they allow anyone in... as long as they have the cover fee. Too bad....

Getting too popular!

Went last Saturday night for our first time. Very impressed with the hosts and the layout, very friendly and conducive to sex! My wife is usually shy to the point where she won't agree to much more than a blow job, but she really opened up here! Ate her out twice, once early on, and once when there was a crowd around us, she blew me multiple times, and we had sex next to the round bed. Towards midnite the place got really crowded, and there was almost a waiting line to find a place to lie down and get busy! If his keeps up they are going to have to relocate to a larger space!

Good club but needs some work...

Last week my g/f and I had the pleasure of going to Twist. Over all, it was a good experience and we would go again, but I do have a few complaints. The crowd is nice and there is a lot of eye candy. The problem is that it is a CROWD! It is no fun when you can’t even walk around. We understand that the more the merrier and that more people make for a better vibe. But a few times, we couldn’t even find play space and most of the time we couldn’t even walk around to search for play space. We have been to a lot of clubs (NYC, Seattle, Vegas) and most have this problem. Also, they have no “screening” process. It was obvious to us that many of the women there had no idea what they had signed up for. This is something that they can do something about - most clubs ask that the women talk to the club staff to make sure they understand what they are going to. They have set the area up as best they can (given the architecture). The dance floor downstairs is nice but a little too loud and dark to chat-up potential playmates but lots of dirty dancing. Another complaint is that they say the upstairs is for couples, but we saw a lot of single men walking around. A few times while my g/f was occupied -- I went “looking”. The whole time I was alone, I was waiting for one of the staff to ask why I was alone. In fact, we were approached by a single man “just to watch”. When I asked where was his partner was, he said “downstairs”. Again, this is something that Twist can control. Our hope is that they will continue to succeed, move to a bigger space or limit the number of couples and take some of these complaints to heart.

Difficult for real swapping

The club is nicely layed out but every one seems to stick to their own group or spouse. Nice dance floor with refreshments. The DJ is only mediocre. The hosts don't introduce themselves toeveryone. They need to work more on the social aspect which leads to swinging.

Good Clean Fun and Girls

My wife and i had a great time here in December of 2008. We met a very nice young, single lady and played for a while. The layout of this club is great, dancing downstairs, playing upstairs. The only bummer was two couples next to us being very loud (look at me !!!!) with a whip and some over the top behavior. Otherwise, everyone was fun and nice and clean. The physical premises are great and in a decent neighborhood unlike a very similar club called Kiss. Overall, we highly recommend this club for fun.

Very Comfortable

Twist is a very comfortable place. From the doorman, Hostess, bartender, to the masseuse, the staff was perfect. We have been to many clubs and private parties across the country and Twist is near the top of the list. I would have liked a different selection of dance music in the lounge, but it was not to bad (Rap type I think!) There were about twenty couples there while we were there. If you like sex in public, or like to watch live action, if your lady is looking for another to play with while you watch or vice verse I can recommend Twist. We will be coming back often.

Pretty pace, pretty people, but no mixing

We've been to Twist a couple of times, but will probably not go again. On the plus side, they have a younger crowd than most clubs, with more attractive women and men. The ambience is great, and it is clean and well decorated upstairs. However both times we observed that couples pretty much played with their own partners, or in some cases swapped within a group of friends. It definitely had a clique atmosphere. We find some of the South Bay parties to be much more inviting and friendly, with a much better chance to connect and hook up with people you have just met.

Great Time at Twist

My honey and I went to our first party at twist in the early morning hours of New years day. The lower floor dance area was cozy, with warm lighting. A tasteful pole dance video was playing silently, a shadow dance was projected on the far wall and a small screen was silently showing a slow, warm tasteful pleasure giving scene between two beautiful woman. Because we arrived so late, most people were already upstairs. After dancing a while we went upstairs to find a place to lie down. The upstairs was cozy with a few separate room spaces with wall to wall beds. The rooms were separated from each other and the hall with tasteful, sheer draping, or a hint of a wall. We found a spot on the edge of one of the larger beds… The atmosphere was conducive to relaxing into play. There were a couple of video screens without sound showing tasteful sex scenes. Again the lighting was subdued. I would guess the crowd this night was mostly 30 somethings, with some older and some younger. This is the third club that I have experienced and maybe the only one where I felt really comfortable. Not many observers standing around and no single men. The people that I talked with in the halls were friendly and respectful with proper introductions. When dressed, people wore tasteful clothing which I found enjoyable. I look forward to returning.

Coming back again

This was our first experience at a real swinger club. We went to the Power Exchange, which we discovered does not exactly cater to swingers (more like pervs and trannies), so we needed to find something different. Twist had really hot couples, minimal creepiness and an awesome play area. The only problem was the music upstairs went out and the staff couldn't figure out how to fix it, which pretty much killed the whole party. I'll give them a pass on this because everything else was great. We will definitely be going again.

Good looking crowd! 10/20/08

We have been to Twist 2 times within the last month. This is only the 3rd club we have been to. The host and hostess and the staff are really nice people. The dance floor with pole is downstairs and the activity area is upstairs. The music is OK, I like Hot R&B to get me in the mood and there is not enough of that. It's sort of techno-ish if I can call it that and they lightly pepper it with Salsa and some R&B. But we enjoy chatting with other couples casually as we sip our drinks and watch the video footage of some interesting kink. Finally the play area is spacious. However people seem to pay to come and look - lot's of looking. There are people performing (including myself) but the voyeurism is abundant. I just think far too many people come to look. The playful crowd is inviting since everyone looks good both dressed and undressed, it's nice to see other people dress up to go out for a change. The age range is maybe 25-45 with the edge going towards the lower end. The host and hostess (Lana and Yuri) are both attractive and they are fun too! Aside from all of the looking we have gotten the best vibe here.

dolybarbie comes at the twist

9-6-08 first time at twist .little small at no it whas pack alot of good looking fun loveing gruop. no games well like we are going for more Yes we ben twisted.we got are feet wet and know club next time we think moer fun!!

Must go place for newbies!

If you are new to the lifestyle, this is a must stop on your list! Granted, it is a pretty aggressive place for newbies, but you are immediately immersed in the scene, no holds barred, no pulled punches! you see a lot of sex on second floor. and if you don't mind being a "focal point" for voyeurs, NO PRIVACY, everyone gets a view. you will have the opportunity for plenty of action. suggest you get there after 11:00 if you want serious action upstairs!

By Far The Best!

If you are more or a Voyeur or Exhibitionist, then this is your spot. My boy friend and I are not into swapping, but we love to watch and be watched. This is a very friendly, CLEAN, sexy place with a dance floor and the bedroom floor. I love this place, just wish it was a little cheaper. But check out their web site it has pictures. It really is a cool spot.

Cum 1 Cum all.....Fun at Twist

My wife and I went to Twist last night, we had a wonderful time. The people were sexy and very respectful. The place was clean and we ended up doggy style on one of the couches with other sexy couples watching us. I cant wait to go back, hopefully we will endulge a little more. Thank you Twist!

irishmexsex Baycouples

we have a great time every time we go this is the place meet and play with the sexiest couple in the bay area great hosts. you will not be dissapionte going here. we have all ways had a very hot wet sexy time here.

3/1/08 First Time

We are a mid-forties couple and went to Twist for the first time last weekend. We found it to be just what we were looking for; a safe, very clean venue to enjoy each other while watching and being watched without anyone bothering us.

12/15/07 First Time

Finally took the plunge and went to Twist last night. Met lovely Lana and Yuri. Saw alot of good looking, hot people dancing and having fun. Of course saw all the action upstairs! Was tempted to "play" but as another couple said (Mark and ?? can't remember her exotic name) take it in baby was definitely hot and a start of something new!!!

Very Classy 12-01-2007

Went there jsut after ten. Wife and I wanted to get crazy for my bday. Greeted by Lana and here partner. Very warm and receptive people. There was not a thing overlooked in this place. From the dance floor, to the security, the way the play room is set up this place was beyond what I expected. It was pretty crowded upstairs. A lot of people, good looking, having sex, lots of people playing, some wathicng. Nothing pushy. Though the young couple (Hispanic female, white male-both hot!) in the center round bed were creating quite a crowd! I have been to a few places-nothing, and I do mean nothing comes close to how well this place is managed and the atmosphere. Well done Lana and staff, well done. Thank you for creating a place where people can play in an inviting environment. To anyone reading this, do go. Leave all doubts behind. This is the Rolls-Royce of adult play.

Hot dance club and so much more:)

Twist is a hot dance club and so much more. From the poles on the dance floor to the steamy play area upstairs, this is a really fun place to party, play and be around other sexy people who want to have a good time. The hosts are very nice and make you feel welcomed. Thank you Lana & Yuri!!

Good but ban the "Cruisers"

On Saturday, we went to the Twist as "newbies" and had a very enjoyable time. From the beginning, we felt at ease, and free to do and try whatever our comfort levels permitted. At no point was there any pressure, and the cues were obvious to us for "go/no go" situations. One thing that we did experience was the same as someone else mentioned on an earlier review; Cruisers. There were three unaccompanied males, seemingly speaking russian or something. They would cruise from area to area, jerking back curtains and poking and prodding at their will. It seemed, especially to us as novices, that there was no room for this type of behavior. Since there was a rule against unaccompanied males, I have to think they were allowed in by the staff rather than there partners were somewhere else. That hassle aside, this is a place worthy of the checkout. You are as free as you would like to be to test the waters to your own comfort level, a level you might not even be aware of.

A Female Newbie goes to Twist

This was my first time at a club and I have only been in The Lifestyle for less than a month. I went by myself and I was very nervous. Everyone there put me at ease. The thing that amazed me the most was how safe I felt there. The one time I said "no" to someone, he stopped what he was doing immediately. I could tell that the men I met there were very respectful. The bathroom was very clean. There were clean towels. The staff were helpful. And I met a nice couple who "showed me the ropes" so to speak. All in all a very positive experience.

Tried your Club two weeks ago

I was somewhat expecting a "Power Exchage" environment and was please that it was cleaner and much more respectful. Must people were nude and were different ages and sizes with what appeared to be an average age of maybe 40. While we did not participate with others, we had a great time and the people there seemed to know each other by name and even could be heard asking about family, kids etc as they were preparing to have sex. I did not see a lot of condom usage. We really enjoyed this place, will return and thought the whole "orgy" environment was a huge turn on.

First time at a swing club

Wow, what an experience!!! We had a great time at Twist last night. This was our first experience with the life style. We had been planning for it and fantasizing about it for weeks. But when it came to the big night we were pretty anxious about what would happen, how we would react, and how we would be made to feel. Lana’s and Yuri’s greeting at the door set a warm and welcoming tone that put us at ease. The environment was classy, colorful, and comfortable. The dance floor and the music were great and it got everyone into a party mood. The upstairs was nicely arranged with a variety of spaces for semi-private and public action (although they could use another restroom upstairs). But best of all was the great mix of people. We feared that the crowd would be filled with sleek young things in their 20s and 30s and we would feel old and out of it. The young people were there and added greatly to the energy of the party but the group was of all ages, shapes, and sizes—and everyone was hot!!! It is clear that the life style is more an attitude than “a look” and we were really pleased with what we saw. The exciting action got us very hot and uninhibited. Before you know it we were going at it and one thing lead to another. It felt comfortable, exciting, even liberating, to have sex in front of everyone else as they were doing the same. Even though we did not participate in the group action, the sights and sounds of it going on next to us were extremely arousing. The fact that there were many other couples around us who were also focused on each other made us feel part of the action. An occasional touch from others was welcome but no one was intrusive and we felt no pressure to do anything we didn’t want to do. Our experience was so positive that we will definitely be back again. In fact, we plan to continue our exploration of the life style community to see where it leads.

Good times, attractive people

I 've now been there twice and found both times attractive energetic sexy people that are into enthusiastic doing and not just watching. 4somes frequent, moresomes occasional. Superb hosts and venue. A+

Twist-SF 4-22-07

DO get the valet service at Larry Flints Hustler Club (they are open until 5am) so your car will be there at 4am at twist-sf closing.. I had the most beautiful women do things I used to dream about! As a first timer I can only give all thumbs up.. including yours! I found new friends that like this style of life. (sharing the women) Be sure to use the provided towels if you don't like others sweat.

Neat club in San Fran

This was the first time my wife and I decided to try a club not in the south bay or valley. We decided to try the twist after reading several reviews and overall thought the place was nice. We arrived at 10 PM and spent some time attempting to find a parking place. After finally finding a spot we had to walk two blocks that were not friendly if your wife is wearing stelleto heals. We arrived and were greated by Lana upon entering the twist club. Lana is a very good host and great dancer. Downstairs we checked in our bottle of wine and found a seat for my wife to sit down on and I stood due to the limited seating which is fine because the dance floor was not that big and had a thick pillar in the center. There was a diverse mix of people at the club and most were friendly to conversation. The upstairs play area was very nice but the walkways between play areas were tight in some places and unpassable when people were standing there to watch. I think based on the several reviews that we read that we caught it on a slow day and will probably be back to try it again one day. inlove1003

Tangerine & Brian say

We loved the experience from the dance floor to the play areas. We met hot, sexy, couples and had a great play time there. If you're looking for a great time when you're in San Francisco then do put Twist on the top of you list.

Wet and Steamy Loves You

This place is nothing but FUN. As classy as it is cool. Defines posh and mod in a great combination. The music could be rated with some of the best in the world. And the couples were hot as a majority We have nothing bad to say and everything good to rage about. We are lucky we are so close and plan to spend many more eves there. wetsteamy

Hot SF Night had a great time

we had a great time at Twist SF last weekend. We look forward to visiting your club again next time we are in town too !! Great hosts Lana and Yuri - A fun place to dance. Hot couple that like to play. A great place for a fun night in SF Dee and Kayce

A great way to spend an evening

This club is well-taken care of and the host/hostesses/volunteers make you feel welcome and part of the scene. The location is central and really easy to get to and park around for all night entertainment. The venue also has a great vibe with lots of couple loving We love the nooks, the couches, plenty of places to get friendly. I've been there with my ex-beau ... and other friends. Had my first girl fling here. I'll be back for more. Highly recommended.

Hot Times at a hot place!

My girlfriend and decided to go there last week, even though we are not new to the scene, we were blown away but the atmosphere at twist, the place was luxurious and clean, the music was great and the the couples were even better. If you have been to teh Power Exchange, this place is about two steps up from the PE. I would say that about 50\% of the parties were onto themselves and of the other 50 about half were mostly into girl/girl sharing. Thank you Lana and Yuri for letting us share the night with you and we both look forward to partying with you guys for years to come. Regards, Gabe and Heather

The Very Best and The Most Recommended

Twist is, in our humble opinion, the very best and sexiest private club for lifestyle couples in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are others that we've been to, and they don't even come close. The people at Twist are warm, friendly and very respectful, and Lana and Yuri are really great hosts. The venue itself is very classy, extremely clean, and very much a very comfortable place to be in. But most importantly, we had the most fun there than anywhere else!

Beautiful club very sexy

We went to Twist for NYE also and had a great time. It was our first ever swingers event and we were pleased by how clean and well decorated it was. The music was OK and we were surprised at how many older people are active in the scene. We saw a wide range of ages though. We decided for our first time to go the voyeur route and boy was there a lot to see!!! We smiled a lot but didn't really approach people and they were very respectful and nonagressive. We had a ball together and were very turned on by everyone watching us. Maybe next time we'll do some touching!!

Great atmosphere

Went to Twist for NYE last night. We had previously only been to one club like this, in Las Vegas. There, we were very disappointed because of the dark, dingy atmosphere (The Green Door). We felt that it was anything but erotic. Twist was exactly the opposite! All sorts of people in a very cool, clean club atmosphere. Very erotic, no pressure, sexy... we will definitely go back again. We're so pleased that there is such a cool club available to us right here in San Francisco! Granted, we don't have much to compare to, since this was really our first bay area club. But based on last night's experience, we highly recommended Twist. To all you BC couples that happened to be there last night, you looked so hot and sexy! Happy New Years!

More than we expected!

This was our 1st time doing anything like this. Both of us where excited, yet nervous about attending. However when we walked in, I was impressed with the decor and layout of this place The music was very entertaining as the DJ played all sorts of music. The upstairs: Well, being newbies I admit to being aroused and very intrigued. Seems everyone was enjoing themselves, whether it be talking with another or playing. It was a pleasant atmosphere and no stress from anyone. Couples came in all sizes, shapes & colors. everyone we spoke with was so very friendly, which made us more relaxed. We did play and after a time invited a couple where my girl had the time of her life. I think we where there until closing (4am) it was that much fun. The girls really had a wonderful time. We can't wait to attend this place again. it was awesome and delightful. Thank you Lana & Yuri for being wonderful hosts.

lots of great fun

would get a 5 out of 5, but more on that later. It was our first time at a club of this nature and we had a great time. Everybody was respectful, asked to initiate, and we were pleasantly suprised at the beauty in the room. There was plenty of space to go it alone or with others. We especially liked watching the going on's on the pink circular bed while we did our thing. We only ran into a little problem at the very end of the evening around 3 am as a single male approached us and was quite aggressive to the point I had to ask him to leave. He did, and all ended well. He was the only single male that we came across all evening, so I just hope it was a glitch. Other than that we had a great time and I'm sure we'll return.

erotic and inviting...a great vibe everywhere

Twist is all about comfort, erotica and having a wonderful time! There is no other venue, that i know of, that puts more effort into looking good, sounding good and feeling good. The hosts, Lana and Yuri are both very sexy and warm friendly people who make you feel only comfortable. The play area is so chic and classy. the DJ downstairs is adorable and very open to playing any music that people like. Love the whole atmosphere there. Will be back for sure!

Great Great place

We are a young couple very new to the life style and have been to a couple of parties. Lets say we were a little nervous at first but ended up having a wild time alot more than expected. There is a lot of action the place is super comfrtable the people are attractive and friendly we are planning on comming back at least once a month. We liked this place so much we will be attending as many parties as possible.

We Keep coming back for MORE...

We love this place!!! The people are fun,free and sexy. We always have a great time. If you never have attended their parties, you must put Twist on your agenda. The Atmosphere is Great and the Hosts Lana and Yuri and cool, sexy people. Everybody needs a lil twist in thier life...


We had a great time as we usually do at Twist.....Some nights can be a hit and some nights a miss...but all in all there is always things going on that are nice to see and participate if you feel comfortable doing so. But with that wife and I were a little disturbed with one appeared that there were maybe 1 or 2 guys there that seemed to be there alone, or if they came with someone they sure did not stay with them. My wife thinks one was the DJ walking around and trying to touch the women as they were engaged in play with groups of people....we saw a woman notice him touching her and she pulled away.....and he was walking around talking and laughing while watching people. As much as we like Twist....this type of thing is enough to make us think twice about continuing to come back. Food for thought Hosts! No single men!!!! And male staff stay at your stations please!!!

Sexy and discreet

My husband and I are very new to the lifestyle but have always been interested. Our first visit was a tantalizing and rememberable one that keeps us coming back for more and more. We absolutely love everything about Twist. I love the fact that there are different types of people there ready to explore and the upstairs is truly a place of pleasure. The hosts, Lana and Yuri, are wonderful. It is indeed the place to play.

Great sexual energy

We attended Twist party last night and we were so happy we didn't miss it....the couples were beautiful...the party had an heighten sense of sexual energy and sexy dancing and really sensual playing. We went home with weak knees and can't wait to go back. The dancing/music was really good and the black couches are perfect addition.

First time at Twist

Although we have been in the lifestyle for a number of years now, we arrived at Twist knowing little about the club, (our info coming from friends who previously attended). We found the venue to be very clean and modern. The dance area has small stools around the perimeter, and I found them to be uncomfortable as well as unfriendly, since it kept couples at a distance from each other. Upstairs, however, is nicely set up. There's about 7 different rooms set up for play, and plenty of room to roam. Plenty of water and other refreshments available, a restroom nearby with everything you need to clean up, including a shower. Once we went upstairs, we never came back out except to make our exit. The couples we met were quite friendly and respectful. Overall, the range of couples varied greatly from age to physical appearance, which in my view, is a plus. I think this club is great for the newbies and the "old pros", since it allows you to do only what is comfortable for you and your partner. Some couples there fully participated, others were there merely to watch or be watched. Lana and Yuri were great hosts. We definitely plan on returning.

Last Night Was The Best

We attended Twist last night and must write and say it was the best night there todate...An excellent-great-sexy-hot group of people...the best we've ever seen...We enjoyed playing with 4 couples that were all super sexy, super attractive and really nice people...we can only go about once a month, so we really look forward to it and this Saturday did not dissapoint - in fact exceded our expectations...

We are regulars...

We read the last three reviews and just wanted to add some words. Since we are regulars we felt that the reviewers were a little harsh - and no we are not obese or ugly - in fact we are attractive and young...but, in fairness, sometimes some of the couples are not who we would want to be with either...yet, after 3 years of going to Lush and Sugar we have seen quite a variance of people and some nights have just been terrible...I don't know if the owners Lana & Yuri wrote the retort - I doubt it but in any case we have had 5 great nights 1 so so and 1 not good - but we go back because of the clubs clean, classy feel and because of the people. One night we were there the music was a mess - but since has been ok...Lana & Yuri seem especially sensitive to everyone at the party and we think are really trying to make a nice party for all...

Very sure why this club has our high review and why we are coming back

We also attended the June 10th party and we have to say we had a wonderful time at the club. The place is clean, well decorated, comfortable for sitting and dancing. The hosts were so nice and accomodating to us and everyone all night long. The music was great....especially great in the sense that there was all types of music happening in the effort to do their best to please all musical types...and people were dancing and having a wonderful time....with the exception of just 1 or 2 couples. Everyone has their own tastes and you cannot please everyone all the time. But we feel that most everyone there had a great time. And that is why there are other parties in the City to attend....their something for everyone out there. And the couples that were there....all were very fun, enthusiastic, friendly, and sexy....and that makes people very attractive to us, not just simply the looks...yes looks wise there were all types...but it truly is about the energy and the connection when it comes right down to it...something for everybody. Certainly don't just take our review on the club and the others....just try it out and see how the club makes you feel...hopefully it will make you as comfortable as we felt and provide you with a primary or alternative club to go to when you are feeling like trying someplace new. It is great that there is this club and others fullfulling our needs to be open here in the City that we love! We can't wait to see all the people we met again....and can't wait to meet new ones ;-)

Sexy, well-run, great fun!

We are new to the sex club scene, and have tried PZ and Club Kiss - and this is the best of the bunch. Nice dance area, the upstairs play area is very sexy and comfortable, and the people are great! A totally class place!

Best Place in the Bay to Play

We were at Twist last night and it was so much fun...the music came together and the place was hoppin'. The couples were beautiful and sensual and the upstairs play area is the best we've ever seen...better than Lush. The scene is hot, sexy, classy, not pushy. We will be back...Thanks Lana & Yuri

Lush Reincarnated!.....With a Twist...Finally!

We've been to many clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area over the years, and we know what we like....and what we don't like....and Club Twist we like alot. We've been longing for another space like Club Lush (which unfortunately said bye-bye some time ago) where you can if you are ready and willing, you can take you sexually and erotically charged selves to a spot on premise and act on your desires. Well finally after being disappointed with the "posing" parties like Pleasure Zone, Beautiful....where people just pose...look pretty...guys feel somewhat left out on the sidelines because it is "ultra girl-centric" and then either don't do much or have to wait until after the party and take it to a hotel....finally Twist arrives. Feels like Lush....nice energy like Lush....dancing and friendly attractive people like Lush...and guess what? Hosted by ex-Lush veterans who know what they want to see in a sexy, couples and single womens party. Great location, great use of space, makes you feel like you are in the City with that Urban feel. No pressure to do anything with anyone.....but the openess so that you can feel and be free. If you have not gone to should at least try it once....we really think you'll enjoy it as much as we did. We can't wait to go back....have fun! tata4now, acouple4couples

Our Impressions of lMay 6, 2006

This was our first time at Twist. We have been to several other swinger clubs & parties in the bay area and have been swingers for 7 yeaers. We would definitely agree that the setting in very sophisicated and well thought out. It is clean and very modern looking. Everyone from the person at the front door to the hosts were very friendly. We arrived at the clubs at 10:15pm. After paying the $60 couple entry fee we checked our coats (free) and went down stairs where we were offered snacks (buffett style) and free drinks. Yuri then gave us a tour of the upstairs. Unfortunately there were only two other couples in the club when we arrived. It took about another hour for more couples to arrive and for people to get up and dance. We would not say that all the couples were attractive. It was mostly a mix of fairly attractive women with ordinary looking and some unattractive men. We found the crowd at the Pleasurezone and Sugar to be far more attractive. We liked the location and look of the club. We thought the hosts were great and they are really trying to make this place work. Unfortunately we would have liked to see more people in attendance.

Sophisticated Prive

This club is very sophisticated, well-designed and well furnished The hosts--Lana and Yuri--and their friends are exceptional. Definitely has a European sensibility. We enjoyed the DJ downstairs and the live music upstairs. The crowd was very friendly and attractive. A great experience overall.

Perfect Atmosphere!

The place rocks, beautiful people playing everywhere. Nice selection of play areas that all seemed to be connected. Location is great for end of the evening party. Perfect for the newbie or the veteran, we will definitely be back. Thanks Lana for giving us hope again after attending other so-so parties. See you there!

New Meaning to 'Twist and Shout'

Now this place puts a new meaning to ‘Twist and Shout’. The ambiance is simply the best! Beautiful high tech clean décor, fabulous paintings everywhere, a drummer in the ‘play room’ (Made for some primal ecstasy moments). The people were friendly and beautiful, as is Lana. You won’t regret coming to this place... I plan on coming again and again…Put a new Twist into your life…You won’t regret it!

This Is Where The Sexy Swingers Are

I must say that Club Twist is the most elegant Adult Sex Club in the Bay Area. Having been to nearly every Adult Theme Club in the area, Twist is by far the best. Yuri & Lana have hand picked a staff that is second to none. The ambience is unbelievable. The patrons are sexy as hell. If you want to experience the high class end of the swinging lifestyle, you can't go wrong going to a Twist Private Party. See all of you sexy people this Saturday. Sincerely, Sexy_Biracial_Couple


Saturday night at Twist was Hot Hot Hot...The round bed in the middle with Red Satin Sheets was amazing...beautiful, sexy people...great hosts, fun dancing and great playing. We won't stop fantasing and we will be back. Thank you Twist for putting class, cleanliness and style into your club.

Super Sexy Club

We were in the middle of Paradise...super sexy, hot couples and atmosphere...made friends, played alot - great hosts - great dancing...Twist is a fantasy, dream come true. We'll be there next weekend.

awesome place to be

we went to twist as a place to meet up with others and boy we got more than we expected the atmosphere and the hosts went out of their way to make sure everyone had a good time and all we got to say is ask Lana and Yuri about the stage its the best place to be.

My sentments exactly

We had the pleasure to enter a classy, clean, sexy environment when we went to Twist. The owners are hot and inviting and completely beautiful people. Speaking of beautiful, there we beautiful people everywhere! Hot, sexy women and men everywhere you looked. The decoration in the place is fabulous and never ending. Did I mention there is a bo'de? Yeah ladies, you may never leave the bathroom! We had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back! Thanks Lana and Yuri!


We have been at almost all the Twist parties and have never been dissapointed. The couples are exceptionally attractive, sexy and open. The location is the most beautiful we've ever been to by far. Lana & Yuri are wonderful hosts and make sure everyone is comfortable, happy and having a good time. We danced, talked and played. We have gone to other parties - but Twist has exceeded our expectations. We have met and played with the best of the best in the Bay Area. We wouldn't go any where else and if you are down for getting down with the hottest - we will see you there.

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