Blondie’s Playground: Creating an environment for sensual encounters has been a journey based on our own erotic fantasies and experiences. We use these as a guide to create an atmosphere that appeals to a woman's desire to be pampered, respected, and loved, while remaining in a realm of incredible safety.
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Blondie’s Playground

Based on 13 customer reviews

Phone: (510) 847-8837

Calendar: Available Here | Discount: NOT AVAILABLE

Creating an environment for sensual encounters has been a journey based on our own erotic fantasies and experiences. We use these as a guide to create an atmosphere that appeals to a woman's desire to be pampered, respected, and loved, while remaining in a realm of incredible safety.

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Blondies Playground

Granted, 10 is a high rating. But when you add up the categories, Blondies fulfills your expectations. Great hosts; fun house; extremely safe & non confrontational; all levels of lifestylers welcome & honored; selective, attractive guests and a very real scene. From full swap to voyeur only, there's a space for everyone at these female-centric parties. Classy, clean, very safe & a lot of fun!

Amazing venue, people, hosts!

Blondies is amazing. We have been to many different clubs and events and this is by fare the most comfortable and low pressure environment. Your hosts make you feel welcome and part of the party. They take the time to get to make you feel comfortable and at ease. The house is set up very nice and is very, very clean. There was plenty of food and drink to keep you fueled up all night. All the supplies were provided. The rooms have different themes. We stayed from 9-2am and the party was still going strong when we left. We can't say thank you enough to the hosts for providing a safe clean environment that is very welcoming. The hosts also took the time to make sure that all the guests were a good group of people. THANK YOU! We were there in March 2010 and it was amazing!!!!

Blondies is just under a different name...

and is doing just fine! In fact, it's better than ever! The last party i attended had around 50 peeps in attendence who were hot as hell, and ready to play! You can reach Blondie by calling her, the number is the same, or by finding her on facebook under BLONDIES PLAYGROUND.


While it was going on, Blondies was absolutely wonderful, but she stopped doing them over a year ago (sometime in 2008 if I remember correctly). This is a tragedy since hers was the best in the area ... she thoroughly screened everyone before they could attend.

Blondies " A Hot time"

I had been to a few parties before I was introduced to Blondie's Playground. I'm actually glad I had a comparison. I was so impressed... Blondie's Playground are Class A events and not to be missed. All guest are pre-screened before the party so you need to plan for her events. The caliber of her guest are far above any other event I've attened. If you are looking for an erotic venue to explore your fantasies then Blondie's is the place for you!

Blondie's Partys!

If you are looking for a great party you need to check out Blondie's. I have been to many of her parties as both a couple and a single male. It is clear that she takes the time and effort to not only be a great hostess but also does a great job of having the site impeccable and the guests super sexy. I have been to many other venues and this is certainly my favorite. If you get the chance you will love it. Cheers, Ticklentease2

This is one hot, sexy, incredible party!!

Blondie's brings to life my greatest fantasies. We finally found the party we have been looking for!! If you are looking for a fun and sexy party where the focus is on making sure the woman is comfortable and having fun, this is it. The single guys are respectful, fun, HOT and talented. My husband and I have been able to safely explore great fantasies in a luxurious and safe environment. I have never felt any pressure or had anybody be the least bit pushy. Blondie must have an incredible screening process, as the guys are all very easy going, complimentary and engaging. And within the hot & sexy, there is wonderful diversity. The play rooms are separated, with those who want just couples on one level, and those wanting to play with singles on another level. And in between there is plenty of room to talk, relax and figure out what (or who!) you want to do next. :) All of our needs were taken care of, sexually and otherwise!! There is plenty of yummy food to refuel before you play more and her place is spacious, clean and beautiful. Don't miss it.

blondies is as old as blondie

blondies is more for the 40 set and geared to str8 couples. blondie & her husband are in their 50's and while they put on a clean event you won't get an "A" crowd but more like a B or C set - mind you not the D crowd, usually that is, but heed this review if you and your lover are in your 20's or 30's as it may turn off your mate to further swinger fun

A REAL review of Blondie's

I don't know who posted those earlier reviews, but they obviously want to damage her reputation by posting fake and inaccurate reviews of her parties. I've been to many on-site party houses in California and Nevada and Blondie's is by far the best of them all. Blondie carefully screens each potential guest by interviewing them personally before they can attend one of her parties (the previous negative reviews were all probably written by the same person who probably didn't make the cut during the interview process) . This process ensures that the people you meet at her parties are quality people who are respectful, intelligent, and are there to have a good time both socially and sexually. She has created a very comfortable environment for the couples and singles who attend her parties. All of the couples I've met there have been absolutely wonderful and all of the single guys are nice, respectful, and there to not only have a good time themselves, but to enhance the experience of the couples. Blondie's parties are by far the most fun I've ever had in my six years in the lifestyle. Don't take my word for it. Give it a try yourself. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Don't miss Blondie's new venue!

Blondie's new venue in Vallejo is wonderful! It is new, clean, and play-friendly. We have been to 5 parties there now and have had nothing but a terrific time! Blondie goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is comfortable, and that everyone's needs are seen to. Towels, lube, and clean-up supplies are readily available. The food is delicious, and plentiful. There is always a good mix of people, from newbies to more experienced players. She caters more toward women who like men, so tends to have a couple of single men around, but recently has had some single girls, too. We have never seen more than 3 single guys for about a dozen couples. There are now two distinct groups. PASSION caters to a somewhat younger and more fit crowd. SIN still has a few members nearing 50, but also has a lot of younger members. Because it is a smaller on-premise club, it is a great place to meet, and actually get to know people. We highly recommend you give Blondie's new place a try!

Blondie's nice playground...

We attented a couple of parties at Blondie's, one of the nicest, cleanest and friendliest on-premises playground to have fun in the Bay Area. A nice non-pressure environment composed of a living room with music, a dance area and a nice food buffet, a hot tub to warm up the atmosphere and a couple of theme rooms, makes the connections easier. Blondies supplies plenty of clean towels and condoms and the place is sparkling clean. She introduces everyone, making it easy to start the conversations. Massages are now offered to the ladies and sometimes to the gentlemen... It is newbie friendly, you can choose to just watch, play by yourself or join the fun with someone you chatted with (don't forget, no is no!). Some of the parties are for couples only with a couple of single men (hand picked by Blondie!), other are for women who like to play with more men, with a ratio of 4 or 5 men to a woman. Make sure you are on time, Blondie waits for everybody to be there to start the introductions. Follow her directions and she and her partner V. will quickly become your friends... Highly recommended!

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