Decadence Party: Decadence was created for sexy couples to meet and mingle in a warm and friendly environment. The emphasis is on social interaction, as well as sexual play in a no-pressure atmosphere. People are encouraged to meet new couples and expand their social network.
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Decadence Party

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Decadence was created for sexy couples to meet and mingle in a warm and friendly environment. The emphasis is on social interaction, as well as sexual play in a no-pressure atmosphere. People are encouraged to meet new couples and expand their social network.

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Best in Bay Area!

This party is great! We have attend Decadence for a few years now and they are always top notch. The people that attend are great! The hosts go out of their way to make it a special event. We go every chance we get. It is like being in someones home not some loud dark club.

Fun vertically and horizontally

These are the classiest …. yet, most down to earth parties we have attended. The atmosphere and setting are so conducive to meeting and getting to know all the guests in both vertical and horizontal positions. The hosts and people are very friendly, respectful and fun. My partner and I always leave with huge smiles on our faces that last for days because we meet fabulous people at Decadence parties. Each party has a different 'vibe' so there are always new people to discover and new sensual experiences for us. We love Decadence parties!

The Best of the Best

This is the party to go to! Everyone was so nice and the guests were so welcoming - how could we not have a good time! Seemed like forever until play actualy started. We will be back. It was a very erotic and enjoyable evening. Thanks so much J & K for making it a one-of-a-kind and definitely returning experience.

This is the Party to go to!!

We love this party! We have attend many times and hope to attend many more. Classy from start to finish. The hosts are not only attentive to the guests but also to every little detail. They have earned that 5 star rating and you get to enjoy it!

This is the Best Party we have ever attended!!!

We have attended parties all over the country from Seattle to New York and this is by far the best party! The hosts are very cordial and make an environment that makes you feel warm and welcome. The attendees are sexy and fun we had no trouble finding couples that we “clicked” with. The venue is great romantic and sexy. The right blend of lighting music and “padded horizontal surfaces”. Can’t wait for the next event!!

Great First Party

We attended our first party hosted by J&K. The party was well organized and the people attending were terrific. It's exactly as the hosts describe - a great cocktail party that melts into an evening of fun. It was friendly, no pressure, upscale, and a good first time pick for a party. Most couples were between 30 to 45 years old and a good mix of newcomers and occasional regulars.

Bay Area's BEST Party!!!

Decadence is by far the best party we have been to in the Bay Area. It has the right mix of people, atmosphere and eroticism. We have been to many clubs and house parties and this one is the one to attend. We tend not to get too “involved” at public venues but at Decadence you can’t help yourself. Not only are the host inviting so are the guests! The hosts take special care to interview couples in advance and this bit of extra care is well worth it. They have assembled a great group. Hope to see you there!


We've been to clubs (too loud, too dark) and house parties (too cliquish, not friendly). What a welcome surprise Decadence was. Although it is a house party held in a private suite, the ambiance is warm and welcoming and very comfortable. They are just enough couples to make it a great party but not so many people that you can't move around or there isn't enough room to play! We met a few couples we will definitely hook up with again. Can't wait for their next event. The hosts re super nice people and go out of their way to make sure first time guests are having a good time. Decadence is a diamond in the rough - not to be missed, what a treasure!


First, the ambiance the hosts create is warm, seductive, sexy and welcoming. The suite is gorgeous, well layed out, the refreshments and goodies are great. The crowd is upscale, professional, friendly and warm. Although it was our first time at Decadence, it didn't take long for us to feel a part of the group. We had a great time and have told other couples about it. Whether you play or not, it's a great venue in which to meet couples. Can't wait for the next invite. Should you be lucky to be on their guest list, make every effort to attend. You will definitely not be disappointed.


This was our first time attending a private party. We heard really nice things about Decadence but since they came from couples more experienced than we were, we didn't know what to expect. It was nicer, more comfortable and more friendly than we could have ever imagined. Kevin and Jackie go out of their way to make everyone feel so welcomed and they take the time to personally introduce newbies (such as ourselves) to everyone there. Even though we didn't participate in the play activities, we didn't feel like outsiders and there was never any pressure to play. We will definitely be back for their next party and may feel alittle more adventurous next time. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Totally Excellent

We have attended several parties that J&K have organized and can only say that they do an excellent job. The people are friendly, generally open and warm and treat you as friends. Plus there is no pressure on you to do what you don't want to do. Overall a great experience and we will go back for more!

What are you waiting for???????

The Decadence Parties are the best! We've been to clubs and other private parties and nothing compares to Decadence. The guests are very friendly and down to earth! The hosts are unbeatable in terms of making first timers feel welcome and part of the group. No cliques here, that's for sure! It seemed like forever before play started and then time seemed to go by much too fast! From the time you walk through the doors till the time you leave, you will have a fantastic experience. Look forward to us attending again soon. Thanks to our wonderful hosts - you won't find any better!

The Best of the BEST

Look no more! We attended our first Decadence Party this past weekend and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! A very upscale, classy, friendly and down to earth group of guests! As newbies, we instantly felt welcomed and were introduced to everyone there! The venue is gorgeous and we definitely will be back! The hosts are unbeatable and we met couples we are certain to hook up with in the near future. Don't waste your time with other private parties, Decadence is the ONLY place you want to be at! Thanks so much K & J for such a terrific evening!

Asiaandsin (BC) Gets off at Decadence

Great times for us! The Decadence Party had lots of different types of people with different tastes and flavors. Everyone was very nice. We had opportunities galore and even lost our full swap cheery! A low pressure environment for VERY hot times.

Stop looking you have found it!!!

We have been to most the Bay Area Parties (too many to list) and this is it!!! The host are warm and welcoming. The environment is sex and seductive. The guest are are classy and charismatic. We felt like we were returning to an old friend's home yet it was our first time attending. If you haven't been yet what are you waiting for!

Warm and Welcoming Hosts & Classy Venue

We were thrilled to join the inaugural Decadence Party! Mrs. Host is a professional event planner by day, so she has all the details nailed: great mix of people, sensuous, candle-lit atmosphere, stellar location, nice nibbles - and even a door prize and party favors. We look forward to attending another of their classy events soon! Ping us for more salacious details... -"FREMISTE" (our handle on BC)

Terrific Inaugural Party!

After having attended some of the clubs in the Bay Area, we were pleased and excited to find such an intimate, friendly, sensuous party in San Francisco. The hosts made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived and they took the time to introduce us to other guests throughout the evening. It was a great mix of interesting, professional and very attractive people and we felt right at home and had a great time. We hope you will continue hosting your parties and look forward to attending them in the future. Sign us up for your November party! Thanks again for a terrific evening!

Great Party

We'll begin by saying "Thank You!" for a grand time at the inaugural "Decadence" party - but we want to go beyond that and say that we think you've really got something wonderful going. We've been looking, for a long time, for an upscale event where friendships can be made, conversations can be had, and where we felt comfortable with the group. The "Decadence" party hits all the nails square on the head: your venue, encompassing two elegant suites in a boutique SF hotel, was perfect. The view of the downtown skyline from the terrace was beautiful (although a little chilly!). The attendees seemed to be professional, very attractive, warm and friendly people. We enjoyed meeting everyone, and after only a little while, felt like we were comfortably among friends - and very sexy friends at that. We love the fact that you've kept the party to a reasonable size, and that you know many of the guests personally. That made the whole affair more intimate and a whole lot sexier for us. We also appreciated the fact that you took time to introduce us personally to many of your guests, and checked in with us frequently through the evening to make sure that we were comfortable and feeling included. You did a great job getting the place ready, and setting the mood. The ambiance was perfect for making new friends. We really enjoyed the warm sensual undercurrents that seemed to permeate the evening. As the evening wore on, these undercurrents got stronger and stronger, with very pleasant results for us. Thank you again. We're already looking forward to enjoying your November event.

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