Power Exchange / Level 3: The Bay Area's exclusive party for couples and single women with over 4,000 square feet of adult disneyland.  Place to meet other sexy couples, singles, or have your sexual and/or gender preferences satisfied.
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Power Exchange / Level 3

Based on 23 customer reviews

Phone: (415) 487-9944
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The Bay Area's exclusive party for couples and single women with over 4,000 square feet of adult disneyland. Place to meet other sexy couples, singles, or have your sexual and/or gender preferences satisfied.

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Enjoyable, for the most part

So and I go to PE/L3 now and then. Always a blast if you are in to exhibitionism, or a MFM experience. Place can get crowded and some folks are a bit skanky, but for the most part, if you say 'No', then your decision is respected. The couples-only area is sometimes empty and other times crowded - depends on your luck. We've met couples and played in L3 without problems. Usually there are at least a few attractive couples on weekends. The best thing about PE is the "anything goes" attitude - it's not for the faint of heart.

hi nice place for everyone

i would like to share in your party,how can i do that? this is my email magamo20002yahoo.com.i went in the past to adult parties in morgan hill but it doesnt work anymore,so could you allow single men?

Level 3 is gone

Since relocation to Jones St, there is no longer a couple's area. So most reviews here are outdated. Not a good place for couples looking to hook up with others. Pretty much a sausage fest. If you bring your own partner and like to show off, there are plenty of takers. Be prepared for them to follow you around. Can feel pretty creepy! Also, don't bring valuables or loose items. Thieving seems pretty common.

Hell ya! trust me.

I loved the pole on the third floor its a real private stage. and the bondage downstairs in the Dungeon was sick!!! if you wanna see someone else its cool its exebitionism yet its real sensuality too.... you'd have to see to believe....trust. v.m.

Totally sucked...and not in as good way

What a place for the totally perverted and out-there. My husband and I went hoping to meet other like minded couples..only to find that due to fetish night..all single-horny men were allowed all over the place, including the couples area. The ratio of women to men was easily 10:1..so coming in nicely dressed and in heels, I felt like nothing but a piece of meat. Even had a guy grab my ass in one hand while he masturbated with the other...YUCK. So sorry we wasted good money... There has to be classier places for the swinger types to go.

Not for the faint of heart!!!(or close minded)

I give this place a ten because it is a one of a kind. I am a single women who hit PE every Saturday like clock work. I love the security ( not ouch mean no touch or they WILL put you out) and if you have an open mind and heart you will be fine. Everyone is different and likes different things. So kudos for them having the balls to do it. If you want to get laid go. Be selective and do your thing but please don't go in there scary. Happy hunting ;)

B Careful watch your back ladies

Just nasty...sorry...some men are nasty creeps...not a place for single women...c 4 yourself if you don't believe me. I went just to see what all the hype was about...did met a few nice people there...I still keep in touch with them.

Good for a last min. Freaky hang out befor Brunch!

I've gone with my boy friend quite a fiew times. I'll say it's not any place I would go alone, but its fun for both of us to go together after the clubs close around 2am on couples Saturdays. It's really a coin toss on weather or not it will be a good crowd. Some nights it's awesome and people are enjoying themselves every where. Then we get in the mood and claim some territory so we can get down to biz-nas. I cant say that i have ever seen people talking and being friendly, but you do see people having sex. But i will say this much; I LOVE THE ROOMS!!! Its my favorite part! the themes are so much fun and kinda feels like a playground for adults. So if you're a little freaky then you can handle it but if you're looking for a couples club i would look some where else

Interesting & wierd

We have avoided the PE based on the previous reviews on this site but after talking about the PE with a couple we met who have been there several times we decided to check it out ourselves. It certainly is not for everyone to say the least. We found most couples on level 3 to be not very sociable and most would completely avoid any eye contact. The two couples that we did talk to appeared nervous like they were afraid we were going to attack them LOL but they were there for thier first time and nervous. Exhibitionism and voyerism (mostly the latter) appear to be the main theme so this is not a good place to meet couples but if that is not what your looking for then it will probably work for you. The dance area and play areas were large enough for many more couples and I did see someone changing bedsheets after a couples played. OK, lower levels were again not for everyone and the faint smell of cum permeated the lowest level. We have never witnessed BDSM so the wife was fascinated by those who choose to be subjected to the combination of pain and pleasure. The single guys there were for the most part respectful of our space and those who choose to get uncomfortably close to us as we tested out one of the sex swings backed off when instructed to do so. There were many transvestites and more coming in when we left, again the wife was fascinated by thier interaction with the single guys. Overall the place reminded me of a carnival freak show both repulsive and fascinating. Would we go again? Most likely when we need to refill our freaky meter. Inlove1003

THINK, it is a sex club

I have been there mulitple times. The ball night is more enjoyable than just an average night. I am an exhibitionist, I can do my thing with my partner(s) and not feel awkward.. and if I find someone in the crowd who I find attractive, invite him/her to join without prejudice. The reveiws are very acurate, but rememeber we all have different tastes. **I do feel SAFE, and being a single female in the lifestyle, this is important for me when entering a sex club, any sex club.

Absolutely Horrible. DONT GO!!!!!!!

We have been to PE about 3 times and each time was horrible. The place is not very clean for starters and seems to be more suitable for men who stand around and wack their d**ks off. If you decide to play then their is the possibility that someone will reach over and began to touch uninvitedly. The crowd appears to be there for some type of circus show versus sexual experience. If you are a newbie wanting to know a little about the lifestyle, this club is not for you and not representative of the lively, sexy and playful couples that are involved in the lifestyle. Steer clear of this place!!!!!!!!

ummmmmmmmm just ummm

went to this place not knowing what to expect lets say we tried to stay optamistic, it was deffinetly WORSE than what we expected. This place is more for the super kinky rough doungon type stuff which we are not into at all. The crowd there was mostly single males who just stood there jacking off looking dead at you inches from you kind of wierd. We could not tell weather some of the people there were male or female, it seemed like the most attractive people there were the transvestistes> Well we will not be attending again.

Interesting and scary experience

We had an interesting and scary experience at the Power Exchange. We met a couple and played with them in one of the play rooms on L3. Our experience with the couple was ok however there were way to many gaukers and gropers for our taste. I recommend that you at least experience it one time. We won't go back.

attractive people always do well there

We have been going for a while. We are not serious swingers therefore its just for kicks. We, on avergage, get a lot of attention. Lets face it, going to a place where you can say no and not feel obligated to smile and just walk away, is a lot less pressure than being in a small place and being leered at if you aren't interested. Yeah, the toilets are not so great, but it's a public place.We like the pressure of no commitments and not being fake or lying. Besides, were not snobs and we like the option to sometimes just sit back and watch if we want. Honestly though, it's not for everyone who has the expectation to play. You have to be a little attractive or have great personalities and not be lazy to interest another couple. No one is blind drunk like other clubs.

Not our thing, but if it's yours, more "power" to you.

Sorry PE/L3 but we are never going back. We made a FAST "victory lap" around the basement and ground floor and had a difficult time not getting accosted by men already holding their members and stroking. YIKES! Whatever works for you, but not our thing at all. After that we went to L3 and found people to be avoidant. You just can't win. No eye contact. It looked like a lot of the couples were there mainly because the female wanted to give him his public BJ and get the hell out of there. When we finally just decided to do our own thing, there was a crowd of people watching and some guys getting head around us, but it seemed so impersonal. If you are looking for that kind of thing, more power (lol) to you. Just not for us. We have found more exclusive events to be worth the scheduling issues. No it's not every weekend, but at least we find the right vibe for us.

DUH! It's a Sex Club

Having been a frequent visitors of the Power Exchange before the days of L3 and after, we feel we are qualified to say this club has come a long way. Gone are the days of the once a month couples' night where one had to be constantly weary of the single men meandering about with their appendages protruding and poking one in the rear. (Well, you can still get that if that is your thing, only now you must go downstairs for it.) The owners have done a good job of cleaning up the place. Couples do come in all shapes and sizes, and some nights there are more observers than participants. But one thing is for sure- the place is never empty. I think it all depends on what kind of fun you are looking for, and after all, the level of play you want to engage in is up to you. Lacks class you say? Perhaps. Sleazy? Maybe. But will you get laid? Most definitely. And, I think, the reason we keep going back. If you are not in the mood to make nice with a couple, are horny and really just want to fuck, then this could be the place for you.

Lacks Class - Not Recommended

We have been to many swinger clubs and parties over the last seven years and the Power Exhange has to be one of the worst. Although I must ad that the now defunct Forum was the worst. Most of the couples in attendance were unattractive. We were lucky to meet one attractive couple by chance one night we attended. Otheriwise its hit or miss. Its not a friend place and I suggest they could improve the place by prescreening couples to increase the quality of the clrowd. Unless your desparate give this place a miss.

Very Exciting and Respectful

Wife and I went to Level 3 for the first time this past weekend and had a wonderful time. We not only met a few couples who were crazy, sexy, cool, but we got a chance to meet J and S the host of the party. A real down to Earth cpl. Anyone who has not attended this spot is missing out. BTW. They did a great job cleaning the place up.


This is a terrible, dirty and disgusting place...If this was the only place to go - We'd quit swinging altogether....I felt dirty and bad and couldn't get out fast enough. Everyone we've talked has said the same thing ... YUCKY

Good for those who know what they want

It's a sex club...need I say more? Level 3 is fun and allows you to meet lots of people. I recommend trying it if you don't have anywhere else to go. They have rules and expect everyone to follow them to the T. The managers are friendly and helpful.

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