Dilligas Saloon: Fun, friendly bar for couples and singles that's open 7 days a week.  Located close to down town Reno.
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Dilligas Saloon

Based on 18 customer reviews

Phone: (775) 322-8481
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Fun, friendly bar for couples and singles that's open 7 days a week. Located close to down town Reno.

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we had a great time

We were at Dilligas saloon for the first time last yrs when we rode up for street viberation motorcycle run...it was our first time ever at swing club of any kind...we had a blast..even for not hooking up with anyone..the owners were very friendly..there wasn't a lot of people there...but the playroom was nice and clean...best thing was after 10 when the private party started...beers were only a buck!!!no need to byob...since its a bar!!!I hope the have the same deal this year when we go back...don't care how packed it is...you can't beat 1 dollar beers!!!lol..might be. More people there I passed the word to some lifestyle bikers who are riding up..should be a great time again

not scary fun as hell

cool place.. not scary .. if you know what you are doing and you are aware that you are in a swinger bar.. this place rocks.. very clean too. neet lighting. fun times totaly . very good people and the bar tender .. cat.. sexy as hell.

A little scary

We didn't stay. I checked it out once on a thursday by myself and there was no one there except about five guys and a female bartender. As I left I was told to "come back sometime... oh, and bring some girls with you!" It seemed like a sad commentary on the place. I did go back later since we'd heard about the place and my wife wanted to take a look. We didn't stay. We wanted to take a look at the playroom but it was locked. We were told to get the key from the bartender, but she couldn't be bothered to give us her attention even though there were maybe a dozen people there. We gave up and left. A little dirty, old, and outdated. That describes both the establishment and the patrons. I won't be back for a third time

Friendly Crowd, and nice place to drink.

Went to Dilligas for the first time Saturday night, word was this was the place to be in Reno. Everyone there is very friendly and make you feel comfortable. They have a dance floor, pool table, and bar. They play are is also nice, but condoms are not provided. Problem is nobody seems to really want to hook up. Had plenty of couples tell us how they were looking for 'real' couples to play with, but when invited to the back they passed. Invited back to our room and they passed on that as well. Everybody seems to have a curfew there too, place cleared out by 1am. Nice place to drink and party at but you may have a hard time figuring out this is a swing club.

fantastic freaky fun goes on at Dilligas saloon

We always have a good time at the Dilligas. It is what you make it. We have had fun with young and old, bikers and GQ's and the food is great especially the meatballs and Deviled Eggs. It is now oly $30.00 if you go in before 10:00 on Saturday night and the drinks are cheap. Cat is the best bartender in the world, she is for sure to have you loaded. Val and Lou are the owners and they make us feel at home everytime we go there. Fridays is couples and singles night, but singles have to be invited in the backroom in order to get back there. If you are a member you can play anytime. There is however no drink specials on friday nights.

Dilligas is Tops

We love Dills, yes its $40 to get in but the drinks are only $1 and the buffet food is great and varied. (try the eggs and the stuffed shrooms). The DJ Pyscho Mike is a blast and the owners are the nicest people. The play room is always spotless and theres plently of robes and towels on hand. theres a sex swing and a dance pole as well as the pool table. Its been a lot busier recently and we never go anywhere else. See you there S & D


Just a little update! The cost is now $40 and it only includes a discount on drink. The owner's however to put out some simple food for snacking. The crowd is varied and usually very small - not much to pick from. HOWEVER - they have the best "play" room in town! So it makes for a great place to bring playmates if needed. The owner's are sweethearts and they have a pole so you can let the slut in you out to dance for the crowd! ENJOY!

Dilligas Saloon

Precy and I always enjoy going to Diligas when we are in town. It is close to the major casino/hotels on Virginia. 35 bucks per couple gets you in. At the bar, all the beer and well drinks you want for your admission price. Some happy hour food is on the counters, and there is pool, and darts, and a juke box. There is an on-site play room that gets busy around midnight. The highlight of the room is a good swing to play on. The crowd really runs the gamut- from yuppy hard-bodies, to biker guys and gals. Young to old, and people of any race are welcome. It is like a relaxed neighborhood saloon where couples have sex! We will always go when we are in Reno on a Saturday night (couples only night). If you see us there- say hi! Doc and Precy

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