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Swingers Palace

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Spacious 2 story "On-Premise Club" that has all the facilities that truly makes this a Premier Paradise. Permits any Swinger over 21 regardless of race, creed, national origin, or sexual preference.

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I had a great time there! I am a 50 yr old bisexual male, they had nights for single men. I was able to hook up with couples, having sex in the open with an other man and the others thought it was a turn on. Also took a transexual to the club one weekend night. Had a ball, we had mutual oral sex everywhere you were allowed to have sex in the club. One of the times we acutually attracted a crowd to watch us, even got some of the group to join in.

I want to go back, Big Play

Well im a a big guy my girl at the is also big. We had a great time having adult fun. Oh and were black also. I liked to go back but there having so much legal troubles. For us, there was no pressure, and we met a few couples that had similar intrest......................... pghlonny

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful

I was a semi-regular there for a couple years and I tell you - these people are very down-to-earth, honest, hardworking people (John and Kim - the owners). From the first time I visited they were very welcoming and didn't at all make me feel awkward. They don't put up with any riff-raff and big time complainers or drunks. I hardly think they would ever make fun of big people - as I am a large girl and NEVER was treated in a poor manner. Actually - a LOT of the regulars are heavy people. So if they kicked that guy out - it was probably because he was an ass. LOL. What a great place to go. I understand it is now closed due to zoning issues. I am unsure if it has reopened in a new location.

Horrible Staw Away!

You walk into someone's house!! It's dark the only music is an am/fm radio and the neighbors don't like you there. I had someone come up to my car when leaving and tell me this is a family neighborhood. AKWARD!! Stay away unless you like the twilight zone.

Not for thr big

The club is very nice but if you are a big person it is not a place for you. They say the club is for anyone but it is not. I am a big person and when I went there with my wife it was OK for someone to make rude coments about my size, and when I complained I was the one that got kicked out of the club. So if you are a Ken or Barby you will like this place but if you are a big person find another place.

Best of the Best

I want to say that The Swingers Palace is one of the best clubs. The owners John and Kim are the best people they treat you with respect and they are 2 of the nicest people that we know..The Palace has no dress code we can come as who we are and not feel out of place just because we dont dress the right way, they dont judge you on your occupation, if your bi, straight, curious, transvestite, crossdresseer, or what ever your fetish maybe..everyone that attends treats you the same way and we could never go anywhere else..anyone interested in the lifestyle The Swingers Palace is the perfect place to go and relax and make some new friends.

Great Club

We have never went to a swingers club before. The palace was the first for us. We felt welcomed the minute that we walked through the door, everybody was nice and friendly and talked to us like they . Nobody is pushy or judgemental. John and Kim are great people. They treat you as people, they don't act like they are better than anybody and they have fun just like anybody else would. The palace is a great place to experiment and go at your own pace.

Best Club Ever

A typical night: The doors open around 7pm and people start filtering in between then and about 10pm. There's a very nice lounge area and we get together and mingle to get to know each other better. You can have a drink, eat some delicious food prepared by our gracious hosts John and Kim, watch porno videos, (which play most of the night) take a dip in the hot tub, or just sit and talk with everyone. Around 11ish, some like to change into something more comfortable. The ladies in their favorite lingerie, the gentleman, in their favorite thongs, etc... Please keep in mind that you are NOT expected NOR required to change into, or take your clothes off at ANY time! Personally, sometimes I'll stay fully clothed the whole night, other times I've worn nothing at all! It's totally up to you. Something or someone always breaks the ice around midnight. For example, the last time I was there we all played with body paints. Kim volunteered to be the first victim and we had so much fun that everyone got into the action, including me! Being new to the club you might be thinking "What if someone approaches me and wants to have sex, but I'm not interested! What do I do or say as to not hurt their feelings!" VERY SIMPLE, the number one rule is "No means no"!!! If someone DOES approach you and you're not interested take it as a compliment. But very politely say "No thanks, but thanks for asking". Everyone into this lifestyle knows this is the golden rule and nothing more will be said. This could also happen in reverse. If YOU approach someone and they say this, don't take it personally. Not everyone is sexually compatible and it doesn't mean they don't like you . AND NEVER, NEVER ASK "WHY"! 99.9\% of the time someone's feelings will get hurt if you do! And just because you or someone else says "no' one night doesn't mean that you or someone else won't be interested in getting together at another time. It may simply be that you or they have made other plans for the night. Please keep in mind that if you're planning to attend the club you're not required to do anything but be yourself. Once you're there for about a half an hour all your anxiety you have and misconceptions you may have heard about a typical swingers club will be completely erased!!! (I know, it happened to me!) This is NOT a typical swingers club! It's a very SPECIAL swingers club! I hope this helps all of you that are asking what to expect if you do come or are just thinking about it. Personally I know, if you do come, you'll have a blast!!! See you there! Jerry

swingers palace

AWFUL!!!! Will never return!

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