Le Trapeze: An on-premise club located in Midtown Manhattan's Madison Pub.  A private membership club with intimate surroundings and enticing amenities.
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Le Trapeze

Based on 24 customer reviews

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An on-premise club located in Midtown Manhattan's Madison Pub. A private membership club with intimate surroundings and enticing amenities.

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My Girl and I loved Le Trapeze on our first time we went

Went there with a new young lady that i was introducing to the lifestyle. I usually go to checkmates but have gotten dissapointed at chekmates lately (Will explain later). Went to Le trapeze with my girl. hung had a great time chatting with other. Folks were friendly and outgoing. the younglady i brought there was new and was not ready for swapping but got so turned on by having others wath us as we screwed for hours (Thankls to the little Blue Pill) hey Im 40... We were so turned on by the atmosphere and others talked to us as my girl and I screwd and went at it and respected her wishes that she was not ready to swap.. Now about Chekmates. i used to love chekmates and went there all the time. the folks used to be great and the crowds were open and free. now it seem that Russian mobsters and strippers.Hookers go there and no one is allowed to touch there woman. atleast that is how I felt the last two times I went there. I went there with a beautiful hot lady and this Rusian fat man just walked up to my girl and felt her up and pointed to his erect penis in russian and tried to coax her to the bed with his lady. When i walked over with my lady, he put his hand on my shoulder and said NO YOU... in a Russian accent. I mean checkmates is cleaner but it seems as though the Russians have taken over and made it all about them

Its Still The Best

Hey, its not pretentious and its a place for the average Joe to bring his wife or girlfriend and not be judged on their bodies. There are body builders, porn starlets and regular people young and old.

Good Time For Everyone

This is my first time ever at a swingers club. Yes there were older people there - but there were also younger people too. Everyone was out to have a good time and thats exactly what we all did. I cannot wait to go back and do it again, and again and again!

hard dick and a smile

i mean whats better than ass and titties every? i couldn't imagine a better environment to be in. i didn't cum to make love....i came to make a few freaks feel the wrath! won't lie, have smoked my share of blunts up in there! so im fuckn, getn fucked up...all on a full stomach. did i mention the buffet? yeah.....looking forward to next time!!

An OK club where the people make the night

We had a great time at the club. The food was not great but plentiful. Not very many healthy choices, but we were there to fuck, not eat. Rooms were cool. Mirrors, mattresses, etc. were all over the place. There were some smaller rooms upstairs. Plenty of variety.

cant wait to go back

i was quite impressed i was shocked at first i was not expecting what i saw but i had a great time it helped that the guy i was there with was hung like a horse and fucked the shit out of me the way i like it to be done i wish more minorities were there black men to be exact but hey i made the best of my night. i will definately be returning

Gets lame after a few visits

It is great the first couple times you go. As you go regularly, you begin to see that not everyone in that club is an actual couple.The people are mostly over 40 and there are a sprinkling of regular to sexy people. (the good looking ones seem to be of the hired sort) This club is good for a couple visits, so spread your fun btw this and others-or you will become dissapointed.

Interesting place, but ....

It sounds like an weird place, but if it looks so trashy, why do the club charges couples $120. What do they do with the money? No wonder the partiers are mostly old couples and "fat, lonely, middle-aged americans?"

Some times you feel like a slut, sometimes you don't

Yes. For many first-timers the place is less than they expected. The decor is quasi-dismal, but when you remember why you're there you start to appreciate that the raunchiness has a purpose. If you wanted white or red satin sheets, go to Bed bath & beyond. Ladies, if you want to suck dick then just wiggle your little finger and... poof... like magic... you have one or more dicks to suck. Sometimes the action is a bit tame, but other times it flat out surprises you. Forget the buffet. The Mat Room and the black-painted cubicals upstairs are the most fun. I only wish it opened up at 8PM instead of 9PM because some of us need to work the next day. The place is run well, and the rules are enforced. It's a great place to meet similar-minded people and get busy within minutes.

The Best of The Best

Simple put this is a great experience. If you take your shy wife or girlfriend, you may be in for a great treat. My girfriend is shy, i thought, well after about 1 hour she turned into a slut. What an experience. We went back several times, love it, great place. Since my shy girl friend can't seem to get enough. Thank you Le Trapeze. YOU ARE NUMBER #1

Been going there for years and years

The club is always a homerun,it has longevity for a reason and well known in the swingers world.Always the perfect date.Love it.It has alwyas had a charm and you will always find the greatest curiosity seekers that are willing to fo for it at least one time.It has the experienced couple,the fetish couple and the old couple ,middle aged couple and the young couple and the lets do whatever couple...Awesome ..but remember be there with the right partner and it will always work.The music is cool it has a taste of europe the food is just enough and the employees are always there to help you.Like i said ive been going there since it opened and continue to go as long as i have the willing partner.

Simply the BEST NYC has to offer.

We went three times and on the second try found a decent couple from New Jersey that were ok. Well, she was OK for both my wife and myself. The other half was a problem child of impotence, hence she made him take her. She was dressed in an all leather harness that showed off all of her attributes, and after gazing from her breasts to her bush I had made my choice. Always must be careful of the jealousey factor, a few arguments a night a typical. But, needless to say I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Robbie; my girl for the next few months. So, yes things can go well, don't rush it and you will eventually find a suitable match.

First experience, very enjoyable.

We have never been to a swingers club before and this place definately made it and enjoyable experience. I was immediately at ease in the comfortable surroundings and we eventually ventured into the mat room. It was an experience I can not wait to repeat. There was no pressure from anyone, just lots of welcoming smiles and caresses. You are free to participate, or not, whaever your comfort level is.

Old, tired and not a place to put one in the mood.

We attended on a Saturday night in late autumn of 05. Hey, we were staying in a hotel around the corner, so why not have some fun? 11:00 pm the place only had a few patrons. After 12:00, more people began to trickle in. The front lounge looks like an old fraternity house. Dirty, tacky and very worn-out. Go back, undress, put your clothes ina locker and get your towel and you can tour the rest of the hot, cramped little space. Not much there but some sparse fuck rooms. Definitely not a club for Ken and Barbie types. Most of the people there were your typical, fat, middle-aged americans. If you fall into this demographic, you may not be too put-off by the place.

The raunch that keeps on raunching

This club has been around for years, and while it's decor shows wear and tear, it still has a few suprises left in it. Le Trapeze is for the slut in all of us. With a great mat room, and private rooms, and dark sinister corners for watching and playing, Le Trapeze can be a lot of fun. Midweek (Wednesday and Thursday nights) is for the middle-aged set who simply love to get crazy without felling as if they need to have plastic sugery before entering. Friday and saturday nights ratchet it up a few notches, with better bodies and a bigger crowd. Either way, you can enjoy great sex and have wonderful annonymous sex.

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