Encounters Couples Lounge NY: Step into your adult fantasy land to socialize and dance with other couples.  Enjoy the dance floor or dark and discreet corners.
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Encounters Couples Lounge NY

Based on 6 customer reviews

Phone: (631) 920-2128
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Step into your adult fantasy land to socialize and dance with other couples. Enjoy the dance floor or dark and discreet corners.

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Amazing Club, I recomed 100\%

I want to say that this is an amazing club. I have take my wife there and we had a blast. True story, I had sex with my wife there and my daughter was conceived. I love this place, I am forever grateful, and it will stay with me forever :)

A good club that is worth trying!

We have been to the club 5-10 times. Its a clean place with a good atmosphere. They say they have couples only areas, but honestly only in the front. Its here that the couples can listen to the DJ and sit together on leather couches. Its nice because you can watch, be watched or play with other couples. This is very hot. The down side is the singles guys in MOST cases are the guys your partner would never fantasize about being with. So their claims of "select gentleman" is really...any "male" with the admission fee. With that being said...most are shy and don't bother you...up front. The back rooms are great, except here is where the single guys can be touchy feely with the women and some like that, but some/MOST women like to "choose" who they are touched by... The Halloween, Xmas, Pre-NYE bash parties, theme nights and couples nights are really great. They always have a larger crowd on special Saturdays(never been there any other night, so can't comment on it). Worth taking a look, for the price you can always leave and not feel like it was a huge amount of $. Good price for couples(because single males pay MORE), No alcohol(Can BYOB in ), "Hot" couples which we cannot say for all of the clubs we have been to. Sometimes the Dancers from upstairs strip club come down and hang out, but they are all business...so single guys stay away from them, they'll bite her head off. Major Down side is a lot of Arab males...therir attitudes and B.Odor can be a annoying....as well as creepy.

You wont encounter a thing @ encounters

As a single guy, I found this place to be a bore. Women were only interested in other women. I did dance with two other women but they were strippers who worked at the club. No action was going on in the back room so I ended up leaving early.

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