Casbar: We are a private annual membership swingers club that currently accepts couples, single females and single males. We have just begun to allow single males for our Friday night parties only. CASBAR is located on 25th Street in Brooklyn, New York 11232. High energy excitement and eroticism occur every Friday and Saturday night.
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Phone: (718) 788-2580
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We are a private annual membership swingers club that currently accepts couples, single females and single males. We have just begun to allow single males for our Friday night parties only. CASBAR is located on 25th Street in Brooklyn, New York 11232. High energy excitement and eroticism occur every Friday and Saturday night.

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looks are decieving

went to the place twice by myself. a woman gave me the attitude cuz i didnt want to join her and her bout rejection! the place is empty, people are very cliquey and u feel alone in more ways than one! theres more action in a public least the toilet gets flushed often! the place is a waste of time and money!

As first-timers, it was a great way to test the waters...

My husband and I have never been to one of these clubs before, but we thought it could be fun and exciting so we decided to ‘dip our toes in the pool’. Well, we were there for their Halloween party. We arrived very late, around 1 am. There were others entering the club at the same time, but not a huge crowd of people. Inside, the place was not packed but not empty either. Music was decent, some people were dancing, but not too many at once. Most were wearing costumes, some more risqué than others. They had a buffet set up there, too. As we were there for the first time, the owner (I think her name was Wanda?) gave us a tour and explained some of the ‘areas’ to us. Wanda was very nice and pleasant. After the tour we sat at the bar for a bit (BYOB) and got a few drinks. While we loaded up on liquid courage, we people watched a little and then decided to walk around to the lounge area. A couple was getting hot and heavy with a BJ at the spanking bench, and some of the rooms it was not a big crowd… The people there were mostly late 20’s to late 30’s, with a few older folks as well. But the majority of the crowd was in that age range. Not too old, not too young. I didn’t see or notice if there were any single guys, as this was a Saturday night which is couples night. I have to say, we were not made to feel uncomfortable at any time, by anyone. People were friendly, but there was no pressure for anything. Nobody was bothering us, or annoying us. The bartender was very friendly. The only thing that could have been better was that the bar service was a little slow, but that wasn’t horrible. We didn’t hook up with anyone, but we were not really planning on this at this time. We did meet a nice couple who started talking to us right before the club was closing. We had a nice conversation, and we left the club happy that we did something so crazy! Perhaps this place may be too tame for hardcore swingers – maybe it depends what you’re looking for. We were looking for a friendly, non-threatening place and this place fit the bill. We had a great time together (my husband and I) and we’d go back, but we would also like to try other clubs to compare. Hope this review helps someone who’s thinking about this place but is not sure if they’d like it.

I had a good time, met nice people.

Ok so I've been to this place a few times and as a single woman I felt very comfortable. Granted I'm probably one of those old ladies that others have referred to, 40, but hey, we get horny too! Some nights have been really fun and others...well not so much...but it has always been clean, friendly and relaxed. The mix of people is probably a bit wider than at some of the "In" places but people were nicer for it in my experience. Having just moved here from San Francisco the hosts made me feel very welcome and introduced me to people as well as looked out for me. I guess it depends on what your looking for.

Horrible place to go

This place is a real, like everyone had described, a real "shit hole". Fridays, there are alot of pervs just looking at us. It was my girlfriend, boyfriend and myself. We felt uncomfortable, scared, and upset. Alot of old men, walking around with a bottle of viagra in their hands. They seem to let anyone in, because a guy had his sweat suit on, looked like he came from the gym, sneakers, sweater with a hoody, and sweat pants, so not sexy, especially for a club. The women were out of shape, old, and they were solicating themselves. Warning you, not a good place to go.

Don't expect any fun... Just loads of disappointment

Very disappointing place. We went there for the first time on a Saturday night. There were about 8-10 couples - some dancing, some just cuddling up in a corner. There were just two couples in the two separate rooms who were having sex. The rest of the crowd just preened around to watch them. Most of the people seem to be first timers like us. Because, if you go there once you won't go there again! If you still want to explore and discover it yourself, just be ready to lose $80 for nothing. La Trapeze if far better than Casbar

I concur.. Stay away from Friday night

I just came back from this place. It's a shithole. Stay away from Friday nights. If you're going with your girl, you'll be too uncomfortable to get down. If you're a guy and you're there alone.. there's 30 other guys looking to do the same shit you're there for... and you ain't getting shit. There was one decent looking woman who had an exclusive gangbang with a couple of dudes. The other decent looking couples were too skeeved out by the crowd of pervs.

First time swinging 3/30/07

Grant it I don't have alot to go by, but I enjoyed myself. From the time I entered( the valet parking attendant is a super hottie) I was welcomed and the guests are quite respectful. I was initiated by a very sympathetic guy who was very understanding of my nervousness and as other guests approached through the eveninig I was quite surprised by the "No means no Policy" acceptance. I am not as comfortable as needed for most of the specialty rooms since they're in plain view, but it is equipped with them. {CA}

The worst experience

I found this spot through the website and called in to see is it was a swinger so my girl and i went to experiment and it was the worst shit hole i ever been to, their were nothing but a hand full of old saggy women that i ended up feeling like i was with a bunch of grandmothers. As for the men i don't know if they were mens or fags cause they all had a fruity look on them and for the ones that might have been straight they looked like a bunch of non pussy having thrust balls. I wouldn't recommend this shit hole to my worst enemy, trust me when i tell you don't be stupid and go by the pictures.

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