Carousel Couples Club: Off & On-Premise Fun combined in a clean & safe environment. Two floors of enjoyment representing 2 levels of pleasure in this Night Club Style Establishment.  Couples get in free Mondays.
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Carousel Couples Club

Based on 27 customer reviews

Phone: (212) 252-2138
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Off & On-Premise Fun combined in a clean & safe environment. Two floors of enjoyment representing 2 levels of pleasure in this Night Club Style Establishment. Couples get in free Mondays.

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Scratching My head

I went on a night when a pornstar named Totally Tabitha appeared but I do concur with other reviewers when they say that the place looks much better than what it actually is. There werent that many attractive people and I was quite disturbed to find someones Grandma who didnt have her Medicaid running around giving blowjobs with her sagging ass skin. Another ugly broad had the audacity to boss around Tabitha while demanding that she gives blowjobs WITH condoms on. What a TURN OFF! There were way too MANY pussy deprived dudes and they are extremely pushy and aggressive. When is the last time you seen a vagina homie? The only saving grace of the night was Tabitha suggesting to do a shoot with her and after a lenghthy conversation in addition to a couple of fine females who praised me on being "blessed" in the pants Advantages: Dont know about Mondays and Wednesday but Fridays will get you laid since they seem to have a pornstar there every Friday who will suck and fuck anything in sight. Disadvantages: TOO many PUSSY deprived dudes who are pushy, geriatric women who need wheelchairs, terrible ambiance, ugly individuals (both men and women), can't fuck pornstar for ten to fifteen minutes or longer since youre fighting with 40 other guys.

Nothing special...

Nothing special, We went there together with my g/f. Looks much better on the website than it really is... Very small. It says here "two floors of enjoyment" Not true!!! Maybe I am very picky but there were not that many good looking women nor men. I would gladly look for some higher end place... ARe there any in the NYC area??? Can you recommend any? ThanX!!!

best club in NYC

My GF and I went to the club- we went into the voyeur room and stared to fuck, soon, there were about 10 people watchin. What a turn on! we invited two guys into the room and she did them both and they gave her wwarm facials- then licked my asshole and i came all over the bed.

Had a great time

My buddy and I went to the club hoping to get laid- WOW!! there were so many hot chicks who blew us and got into 4somes with their husbands- can't wait to go back again! We hihj;y reccomenf single guys coming to the club. you won't be dissapointed

our experience at Carousel

my wife and i went on a friday night and she had such a great time. I love watching her with mulitple men and she did at least 8 different guys- can't wait to go back! While she was doing that I did get some action and loved it>

stay away, save your $$

I know I can get better joke for my money. Personnel did not care beyond the point of collecting money. Feedback was strongly discouraged. The ratio was 5+ guys to 1 woman. Dress code? most guys were wearing jeans and some even shorts! Diner would have turned doing patrons dressed that way. There was barely any action at all and two couples that were there got on Senior Citizen discount. It was not a first time, but we are not coming back!

nothing doing...

The ambiance was like a prom at a high school auditorium. Chairs lined up on either side. People sitting around uncomfortably. Some small, shabby rooms in the back, where a fat guy was eating some bored-looking pro. Everybody was just watching, looking just as bored. By the time we left at around 3, there were only 2 other couples still there..

the worst - don't waste your $

the place is a toilet... who would have thought a sex club could be depressing? a couple of greasy old guys and 3 couples who sat around all night doing nothing... some hired strippers who looked like they were high on something... i was played with my guy, but when the Pakistani guy fucking my ass turned to his friend and loudly said "loook, loook, i fucking her ass" and they all started giggling, we decided it was time to go.. skip it...

It sucked when I went on 12/20.08.

Two cpls., about 5 single guys (including me). Female bartender gets into some action but only handjobs it seems. She keeps saying she will be on break in 30 mins., but doesn't. Doubt I will be returning.

is it a swingers club or bar?

too many single guys. the bartender is the only one that gets action! it was very empty for a monday night.( oe maybe i picked the wrong night)the staff eas nice though,but i probably will not go back there!

We went Saturday night 11/8/08

We went Saturday night 11/8/08. Got there about 11pm. There were only 2 couple there. Through out the night, about 20 people came out. The place is nice. About 4-5 play area. Great bartender, sexy. Small lockers, one shower, two restrooms, and lounge area. Overall it is what you make it.

Is it really a sex club?

I arrived this evening based on a their website and was told it was a "Gentleman's Club" no singles females are admitted without an escort is there a secret password or what? I followd the dress code policy, to the tee and was quite dresssed to be turned away.

I was in awe.... All Night long

I am still feeling the heated sensual emotions of that night I will never forget. It was my Birthday and a female friend took me to the club and blind folded me..... The woman lined up and each one blew me till I almost had a heart attack... My B day in next week.... (infact I am having a BD every month from now on. GO THERE

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