Trapeze:     The most Spacious, Tasteful and Elegant First Class Swingers Club for adults to enjoy their open, uninhibited Lifestyles.
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Phone: (954) 730-8121
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The most Spacious, Tasteful and Elegant First Class Swingers Club for adults to enjoy their open, uninhibited Lifestyles.

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Trapeze is the best

My wife and I recently visited Trapeze in Ft. Lauderdale. The new facility is absolutely magnificent. South Beach clubs could get a great lesson from the desingers. The club was packed with great looking couples and the food was out of this world. We can see why Trapeze is the best club in the seems that everyone agrees to that!

Trapeze Rocks all the TIME IN FLORIDA

Trapeze rocks. If you can't have fun at Trapeze it is either you don't have enough money to be a member, you're fat, or you're to tired and old. TRAPEZE is the KING of the block in Swing and as far as the rest of the clubs go-----they are fluff in ill-faded roach invested buildings!!! We are kinda wondering what this last couple looks like? Too bad we can't post pics on this board......

Some observations of Trapeze

Trapeze attracts members who present an up-scale sophisticated sucessful no nonsense image associated with the "Gold Coast" aspects of South Florida. In contrast to the more mellow atmospere in Hedonism or the very relaxed and informal atmosphere in Deenies. It all depends on your personal tastes and style which is the better personal fit. There is no doubt that Trapeze's facilities are the most up to date and staff is very professional. So, it attracts people who appreciate those amenities and aspects of its presentation over less polished places and/or situations. It is definitely a premier world class club to play in. With single guys who're as equally no nonsense as the couples who go there. For anyone who values a polished image Trapeze is for you.

upscale and friendly

VERY WELL DONE...Not all the people are 10's but usually a good looking crowd . ages are mid 30's to mid 50's. Good food and atmosphere. Stay away from Hedo, Deenies and to a lesser extent Miami Velvet. Plato's would be the runner-up in South Florida


We have been a couple of times and lots of single men roaming around on couples night!Not a big deal but some of them need to be told "NO" a couple of times!!!!Jacuzzies are small but they have 3 of them.Overall pretty good club.

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