Deenie's Hideaway: A private on-premise retreat open Monday-Sunday and 24 hours Fri-Sat.  Includes nude sunbathing, pool, buffet, dancing, contests, and more!  Unlimited admission with a Deenie's Charter Membership.
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Deenie's Hideaway

Based on 40 customer reviews

Phone: (954) 428-3336
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A private on-premise retreat open Monday-Sunday and 24 hours Fri-Sat. Includes nude sunbathing, pool, buffet, dancing, contests, and more! Unlimited admission with a Deenie's Charter Membership.

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A Respond to (Deenie's Rocks) comment

This is JT and I for one can say I HAVE NEVER EVER even remotely come close to playing with Marja at all!!! She is my boss and the owner of the club I love and respect her as a friend and my Boss so for the ass hole that wrote those comments about her giving me a facial I am asking you to stop spreading lies and if you would want to continue I would like you to come say it to my face where you are not anonymous !!! You know where the club is so don't be shy

Best Club In South Florida

We had a great time at Deenies! The Staff is great and so are all the sexy people! The new Pool and Sun Deck are beautiful! Marja has done a outstanding job on the place! Oh and she doesn't play at all so the people writing BS about her must have been denied to get in or thrown out for being AH's

Deenie's Rocks and So Does Marja's Facials

I'm a single guy and me and my buds love going to Deenie's. We have met the best couples who love single guys. The rennovations are great and the buffet is very tasty. Me and my buds always get invited to bone a wife. But the best part about this place is marja's facials. When she get's in the mood and sucks off JT later in the evening it's one of the greatest shows on Earth.

Empty, Drama filled Black Dive Bar

What a mistake we made in going here, never again no matter what they do. Even when FREE, no one goes. Owner's Cute but not smart. Why soo much Drama in a little place? Nothing here make sense.

A Total Attitude Adjustment Is Needed

Still a dump. No matter how much they paint it up. The staff needs to change their attitudes towards the customers and the current members need to be more gratutious when people visit this club. A total attitude adjustment would make people want to come back, rather than go to BETTER and CLEANER places without the DRAMA!

Saturdays have been Bangin' on 2 Levels . .

we are a 36 year old hot couple, Had a BLAST last Saturday, downstairs and Upstairs. We danced til' 1am, then we hooked up big-time upstairs!!! Don't really care about its History, but its Wonderful Now!!!!

Simple Fun + Appropriate

the LifeStyle is alive + well here, the Food + Atmosphere is very Comfortable, we don't need much more. Always several good couples spread out over the entire complex. lots of places to hide. Shoot Pool, Eat + Drink, the music is always Appropriate to how many people are there. Bar Music + Club Music in a great setting. Hot Tub + Pool, Simply the Best, Comfortable + Sexy. we like Half Empty places, that makes it Private.

Marja's Facials

Yeah, the place is a TOTAL DIVE. However, it is cewl seeing those BIG BLACK COCKS spooge allover Marja's Sweet Smile when she decides to get on her knees and join in the bukkake. Place still has no pool and should be cleaned up a tad more.

This place is very weird!

Im not a swinger but i had to go once and let me tell you this short anecdote i saw a huge big cock that spurted fluid into Marja's face. IT was awesome and truly an amazing time! But once i saw a these old mens shriveled man meat i almost threw up!

Deenies was ok i think

empty, and it's probably because the regulars all feel the same way we do. Deenie's will never be some upscale hardbody nightclub, no matter how hard they try to make it one or who they keep out. Seriously all I saw was a bunch of drunk young girls who cock-teased a lot, but didn't

Deenie's isn't worth it

The only people I see at Deenie's are older, ugly single men just walking around and the few woman that show up with other men don't even go upstairs. Why don't these women just stay home? I'm an extremely attractive male and one day I was masturbating upstairs while watching a porn film and two of the female staff happened to walk in and one of them (a blonde woman) complained that I was "wacking off." I found this to de disrespectful. After all, I was at a sex club. Deenie's is a joke.

Deenie's Is Getting Hotter

Well, we just want to let everyone know that Deenie's is getting hotter and hotter. Soon the above ground pool will be replaced and the owner (MARJA) greets you with the absolute sweetest smile. We are a professional couple in the law field from Boca Raton and we love the single men that go to Deenie's Hideaway. My hubby just loves watching the fellas jack off on me one by one every Sunday afternoon. The men are all absolute gentlemen and Marja the owner has run out all the uptight people who can't appreciate a quality institution such as the Hideaway!!!! We'd love to see you all there sometime. We are hubbywatches on sdc!!!!!

staff member named gil

this guy must be a crack head to act and treat people the way he thinks he can. mixes drinks like your an alcoholic 10 parts of alcohol to a splash of mixer and yeah i know it is your own bottle hit me in the head with a hammer. and then there is demenaor when it is getting late there are just a few people remain even though they advertise they are open to 4:00 AM thru the week he comes around and get up i closing i want to go home or if there is a chick he has hooking up with he does the same thing, management should can his ass. and we just thought things were getting better.

After years at Deenie's, not going back

There are several of us who used to get together there, some for more than 10 years, some only 2 or 3. The last times we went we were definitely made to feel unwelcome. The place is empty, and it's probably because the regulars all feel the same way we do. Deenie's will never be some upscale hardbody nightclub, no matter how hard they try to make it one or who they keep out. Seriously all I saw was a bunch of drunk young girls who cock-teased a lot, but didn't go upstairs with anybody. It's not the same, we don't like it, so sayonara Deenie's.

sunday birthday bash

what a fun and wet time at deenies sunday afternoon we had a great time with the wet T shirt contest and all the other nice people there. we are thinking about stopping by this saturday to see how much fun the evening is. thanks.

sexier goodlooking people

visited deenies wednesday night and noticed that there were several younger people 30ish with decent bodies that looked like they wanted to have fun but were a bit shy. it didn't take long for two males that saw my wife take her top off get more comfortable and then her and a i went upstairs and within minutes the two studs were watching and stroking their hard cocks. don't want to tell you more since it was the wifes fantasy to be with two younger stud. thanks guys you made her night.

hot and sexy younger couples at deenies

she was blond and he dark haired and it was within minutes that she walked by and said hello how are you. on her return from the ladies room we started to talk again and then her companion came over and we all sat down and talk then we soon found ourselves outside undressing each other touching, kissing and 69ing. by then when we looked up there were several people watching from every angle and then the two woman went down on each other which must have lasted 30 minutes or more and then the rest is history. we are looking forward in visiting again and hope the same couple is there friday night for hours of sexual pleasure. Thanks to the new deenies things are fun.

saturday night party hot hot hot

well has deenies changed since the last time we were there, and the people were hot sexy and sweet. there were a lot of younger couples that were fir and sexy too. we look forward in stopping by again real soon to enjoy lifes pleasure. the place is getting better each and everytime we go. GREAT JOB MARJA AND STAFF

We Love The Gangbangs

We live in Fort Myers and travel to Deenie's once a month. The place is absolutely fabulous with some of the most respectful single men with big dicks we have EVER met!!!! The above ground pool is erotic and the buffet is five star!!!! The renovations are absolutely astounding and my hubby just loves watching me SUCK BIG BLACK COCK on the Sun Deck all day long!!! Deenie's is the bomb and don't let anybody tell you any differently. Cum see for yourself as MARJA just greets you with the wamrest, seductive and personal smile!!!!! Deenie's WE LUV U!!!!!

hot time saturday night

met the perfect couple this past saturday night. both were fit, attractive and so so sexy. my wife and i watched them laying naked together 69ing, finally asked if we could watch them even closer witch they said yes. my wife was soaked by the time the female rached over and touched her breasts and then from that point it was all female action......god we loved it. thanks deenies

deenies make it hot

went to deenies for the lust party and my god did they change that place. we didn't recognize the place with all the upgrade they have done. now with all the added goodies deenies should again be the hot spot of swing clubs.

come visit the new deenies

we have been going to deenies for a year now the the changes they have made will stun you. the staff are always nice and friendly and most of the visitors are approchable too. if you haven't visited deenies lately you must really make it a point to go because you will find it 100\% better than ever before. my husband and i hope to see new faces there soon so we can all play. we like deenies so much we purchased a chahter membership. come and enjoy the new deenies.

The Trapeze vs Deenies Hideaway

Hands down the Trapeze wins. Deenies Hideaway may have been around longer, but the the Trapeze rules in South Florida. Deenies is way too expensive for what you get and who you get. Pricing singles out of the club is just flat bad for business. Since there are no zeros Deenies Hideaway gets a ONE...

The Fun Just got Sucked out of the Deenies

We were at Deenies a few months ago then returned a few weeks ago. What we would say is the staff chgs there so much it makes our heads spin. The DJ they had there before I think his name was Spice was by far one of the best we have heard at any swing club now gone the music sucks.. The food was always questionable but has gotten better. So all in all would we return we think not. its unfortunate because we loved the way it was a few months ago now its just boring

Quit going - No new Men!

My wife and I used to enjoy going to Deenies but with the high pricing for single men, we don't find any good quality new meat there anymore. I am Bi and the wife likes to play too so we always looked for hot new men to play with and the guys tell us that they can't afford the price with the economy the way it is. They could screen the men and lower the cost for them it seems to me. Maybe they really don't care about single men but it kept us cumming back but not anymore. We are using the swing sites on the internet now and having great luck too.

Not what it used to be

I, being a woman, used to have a lot of fun at Deenie's, people are great. But, with the price increase, women are no longer free. Place is empty, the girls can't afford it anymore. No girls, no men...simple as that.

Alas, the magic is gone.

Deenies new management is steering the club into the same cookie cutter mold as the other swing clubs. They are now charging single females admittance, a move I now will get me running up there for sure! My partner and I are both "single females" (and BI, which is why we went there), and we were made to be felt unwelcome. This is despite the fact that we have always been very nice to both the couples and the single guys that we met. I think it will take a major change on thier part to give me any incentive to return.

Why I like Deenies!

Deenies has had its ups and downs over the years.....but!.. its a place where you can always meet somebody; whether you're ultra fit and attractive couple or a respectful middle aged guy who appreciates the lifestyle. The congenial neighborhood atmosphere does a lot to promote a remarkable loyality to Deenies. Even though its not the hideaway it once was on an old rural Florida two lane black top highway when Deenie first opened it; the friendly neighborhood atmosphere has been preserved!

Around forever, and always great

Been regulars when we lived there and still visit when in the area, and always exceptionally friendly, and for us, a slim fit cpl as much action as we could take. Lots of regulars and you can end making lots of friends

Deenie, is the bomb dude!

I love this place, The privacy is awesome. And the people are friendly. The indoor jacuzzi, seats about 20, and they have outdoor pool volleyball. The late night sessions are awesome, just awesome. I love the fact I can go on a friday and stay until Monday morning, if i want to.. Never even getting dressed. They have breakfast thru dinner if you want, and they will let you leave and return without paying again, unlike some florida clubs. the owner pops in alot to check on the guest. Just a great place to go out and chill on my lunch break as well. Conviently locate 10 minutes from job. So afternoon quickes or lunch their is always possible. i love Deenies

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