The Green Door: America's Most Unique Sex Club.  Place where singles and couples can dance, play games, enjoy jacuzzi and much more, open 7 days a week
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The Green Door

Based on 18 customer reviews

Phone: (702) 732-4656
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America's Most Unique Sex Club. Place where singles and couples can dance, play games, enjoy jacuzzi and much more, open 7 days a week

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great time! highly recommended

unbelievable time.... highly recommended. I was impressed by the size and all the crazy rooms. The manager was really cool... decent looking people everywhere. I would suggest going down anytime your in vegas.

wow what a change

We travle to las vegas 4 times a year for business and pleaser. we have been Checking out the Green door the last 3 years. We have always had fun. but I can see were there other reviews are right. But after this last trip this avn weekend I noticed a huge change in the club. the sunday post avn party on 1/10/10 was the best party of avn. And we had invites to lots of them. Saturday nights they now have over 9000 sqr ft of couples only area. wich what they needed They have made a huge effort to teach the singles and newbies some swing edicit. I was just really impressed with the huge improvments they are making. Keep it up Green Door.

My husband and I had fun

My husband and I went in the summer of 2007. We went on a Saturday night we had fun it was a lot of people there. A lot of singles and couples we had the most fun in the dungeon room. Most of the people that was there did a lot of watching and not a lot of participating. We had a large crowd around us,my husband was eating my pussy in the swing and slapping my ass people were cheering and a lot of guys were jacking off. We will be back but the next time we will bring another female with us to have fun.It seems like people are scared to participate they just want to watch. It surprised me becuzz a lot of blacks and mexican's were there and not a lot of whites.

Good some nights ... others not

I've been to the GD several times (around 15 or 16) and it's really hit or miss. Some nights are really good, lots of couples, and moderate amount of single guys. Wed. night is couples night, so that's pretty good AFTER 1:00 am when they open the couples area to everyone, before 1:00 am it's LAME. Friday and Sat. nights are the best. Basically if you're a single guy you have to TALK to women and couple if you want to have fun. Just sitting in a corner jacking off is not going to get you anything but a sore dick. Sun. - Tues. is SLOW so don't go. It's expensive, but every time I've been I've had a good time. Most of the time it was in the group room jerking off over a lady that was getting fucked or in the spa area. Also, going around 5:00 - 7:00 pm is nice too b/c sometimes you'll find a couple there fucking after work and no other guys. Most of the time you can either watch or if you're polite they'll let you join in. Remember ... TALK and be polite or you'll not have fun. There are a lot of black and mexican "thugs" there between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am, but if you wait through all the crap you can often have a lot of fun early in the morning.

I don't think so

We went on a Friday night. This was our first club. What a dissappoinment! There were more single, creepy guys than anything else. The upstairs was beautiful and probably would have made the trip worthwhile if they did not allow single guys up there. Us and the few other couples there felt like we were the show. If you like to be watched and followed by single guys, then this is the place for you, otherwise, skip it.

terrible never again

they do not have couple rooms. the have rooms that couples can go to and single males can watch you and jack off. we will never go back.. if you want to be in a peep show then this place would be for you

If you have class then stay away

We were very excited when we checked out the web site. Spoke with the staff and they all said there are a lot of couples. WRONG. This place is a peep show for single scary looking men. If that is you thing then this place is right your you. If you like classier places then stay away.


We went to this club and was disappointed in the "couples" night. Seemed like the management (on the free tour) grossly overexaggerated the number of couples that would show up on couples night. There were people there (all men), but only three couples (counting us). We will not be back.

the worst in the world

Warning - people with class avoid this place. If you want to find a bunch of crack heads roaming the halls and Deviets jacking off in front of your wife then go here. I finally talk my wife into going in and watching, it took me months. We get there Thursday night at around 12:30 am. There were more single guys roaming the hallways than at a frat party giving away free beer. They were all on the prowl, its a good thing I am a big guy because most of these guys look like they just got out of prison. My wife was petrified. Most of the guys were black and the guys who were white were sitting down jacking off in front of my wife as soon as she walked by. We checked out the couples room it had 4 black couples in it. The room was not private at all, there were single guys standing in the doorway watching. I busted out laughing, we walked out and asked for a refund. The girl at the front desk said to go check out the upstairs. So we found the upstairs and some deviate claiming to be a host asked us if we wanted a tour. We declined he talked just like a homo and I could tell me wife was getting pissed. I was affraid for the guy because she packs a wallup. We walked upstairs to find the VIP room empty and this freak followed us around even after we told him no thanks. I blew $52.00 to find out the place blew unless you want to watch other guys jack off then this place is for you. Warning -proceede with caution. This place sucks.

Pussy eaters....

were plentiful for my sweet juicy pretty black pussy. Not to mention the great ass eaters.....white men love to eat black pussy. I fed my pussy to many white men for their first was awesome. I will definitely go back and often.....

Visited 17 June

We entered at 10pm and there were 6 couples and 2 single males It was friendly and erotic as couples openly played We were invited by another couple to the couples room where we had great sex and could relax in the spa The staff were friendly and run a good clean place We will return...we are from the UK



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