Fantasy Social Club:  Place where couples and singles make their sexual fantasies come true, open 7 days a week
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Fantasy Social Club

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Phone: (702) 893-3977
E-Mail: Click here for contact form

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Place where couples and singles make their sexual fantasies come true, open 7 days a week

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Fantasy Social Club is Great

once you learn that its not a whore house and you have to have the time and paitence to actually hang around in the club. i laugh my backside off everytime i see someone come in and turn right around to leave all butt hurt cause they werent instantly gratified. swinging clubs take time, time to meet new people, time to get to know someone before they will allow you to do INTIMATE acts with them..... anyway. those that get all bent about the 5 mins they were there arent needed anyway. ill continue to have fun there.

Horrible experience

This place is a total rip-off. I was never allowed to look first and offered no refund after one guy told me he had been there 4 hours without a single female coming in. The place smells, is dark and uninviting. The Red Rooster (now under a new name and ownership is better and the Green Door is a great place to watch. I hooked up with a domitrx there and had a great time doing all she asked of me. You pay for a quality experience. Forget the Fantasy Social Club. It's just one step above a bathroom stall.

A hole in the wall DUMP

This is the place you go when there is absolutely nothing else to do or place to go. When you are not dressed up, and you just need to go someplace that is one step above that neighborhood bar...this is the place. Too many single wierd guys. Not enough attractive fact, not enough people at all.

fantasy rocks the casbah

clean, friendly environment to meet like minded people and exchange numbers and fluids if your so inclined ;) private rooms, public rooms, group areas aswell as a car to bend your fucking target over. a phonebooth, doctors exam table, bondage articals, and more. cum play and be played with in comfort and saftey. oh and like me, HAVE FUCKING FUN!!!!

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