Red Rooster: Las Vegas' Most Exciting On-Premises Playground for Couples & Singles. Enjoy over 14 rooms and a relaxing intimate atmosphere.
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Red Rooster

Based on 17 customer reviews

Phone: (702) 456-5050
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Las Vegas' Most Exciting On-Premises Playground for Couples & Singles. Enjoy over 14 rooms and a relaxing intimate atmosphere.

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Worst club in Vegas, don't waste your time or money

Wish I had my time and money back from this disaster. We have visted Oasis in Vegas before and had one of the best nights, but they were closed this particular evening so we decided to try the "World Famous" Red Rooster, big mistake. The vast majority of people there are single men, old, fat, ugly single men at that. he only good looking couples there do not play, they just walk around like it is the neighborhood bar. Some 300lb balding troll actually asked my wife if she was ready to experience multiple guys, maybe dude but you'll never be in the room. The 'security' is a complete joke, one of them was walking around with an oxygen tank. Another one chased us down when we went into the private room area to tell us no one was back there. Thanks my meth using friend but maybe the wife and I want to play alone since your club is totally lame. Trust me when I say unless you are into watching old perves handle themselves stay away from this train wreck.

Single guy had a blast

Was a little afraid of what I might find at this well established swingers haunt, but was pleasantly surprised. Happened to go on a night when bathing suits "or less" were the norm. Met some very nice folks and got lucky. What more can you ask for? Will definitely go back again.

Review of Red Rooster Club

Horrible club! The staff was rude and militant. We were there on a Saturday night and the place was 5 to 1 with Single guys. Club owners clearly out to make a profit rather than creating a welcoming climate for couples. The bartenders couldn't get a drink right to save their souls. Not that they had to care as they were wasting OUR alcohol. The "Bouncers" otherwise known as OLD PERVERTS, acted like gestapo. God help you if you pull out your cell phone to call a cab to get you out of this hell hole. The club has endless rules that change as you walk through. No way you aren't going to break one and then the goons swoop in. Terrible place !! Don't waste your time

Maine Couple had lots of fun:)

The wife and I had a blast! We met some really nice people and there was no pressure! Very laid back and clean. We never saw one person get loud or rude....everyone seemed to be having fun:) We will be back in May 2009:)

Totally dead and rude owner

We were in Las Vegas recently and thought that we should try out the legendary Red Rooster. It was a Monday night but, heck, it's Vegas right? We took a cab from our hotel and got there around 10:30. We walked in and the place was DEAD. There was the owner, Chris, the bartender, one couple and about 4 single guys milling about. We went ahead and went in and got the tour from the bartender. From a swingers club standpoint, it was pretty cool with nice rooms but the upstairs area is closed during the week. We sat around for while and drank while my wife (who is smokin' hot and all dressed up) was the center of all attention. We played some pool while talking to one single guy and another creepy single sort of lurked into the shadows to watch her. We put some music on the jukebox instead of the crap from what sounded like the 40's playing on the intercom system. We hung out for another hour and another couple showed up and promptly went into the pool. More single guys showed (and that's not our thing, we wanted ladies or couples) so we decided to head out. On the way out, the other owner, Mike, became somewhat belligerent talking to us and accused me of being insecure and not letting my wife show the single guys a good time. Mike knows nothing about us and what we do and don't do and if he did, he would know it's just not our thing most of which has nothing to do with me. He kept going on his rant and we walked out the door with no plans to ever return - if only due to the ownership.

Friendly, Clean, and Lots of Fun

We found Red Rooster to be very friendly, including the owner, staff, and other attendees. The club was clean, including the great hot tub and the sheets on the beds. Nice dance area and music. Other attendees were fun, not pushy. Saying No was respected. We had a great MFM with a guy we met there. We'll be back!

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