Valley Flirts: Party the night away at an upscale vanue with pool, jacuzzi, pool table, stripper pole and many other sexy luxuries.
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Valley Flirts

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Phone: (661) 400-8733
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Party the night away at an upscale vanue with pool, jacuzzi, pool table, stripper pole and many other sexy luxuries.

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swinging good time ;)

Happend to come across the ValleyFlirts advertisement again and my husband and I decided to finally check it out. The Friday after Thanksgiving, we figured probably wouldn't be a lot of people, but bou were we wrong! There must have been 50 couples there all just having a great time. The ratios were perfect ;) The after party was the best part. My husband and I found a couple to play with from Brazil. Very inviting atmosphere. The host & hostess were awesome! Thank you for putting on such a fantastic party. Will be back! :)

gotta check it out

Went to the Halloween party they set up last night and had the best time ever! over 100 couples and sexy people all night. The after party was the best part ;)The hosts were wonderful and the decorations were fantastic! I can't wait for the New Years party!!

New to the Scene

My wife and I attended the Valley Flirts party and loved every minute. If you are just getting into the scene...this is the place to be. We arrived a 10:00 (along with a lady friend), paid 20 bucks and hit the bar. There were about 30 couples (along with several single girls) and the place was "poppin". The venue had a full bar, dance floor, with two stories and women were dressed to impress. The dance floor was packed and upstairs women were giving there husbands lapdances. There were plenty of places to chill and couples were buying each other drinks all night. Everyone was friendly and we talked to at least 10 couples. At about 12:30, everyone headed up to the Penthouse overlooking the city. All the beds, showers, jacuzzi, and sofas were being "Used"... there was even some "fun" on the Balcony. Couples were cuddled up and kissing on the love seats, some were watching in the bedrooms and a cute girl was dancing on the table like we were tipping. The best part single guys, so the ratios were perfect. We stayed until about 2:00, got some numbers and left. Seriously, one of the best nights of the year. Just think about it ....we had all that fun and it cost less than going to the Movies.

Typical LA party

We attended a recent hotel party in Woodland Hills. Doors opened at 9. We gat there at 9:45 and were the first couple there. There was supposed to ba an after party upstairs in the presidential suite after the bar area was full enough and everyon was ready to go up. Due to family concerns and timing we had to leave around 12:30 and the suite was still not opened up yet. It was still a smaller crowd when we left and seem really clickish. We met a few nice people. And it may have just been an off night, but wasnt much fun. If you plan to ga late and stay really late, you may get alot more out of it. We unfortunately have family at home and a sitter to relieve.

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