Sea Mountain Resort: Sea mountain is the only lifestyle and upscale resort hotel in the USA providing amazing accomadations with 24 hour pool and whirl pool evening, lounge and dance events -ranked best in the USA by FHM and Maxim -an incredible California lifestyles and Nude resort.
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Sea Mountain Resort

Based on 34 customer reviews

Phone: (877) 928-2827
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Sea mountain is the only lifestyle and upscale resort hotel in the USA providing amazing accomadations with 24 hour pool and whirl pool evening, lounge and dance events -ranked best in the USA by FHM and Maxim -an incredible California lifestyles and Nude resort.

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Been there several times

Sea Mountain Inn is a wonderful, fun and relaxing resort. Great place to meet quality couples. The host's Dewey and Julie are wonderful. Dewey is so accommidating with always a great smile and warm heart.

I miss san marcus inn

miss the old owners n friends me n the wife had to see the new place but were not happy were 32 n 33 not 18-21 music was bad the place well its the same but the price what the hell r u guys thinking way way overpriced n the new cpls r well stuck up not worth the drive anymore bring back the golden days

Truly Amazing Experience

My wife and I have also been to both Hedo resorts numerous times, and did not know we could find the same atmosphere in the U.S. In fact, on most of our hedo visits, the resorts were tame compared to SMI. We went over Memorial Weekend. The place was packed. We talked to several couples on Sun. who had not been able to get in on Sat. because it was full. Even with it being full, wait times at bathorooms were not bad. The facility was extremely clean, the staff was friendly and accommodating, and the guests we met were all very cool, open minded couples. Sat. was very wild and amazing. Very hot people engaging in all sorts of fun everywhere. Sunday was a little more subdued, but still, it was possible to find just about anything a lifestyles couple would be interested in. It is also a great no-pressure environment for those just curious enough to want to see what lifestyle recreation is about and decide what is right for them. Margaritas and snacks were very good. The dinner you order from a local restaurant is not mind altering, but it's not bad and the plus is that you don't have to put on clothes and leave the resort which is good because there was a sobriety check point just down the street from the resort. About the rates, I have no idea how anyone can complain. This is an absolute bargain for what you get. Compare this to a Vegas topless pool. This is way better at much less cost. We came from Colorado just to check it out, and we'll be back every chance we get.

sea mountain is hedonism in the usa

having been to both hedos many times it was a joy to find a 4 star naked hotel-it sells out for day andnight passes so clean such art everywhere My new favorite vacation in the usa ps dance all night and its a lifestyles resort yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

best of the west -right on sea mountain

I hate haters If you read the negative reviews they can only be posted by competitors There is Nothing even close to this paradise anywhere in the USA We flew from Montreal and found the weather to be perfect-the resort ultra clean and the food more then wonderful-Go by all means dont pay attention to these haters!

SMI - So Much Fun in the Sun!

We first visited SMI in October and have set a return trip this coming weekend. I must say, with my companion and I being new to the lifestyle, I was not sure what to expect. We were both very pleasantly surprised! Dewey and Julie and their staff were gracious hosts from the get-go. We were made to feel right at home and soon were relaxing with cocktails, laying nude in the sunshine enjoying the day and evening. We cannot wait to see what this coming weekend brings!

Non-Stop Fun in the Desert

Non-stop fun but costs way too much for us to go there as often as we'd like. Wonderful hosts, luxurious beds, a delightful hot spa, a warm swimming pool, hot sauna, massage and play rooms all available 24/7. Jus a bit too many $$$$!

incredible sea mountain experience

i cant imagine any one on earth saying negative things about this-the only lifestyles resort in the usa the food is awesome we think the other posts are fake from haters who wish to put negative spin on smi

Only buy the 1st day's pass.

Only buy the 1st day's pass. If you buy 2 days, and decide to not to return the next day, you will still have to pay for the 2nd day because you did not cancel "7 days in advance". We have been to HedoII, HedoIII, Braco, Desire-Cancun etc. This place does not even meet the standards of Hedo2, before the remodel. Not even close. However, if you live about an hour away, this is ok as a local club. However, the buffet is mostly chips, only one outside bathroom for people on day passes, only one private play area and like the bathroom, is almost never available. If you are coming from far away, you would probably rather go to Mexico or Jamaica. We felt they "over promised, under delivered"

reviews of sea mountain inn

just read with mild amusement the posts of sea mountain inn there was a comment on the music and the music is one of the big draws and eclecti mix of music-the fact that someone complains about it is incredible its hip from elvis to the shins to dance music all night and yes the crowd is younger meaning 30s and 40s and 50s -its not some trailer park its an upscale spa hotel! The others said they will spend there money on a better value??? where in the usa can you find a swing lifestyles 4 star hotel and resort that has a dance lounge play room and is nude? For 100 dollars to have access day and night with DRINKS all day and Food all day is one of the best values in the whole swing universe those reviews seem bogus sea mountain inn rocks

Not worth the money

First I have to say that we were treated top notch. The staff was friendly and willing to do just about anything. The place is clean...but there has to be more than that. If you want a good meal...this is not the place to be. If you want a good value for your money...this is not the place to be. If you want shade by the pool...this is not the place to be. As for the music...for some reason they think that we are all 22 years old...hmmm when we were there the average age was 45 to 50. Would we go again? Well, lets just say that even though its a very nice place...there are much better values out there. S and T

Best of the rest a nude plus best of

if you have been to hedo or desire you know its a trip to find a nude resort that welcomes lifestyles people we thought the food was amazing and the that the 24 dance club and music were key we love dewey and all the female staff its the best nude experience we have ever seen and its very upscale

The good, bad, and ugly

First the good. Owner and staff are quite nice, and very friendly. The pool and spa are sparkling clear, and properly heated. Location is just minutes away from Palm Springs and the facility is kept VERY CLEAN. Now the bad. While there are plenty of seats, shade is at a premium, which can be a problem since this "resort" is located in the heart of the desert. Days of 110 to 115 are NOT uncommon. Next is the cost of over $100.00 dollars per day to stay from opening until things wind down at 1:00am. The cost doesn't even include a real meal ( which other clubs do include with that cost ). There is an afternoon snack that consists of cubed cheese, doritos, and cookies mainly. If you wish to eat a real meal, you're forced to pretty much leave the facility to dine. Should you choose to order supper, be prepared for one heck of a case of shock. If the prices don't get you, the quality of your meal will. Another annoyance is the selection of music that's played over the loud speakers. If you happen to be between the ages of 17 and 20, it might just work, otherwise, well !! Lastly, the ugly, and I mean VERY ugly. It is not unusual to have dozens of couples show up, all of which must share ONE PUBLIC RESTROOM! Yup, if you haven't paid for a room ( at several hundred dollars a night ) you'll be forced to share the only available restroom. God help you of someone's in the shower when you need to go. Overall, is this a place I'd go to again. Maybe in the future, once some of these "issues" have been addressed, otherwise better places, better values.

Always have a great time!

Have been to Sea Mountain Inn on several occasions, and it is always lots of fun in a no-pressure environment. You can choose to partcipate, or just watch. The owner has upgraded the facilities much from the former owner, and the massages are excellent (try the couples massage), ask for Tessa!

sea mountain best nude party in the usa

excellent all shapes and forms the sea mountain inn is the best nude resort in the usa-relax with natural mineral water and the 24 hour dance lounge taboo gardens one of the best of the usa too- special discounts for my swing club friends one of the world most unique experiences

Home away from Hedo.

It is a Great Place to do all you desire. I have gone twice and both time were on a day pass. People are friendly and all shapes and sizes. It is charged with energy and fun. Get their early and work yourself into a frenzy..

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