Hideaway Couples: Hideaway Couples is a very exclusive, Clothing-Optional Adult Club. Designed for those who enjoy socializing during the day, 
in a very private comfortable environment.
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Hideaway Couples

Based on 26 customer reviews

Phone: (909) 936-2501
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Hideaway Couples is a very exclusive, Clothing-Optional Adult Club. Designed for those who enjoy socializing during the day, in a very private comfortable environment.

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We love Hideaway Couples

We always come to HC for at least one weekend when we are in Socal. It is a fantastic no pressure environment. Nick, Judy and everyone else keep up the graat work and see you all again soon. G&C New Zealand

There is no other

I've been going there awhile and i find that there is no other club that you'll be welcomed by everyone. The club is well designed and gives every visitor something that will fit there lifestyle without pressure. You'll love this place.

This place is changing our life

What an experience we have had this summer at Hideaway Couples. Honest friendships have been the most difficult thing for us to find in this lifestyle. Well, that has all changed this year after visiting Hideaway. Judy, Ted, Nick and Kim are indeed the real thing and so are the people they attract. We've met all levels of swingers this summer and have felt safe and comfortable always at this amazing getaway. We are almost reluctant to tell about our secret spot but if you haven't treated yourself lately, we would recommend visiting at least once. C&A Bakersfield

Great place for any comfort level

We just came back from a great weekend at the Hideaway. We won a weekend pass from a swing club raffle and had no idea what to expect. What we found was amazing. Starting with making our arrangements with Judy. She was helpful, understanding and VERY patient with a couple of newbies who had no clue. It's a bit of trek over some dirt roads off the highway to Big Bear, but you won't be disappointed once you get there. We spent the weekend with all levels of people from Nudists who don't play to the full-swap, "let's drop and do it here" types, but never felt any pressure to do anything. Two spas (we had 16 people in what I think was a 10 person spa) swimming pool, water volleyball, sand volleyball and mountain bikes were also available. A bar and dance area with pool table and a dancing pole. Several different accomodations, from a private suite, a few cabins, safari tents (screen rooms with a queen bed), and if you're too late to book one of those they also have campsites available to set up your tent. And just a comment to the review mentioning the age being all over 55. I am 52, and there were only two people there older than me. The rest of the group were all early 40 and 30 year olds. It is the luck of the draw though. You just don't know what kind of crowd is going to be there. And finally I can't say enough about Nick and Kim. Great couple, great hosts. Get to know them while you're there. Needless to say we had a great time while there, and we'll be back....several times.

The best time ever!

We are a younger couple (31 and 33) and found a delightful mix and range of ages (it was not ALL over 55 like one review here says) and people. The host Judy has to be the most delightful human being we have ever met anywhere in the world (quite literally) and deserves 20 stars, not just 5. Swimming, volleyball, mountain biking, plus a spa experience (the massage therapist Ryan is AMAZING and comes highly recommended!) all while naked! The fact you can play anywhere and everywhere (except the dining areas) makes this place that much more fun! Stay in a safari tent, and leave with a smile! A MUST GO!

what a great getaway

We had the pleasure of going up this weekend to this amazing, wonderful place! It's a place where you can truly be yourself and enjoy being an adult! There is always something to do, too! Whether you're in the mood for a swim, horseshoes, volleyball games, massage, etc. There isnt enough time in the day to do it all! And the food is good too! The staff is amazing, so friendly and helpful! We cannot wait to go back!!!

Paradise for the open-minded sun lover

What hidden jewel Hideaway Resort is! Located at 7000 ft. elevation on the backside of the San Bernadino mountains, this delightful, open-minded place is surrounded by pines and features a pool, hot tubs, private tent cabins and lots of gentle, friendly folks enjoying the sunshine and letting nature take its course. The owners truly care about their mission and their visitors. Our first visit left us with giant smiles and a vow to go back as many tmes as possible in their short (May to September) season. It takes a little work to get there, but you WON"T be disappointed! Dust off your sarongs and pareos and get up the hill!

Summer Camp for Open Minded Adults

A great place to relax and enjoy nature in the nude, if you wish. A great place to socialize, in the nude if you wish. A great place to watch and/or be watched in the nude, if you wish, A great place to play in the nude, if you wish. The hosts go out of their way to make everyone feel at home.

Can't get more for your Buck!

We had just gone to Sea Mountain the week before and had a great time. Then we went to the Hideaway and wow...we got ripped off at Sea Mountain. The Hideaway was the best deal for our money that we ever had. We have been to many clubs here and abroad and this takes the cake. We stayed in a thing called a "Safari Tent" and thought that we were going to be camping. This is not what we remembered as camping. Comfortable beds, nice sheets and blankets. Sleeping under the stars was amazing. Then there was the food! Good food all day long...there was no way to get hungry. The hosts were very accomodating and guess what? Plenty of bathrooms complete with towels for showers. Cute little play room and the daytime activities were fun. I personally had not played sand volleyball in years...what a blast! You have to try this place...we are joining as full time members. See you there! T & S

Our Relaxing Mountain Retreat

In the SB Mountains, hard to get to, and worth every minute of the drive! We won a weekend pass, with an overnight, at FA. We went for the first time end of May and have been going ever since. Accommodations are wonderful--safari tents with queen beds in the middle of the woods. The hosts are lovely, and so very accommodating. Food is simple, but good. The people we have met are the BEST! Everybody is so relaxed and happy. We always go with the expectation of a relaxation getaway and more often than not are in for a surprise or two--play partners are plentiful if that's what you're looking for. Come up and enjoy! H & I, Oceanside

A true mountian gem

I had a friend recommend this, and have not been disappointed. It's in the middle of the forest, with great views from the pool deck and hot tub deck. At night, the stars and moon are really cool to see. The people are all quite friendly, and the hosts ( Judy and Nick ) really make you feel at home. If you want to just relax, its easy to just lay out and do it, or if you're looking for play time with your other half, or those "special friends" there are all kinds of options available. And the safari tents are the best, with real honest to god BEDS. The dirt road that leads into the place is a little hard on the butt, but once you're there, you'll be hooked ( my wife and I are just getting into our second year ) !! Scooter, So Cal

Truly a "hideaway"

Located in the San Bernardino national forest, this is a great place to just hide out for a day, or an entire weekend. Nicolas and Judy are your hosts, and make everyone feel quite comfortable. In addition, the "regulars" are very willing to make sure that everyone feels welcome, without feeling out of place. For "newbies" this is a super place to "get your feet wet". No pressure to live up to some expectation, makes for a great time. You're not even required to be naked, if you don't feel like it ( this comes from a guy who spent most of his first season clothed, but is now pretty much naked by the time I get to the facility )!! Website is needing to be updated as of this time, but there are now 2 hot tubs, a shade deck, yoga and massages on select weekends, a "play area", a trampoline ( don't knock it till you try it, trust me ), and several choices of accomodations. We ( my wife and I ) STRONGLY recommend the "safari tents" with 360 view, and REAL BEDS ( VERY important after certain days activities ) Meals are casual, with BBQ at lunch, and family style meal at night, where every one can sit, chat, and get caught up with old, or new friends. My only complaints are limited bathrooms ( not NORMALLY a problem unless it's REALLY busy ) and part of the drive in. A couple of miles of it are on a groomed dirt road, which can be tricky to navigate in a low vehicle ( this warning exsists on the website, so no surprises ). All things considered, should you want a day or weekend where you can hide from reality, stay as mild or go as wild as you want ( or can survive ), and are looking for top value for you hard earned bucks, this is the place to consider ( and this is even recommened by my doctor ) !! S.A.B. Redlands


We started up to Hideaway couples last year, and now we have made it our summer hideout. We are spending most of our weekends at the club. The staff is friendly and the couples we have met have let us start moving out of our sexual shells and explore more. We find that the fees are way under that of other clubs we have been to in the past. It is well worth the drive and the $$$$$$!!!! L.S., CA

Bed and Breakfast in Nature

This is the most unique Bed and Breakfast that we have come across yet. Our bed was out in nature, and the grounds were filled with everything we have been looking for. This is unlike anyplace we have been in the past...and would recomend the Hideaway to anyone. Even though they call it Clothing Optional...we were the only people with a bathing suit on for the first few hours. Then No one had a suit on! Hey, the food was not bad either!

Romantic Getaway!!!

We discovered Hideaway two years ago online and decided to "drop by and check it out" on our start of a month long RV trip. We were so impressed we stayed the whole weekend. Unlike the experience mentioned in one of the comments posted, we did not find it to be an over 50 group. We have met and are still good friends with several couples in their early 30's (guess it depends on the weekend you go). Since then we have been there many times and every time find new additions and improvements. We enjoy the social interaction that spending more than a few hours at a regular swing club allows and the romantic evenings under the stars.

Our favourite place in the States

Exceptional getaway from the real world. Awesome people every time and a fantastic atmosphere. Great for new people like us, with no pressure and some many activities to do. Your able to relax and be as active or inactive as you like. We have told all our Kiwi friends how great this place is.

A Refreshing Club

A down to earth clothing optional swing club/resort with a personal touch. The staff makes you feel at home. The enviroment is wonderful. Tanning decks, fresh air, horse shoe field, volley ball court, hiking trail, great food, cabins or safari tents, play area, a pool and hot tub. As they say slow down and smell the roses, well it smells sweet here.

Hideaway Couples

HC is a nudist retreat slash swing club slash spiritual relationship enhancement space. The crossover effect, it is a gateway resort. Being all things to all people appears to be an economic necessity though I think HC would be better off if it chose to promote itself as a lifestyle specific resort as opposed to suffering from a multiple personality disorder. HCs biggest asset is host Judy. She is a wonderful cook, conversationalist, and professional photographer. She greets each couple at their comfort level with caring and respect. The location is remote and beautiful perched on sloping landscape. Mountain air, tall pines, valley views, and seclusion have key appeal. Regulars are fun, friendly and over 50. The accommodations have a ranch mountain cabin feel with a multiple wood deck system that cascades over the principal recreational grounds. The hot tub, pool, and out buildings are clean and well maintained. I would not recommend HC for couples under age 50 unless you are part of a group event where you know your fellow pleasure seekers are your peers.

Great for newbies like us!

We have to say we were very impressed with the comfort level of this club. Not only is it not an aggressive environment but it felt like we could hang out and meet people as just friends. What a nice change from the normal Swing Club. Cindy

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