Steve & Silver's: Lifestyle parties hosted by Steve and Silver in their Riverside County home.  90 miles east of Los Angeles; 35 year age minimum.
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Steve & Silver's

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Phone: (951) 247-6994
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Lifestyle parties hosted by Steve and Silver in their Riverside County home. 90 miles east of Los Angeles; 35 year age minimum.

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A great time every time

My Husband and I always have a fantastic time there. the staf are friendly. The food is great, and there is a lot of it. The pool is warm, and so are the people in it. When I tell a man NO they leave. I have never had a problem. Steve is always there to stop any problem that might come up, and to help new comers. I do not know what these people are talking about. My Husband and I go every month and plan to keep going.

A Bit of a Let Down

My husband and I checked out this club on a whim and it was a nice place, but like others have said, the staff does a disappearing trick really well. We happened to hit on a particular randy night and everyone was having fun. The girls were the ones wearing out the guys. We stayed off to the side and started playing between ourselves. My husband is not in the best shape but he is well endowed. As soo as his wood went to full staff we had an audience and most of the women just wanted to touch and suck his cock. We both thought it was kinda funnd when a couple of guys asked us to join them because their wives wanted to see what it was like to have sex with him. We agreed to do one sex 3-way with another girl but I felt self-conscoius because more people wanted in. We agreed to let another guy in and all parties agreed it would be a bare-back group because the other girl and I hate the damn things and we knew we were clean. The guy I was with was really good and the girl my husband was with got off so many times she had to ask him to go easy on her. When he was cumming people watching wanted him to cum on her instead of in her for the show. As he pulled out o woman in her 60s on the jide go it and as he came she licked it off the girll who in turn slapped her because she didn't like women. The guy I was with came twice on me and finally a third time inside me in about 40 minutes. Overall I will say the experience of sex was good but the club itself was no different than when we have fucked strangers on the beach or on bars so we don't know if we will be back. Thanks for the cha nce to share.

Not worth your time!!

My wife and I attended one of these parties. The 'vibe' was just off target. The staff seemed distant. There was no dance floor and the only remotely interesting area was the spa which was pretty small. Food was plentiful and good, but it just was not enough to off set the ecclectic attendees and staff. We departed just after midnight, that evening and believe it or not decided to give them a second try. Same result.

Won't go back ever !!!

My wife and I attended one of these parties, and vowed not to NEVER attend again. While the food was excellent, with plenty of it, and the view super, that did not make up for the balance of our experience. The staff seemed quite distant, except when it came time to get our donation. Everytime I went to get my wife or myself more to eat or drink, she was immediately surrounded by men ( several of which groped her without her permission, and got her into a really foul mood ). My wife complained about the number of men not understanding her version of NO, that she wasn't interested ( she finally would not let me go anywhere without her ). We couldn't get a moments peace in the pool either, without some guy swimming up to us, and starting do things to himself in front of us. The final irratation though was my wife and I grabbing a spot for a romp, only to be followed in by one of the men, who wanted to join us. She told him NO three times, only to be ignored ( his continuing to strip was the give-away )! I finally had to PHYSICALLY remove him. Because we weren't introduced to security, we weren't sure who to talk to, but our choice was easy, get dressed and get the heck out of there fast !! ( my wife was actually still dressing as we drove off )!!

Itís actually the Mercedes of partys

This is the best party around. We come from the OC and others come from LA and San Diego. The parties are the first Saturday of each month and there are usually around 200 party people there. Itís really a fun place with a lot of freedom. You can do nothing or jump right in to the nice warm water of the 1,000 sq ft party pool. At itís deepest itís 4 Ĺ feet deep and there are stairs all along one side for socializing or playing. You can feel free to be naked anywhere but the food area or cover up if you are more shy. There are people of all sizes, shapes and colors and Steve and Silver are the perfect hosts. Single women are FREE. The other reviewer seemed to have a question about that. GO!!!! Have a great time. You will be smiling all month until the next party and no one needs to know why! ;}

The Cadillac Of Local Partys

Steve & Silver's have the grandest parties in their 5000 square foot home with another 5000 square foot poolhouse just added this year. That's a 30,000 gallon pool under roof, with a jacuzzi emptying into it, and a hugh socialization area surrounding the pool as well as many semi-private rooms and one very large common play area. Inside the home is a Grande Staircase leading upstairs to the (porno) TV area, and (I'm guessing) a 1200 square foot common play area with the floor covered by mattresses...oh yeah, and a PONY (as previously described). Downstairs they have recently moved things around, but I know for sure, a giant kitchen where a large buffet is served, a room for playing pool, a living area with a sunken conversation pit. This party can easily accommodate 160 people, and Steve has the parking area to handle it. This is a place you have to see to sits on a hillside in Moreno Valley off the 60, east of the 215 . Once again, you have to be pre-screened by the hosts in order to attend on of their parties held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. Single Men -$70.00 Couples -$50.00 Single Ladies -$ ??? may be free ? 951-247-6994

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