Freedom Acres: A large (and growing) on premise, private membership lifestyle club hosting parties each Friday and Saturday night.  Average parties 120-160 couples nightly.
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Freedom Acres

Based on 42 customer reviews

Phone: (909) 887-8757
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A large (and growing) on premise, private membership lifestyle club hosting parties each Friday and Saturday night. Average parties 120-160 couples nightly.

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My girl had an AWESOME TIME!

Me and my girl had an amazing time. She danced on stage and on the bar before we went back and played. We both loved the swing where she loved showing off as was fucking her hard per her very loud request. We also found a few hot couples to swap with. One session I got to watch her take two guys from behind while she was blindfolded...HOT! We will definitely be back soon. She wants to try a lot more stuff next time!

Always a great time... :)

We have been going to FA for about six months now and absolutely love it, the dance floor is awesome, the bar is an absolute blast, there is always a great mix of ages ( 21-60ish). It can seem clickish if you don't introduce yourself to others, once you do you have the opportunity to make great friends in and out of the lifestyle. The building is older, but the facilities have always been very clean, make sure you grab plenty of towels for the back area. There are a lot of couples and unfortunately not everyone is as clean as we would like them to be, also it is a little warm back there so we recommend the play areas that are a little more open. This was our first "Swing Club" experience, we have been to another highly recommended club in SD since we started swinging, we were not at all impressed and could not wait for our next visit to FA. If you are looking for a great night club with unbelievable benefits, this is the place to be. However, if you are looking for that private house party experience. You may not be happy here, there are a lot of people so it can be very easy to become a wall flower and feel as if you are on the outside looking in. We highly recommend FA to both the newbie which we still consider ourselves to an extent and the experienced swinger alike.

Very disappointing

Although some seem to like it, they can't see the forest for the trees. Very clickish. Filthly bathrooms. Dirty linens and wet play areas from previous couples. Play areas are WAY too warm and the Sirrus musak is terrible.

Great Party, even for non swingers

The only reason I didn't give them a 10 star rating is that it is kept too hot for my taste in the back rooms. Just personal preference. Otherwise, this place is great! Lots of people there aren't even swinging, just partying together. No pressure, very polite people, and it's a really hot group. We've been twice now, and we'll be back.

The best party in town for the lifestyle

The greatest and classiest swinger club ever. You can dance, or watch or play....whatever takes your fancy. No pressure, only pleasure. Good food, great music. We have found no problems with age, race or size....everyone can find someone if they make a tiny little effort.

Best club ever!

We love this place! It has a sexy atmosphere.We have been told its clickish but not really noticed it ourselves. Great music, dance floor, 20 person jaccuzi, so many play areas and hot,respectful people. Worst part, its too dman far away for us!

couple looking to have a good time

I was there for the very first time with my girl we really liked it! There was no preasure, people were great, music was great and the back rooms had it going on. We looking foward to going back soon! I recomend it to any couple that is thinking about exploring swinging or are just curious about it. This is the perfect club to srart no preasure to do anything just have fun and have a good time.

Couples with Fantasies

First timers. Husband & I have been together for 10 years married 1 year & for our Anniversary we finally, after all this talk about this place went! Was referred to us by......My parents, WEIRD!! Had the most fun in a long time. Music was so good, people were friendly, CLEAN, Great entertainment in the back, was my husbands favorite part. would recommend this place again to anyone.

new years party!!

my boyfriend and i have been into the swinger lifestyle for a while now a few years at least, and we have been to quite a few clubs and parties. we went to freedom acres for new years, and wow it was great. he actually found women that interested him again for the first time in a long while. lately when we go to parties he sits and talk and plays with me but other than that maybe gets head. by the time we let at near 4 in the morning stick a fork in me i was done!! he had actually enjoyed him self so much that he was sore. by the end of the night i was so sore that we couldn't even finger me. we had a great time. there were great people, and really great food. we will definately be back! thank you fa for getting my man excited again and the dungeon was magnificent

Not scared anymore!

What fun place! We thought it would be a big orgy (it can be in the back) really scared to go the first time. After the first 10 minutes there, we'll never go to any other bar again. comfortable, sexy, do what you want or not. Great food, dancing, people,w orkers,f riendly, outside,inside, anywhere in the club. booze, porno, events, games, prizes, clean, inviting, non-pushy, great music, dance floor, stage, dancing poles, bar dancing, nude dancers, etc., etc. etc. just too many good things to list. don't hold back! Even if you are not a swinger, ya gotta go. We have taken at least a dozen "straight" couples there and they had a blast. They are still straight, but they still return for the fun!

What a Blast!!!!

My boyfriend and I went for the 1st time and we had a blast. We are in our 40's and felt perfectly comfortable w/the mixture of ages there. The staff was super nice and welcoming. We didn't go for the purpose of swinging and never felt any pressure to do so. Many couples appeared to be there to enjoy each other and experience the fun, night club atmosphere. I would highly recommend going to anyone that is thinking about it. I was told the following week at work that I was glowing, twice. ;)

We'll be back - This place is great!

We were first timers and chose this club based on the great reviews. We were surprised at how nice and respectful everyone was. We did not feel any pressure to do anything we weren't ready for. Nice dance floor - tons of people - and a real mix of all ages. We will be back - and would recommend this to anyone who is interested in exploring the lifestyle. A great place to see & be seen...if you are not interested in swapping.

We'll be back - This place is great!

We were first timers and chose this club based on the great reviews. We were surprised at how nice and respectful everyone was. We did not feel any pressure to do anything we weren't ready for. Nice dance floor - tons of people - and a real mix of all ages. We will be back - and would recommend this to anyone who is interested in exploring the lifestyle. A great place to see & be seen...if you are not interested in swapping.

A Question rather than a review

OK, I gave F/A 4 stars, but I haven't gone yet, My partner and I are interested and plan to go in the near future. My only question is what is the average age of the members. We just turned the big 50, although you wouldn't know it by looking at us. I just don't want to commit to a membership to feel out of place. I would appreciate any feedback on this subject. Thanks!

Great Fun and very sexy!!!

We have been going to FA for 3 years now and always have a great time. We are in our early 40's and it is nice to see others our age there too. People there are really friendly and very sexy. We love the back rooms- can be in full view(which we like) or in one of the more private rooms. It is such a fun atmostphere, great music and dancing and , of course, Jeff the sexy body painter!! Try it out!!

club freedom acres is awesome

this is the places for swingers who want to have fun. the clubbers are mixed with lots of young hot couples. if your a bit unsure about club fa, don't be it is worth the trip. we are for sure gona be regulars for life.

what a hot and nice place to be!!

we have been at several clubs before,but so far this has been the best. nice friendly couples,no pressure,clean,good dinner. we like it a lot. if you are on the lifestyle and like to club,this is the one. we have meet couples to play only and,have made lots of friends too. TRY IT ONCE IF YOU'LL BE GOING THERE EVERY WEEKEND. JUST LIKE WE DO hmmmm.

Great for newbies and seasoned pros alike

If you're new to "the lifestyle" this is not a bad way to get your feet wet. This club is very conveinient to a couple of major freeways, and is just minutes from San Berdo or Ontario. Being couples or single females only is a super practice ( my wife and I have been to the places that tout "select single men" and have vowed to never go back to ANY of them ). This is a club that has a great atmosphere, plenty of dancing, super food, great staff, and is just FUN. Themed nights and wild lip snyc contests, along with nightly drawings for prizes are really cool. For "players", you have a choice of spots in the back, from small, private cubbies, to very open places, to a VERY popular swingers swing, to a brand new mini-dungeon complete with someone ( an honest to god, actual teacher ) to give pointers on this ( or any other question one may have regarding the "lifestyle"). Another nice thing about this club is that they take "no means NO" VERY SERIOUSLY, taking care of problems very quickly. The only gripes are very minor. The heating and A/C have problems at times keeping up with the demand. The only other complaint is no separate area outside for non-smokers ( my wife and I both have asthma ). Other than those things, this is a super club, great for newbies and pros alike, and a super value for your party dollar. S & L, Redlands Ca.

Freedmom Acres Our Favorite Club

This the best club we have been to. Lots of great people. NO preasure. Lots of sex. Love the ladies dancing on the bar. They a a large number of play spaces - private, group or on display. Nice place for newbies.

FA Baby! It's time to try something new...

Love it, love it, LOVE it!!! No pressure, feel totally free, everyone is so nice and the place is just fun times! Nice patio/smoking section with an awesome fire pit. The playroom is awesome and comfy.

Halloween 2006 Review

350 COUPLES were there. The bar was sooo packed you were bumping into people just to talk around. Made it fun. Many, many hot couples most of whom were into full swap action. All the play rooms (its a huge place) were full for several hours. We left at 5am after an outrageous time. If you were there, I was Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy.

Like a nightclub with benefits

Freedom Acres is two clubs in one. In the front, it is a nightclub with dancing, a great buffet and a bar (BYOB, of course). In the back are lockers, showers, and many, many beds in many configurations (a large room to see and be seen, small cubbyholes and lofts). There is an annual membership fee which expires in August, no matter when you join (this really should be changed and is the primary reason I did not give 5 stars) and membership is by couple, so it can be expensive if you want to bring different people. Wide age range with many in their 20s, but about half the people in the disco do not make it to the back rooms.

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