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Live Oak Resort

Based on 15 customer reviews

Phone: (936) 878-2216
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Located in Washington, Texas (less than 80 miles NW of Houston) the Live Oak Resort was voted "Best U.S. Clothing Optional Resort" in 2005. The resort is dedicated to your recreational enjoyment and is completely private.

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Don't let tales of one bad apple scare you. This place is worth a visit!

We have been going there for a couple of years now. We always try to attend both Hedo-Fests they hold annually (one hosted by Hedonism II and one by Hedo III). They just installed a much needed new pool (April 2010) and it is awesome! It is a very laid back atmosphere and you can do and wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Like the previous post we were also there when the incident with the woman and the drunk guy happened. This dude started out ok. We talked to him a couple of times and he seemed cool and friendly. Typical party boy. But the more he drank the worse he got. Eventually he was harassing my wife when she would walk to the restroom, would walk around opening other peoples coolers and steal their alcohol, tried to cop a feel, and would do cannonballs in the pool and hottub. Management finally kicked him and his "date" out but not soon enough in my opinion. HOWEVER situations like this are VERY rare and should not deter you from attending. 99.8\% of the people are friendly and easy to talk to. It is worth the drive!

She sez "I was treated very poorly there"

We were there when this jewel of a women and her drunk boyfriend that she met on the internet that week were there. She was drunk, too. He was an a-hole. There's not a thing the owner did that was wrong. You can whine and cry, but you can't fix stupid. Ignore that story and visit LOR, it's a lot of fun. Let's hope they stay home in the stupor we last saw them in...

Loved it too much

I loved it in the beginnning but I had too much fun and slept it off when the real partying started. But it was clean the people were nice and so was the staff. Some of the groups were not as open but in the end it was a great time.

Love it Love It Love it

Live oak resort is the best. Everyone is friendly, the plave is really clean. The hot tub rocks. The pool needs to be resurfaced but i heard that they will be doing that soon. We travel 13 hrs to get there and we get there several times a year.

I was treated very poorly there

Live Oak was my favorite place for years..... but now I hate it. It is not a great place for a single woman. I went there with a Date, he got too drunk and Larry (the owner) made me ride home with a drunk! he had no care about my safety.... In fact before we got out of there the guy HIT me with the car and drove off a bridge. Larry still made me leave with the guy! I have been to many wonderful swingers clubs and not one of them would put a woman in harms way.

Fun Times @ LiveOak

Very laid back nude, lifestyle friendly, resort. They will make you feel at home!!! Facilities are good, cabins are good, people are great and the Clothing Optional Swingers Club is a lot of fun. They have a very large hot tub and a special "Party House" for interesting adult group or couple activities. Check out their calendar and events and newly remodeled club. We will definitely be returning to LiveOak again and again.

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