Rocky Mountain Parties: Dance parties and game playing for couples and singles of all ages.  The parties are
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Rocky Mountain Parties

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Dance parties and game playing for couples and singles of all ages. The parties are "R" rated with some "X" scenes but there is no pressure to participate. Parties have been growing in size, come join the fun.

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Mardi Gras Party

I go to as many of the parties as possible. Love the friendly warm environment. The planners do a great job. A chance to see old friends and meet new ones. Just what I needed to get out of the winter blahhhs. Thanks so much.

Unofficial AFF parties

And just like AFF stands for ALL FATTIES and FUGLIES, so do their parties. Price is great ($10/single or $20/couple). Single men may attend which can quickly turn them into a Sausage Fest. Music is NOT good and hard to hear or dance to. The organized games are too long and break up the energy of the crowd. Bottom line....You get what you pay for!

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