Scarlet Ranch: A very diverse lifestyle club for ladies, select single men, and classy couples, Scarlet Ranch combines an on-premises club with the sophistication of the Denver nightlife scene, all in a discreet, private environment.  Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night is hopping.
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Scarlet Ranch

Based on 56 customer reviews

Phone: (303) 722-0451
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A very diverse lifestyle club for ladies, select single men, and classy couples, Scarlet Ranch combines an on-premises club with the sophistication of the Denver nightlife scene, all in a discreet, private environment. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night is hopping.

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Fake Reviews from jealous people

We are regulars at Scarlet Ranch and have been for the past three years. Several groups have tried to open swingers clubs in the area and continue ot write fake bad reviews about the Ranch. Since Scarlet Ranch allows you to take a tour for free before paying anything, you are able to see for yourself why it is where everybody goes. It draws the sexiest, youngest and sorry, not at all blue-collar crowd for a thousand miles around. There are always several hundred people at least on a Saturday and at least 100 on a Friday. The only legal way to have an on-premise club is to have it BYOB. Keeping it legal is not only less expensive, but keeps the police or city from bothering the place. Check out Scarlet Ranch for yourself and you will discover the only place to play in Denver. Scarlet Ranch is amazing!

Expensive, not the crowd they advertise

The club itself is pretty nice, not as nice as the pics on the website but it is done somewhat tastefully. We went on a Saturday, there were about 40 couples there when we arrived at 11pm. It never really picked up, and the age of the crowd was much older than what the girl on the phone stated. We're both 36, and there were only two other couples in their 30's, everyone else was about 45+, and a much more blue collar crowd than we're used to. We felt out of place to be honest, we're both professionals in our career. Yes, there are "tents" or "cabanas" in the back room, but nothing we could call discrete or classy. It's too expensive for what it is, plus bringing your own alcohol is not very convenient. Before you know it, you'll be in for $130 just to meet another couple to have sex in a tent or cabana. No thanks...

We don't swap...but LOVE going here

My wife and I aren't into the swap we are just into incredible experiences with each other and love going here, We are solely into this scene for each other and have found a great place to go to live our wildest dreams. We just joined with a gold membership and go at least every couple of weeks. Sure it is a great place to hook up with others if that is your deal but you can go and be left alone. It is classy, sexy, respectful and the scenery is great. We were there last night and I can't stop thinking about the time we had!!

The best lifestyle club around

Not sure where the reviewer below likes to go, but we like the $100.00 fee. Where else are we going to find hundreds of sexy couples all having a great time? The club is a BYOB place, so it is actually cheaper then going to a bar and paying a cover and high drinks costs. We also like the cabanas in the back of the club that surround the main play area. There are no "tents". It is also not a gay sex club. That is a slander from a sleazy competitor. He thinks that is about the worse thing you could do to hurt a clubs reputation. If you prefer not to go to the "Wal-Mart" of lifestyle clubs, check out why Scarlet Ranch is one of the top clubs in the country.

Too expensive -

This place would be worth it if it charged much less than the $100 cover charge. It does not offer any real privacy, just tents (canopies) in the back of the club to have sex in. And despite that they claim they don't let single guys in on Saturday night, we saw plenty of them. It does have a nice dance floor, pool table, and hot tub which we stayed clear from. Overall the place isn't bad, but definitely not worth what they charge. As for the guy on guy action as reported in a review down below, all we can say is, that kind of stuff is not for us, but we would be hypocrites to be offended by it since we're open minded. However one of the male bartenders there is definitely not shy about the bi-sexual stuff. We declined. If they Lower the really high price, we would go back. Until then, we'd rather spend that money trying to convert an unsuspecting couple at a regular bar LOL!

Denver's BEST Lifestyle Club!

I have been a member of the Ranch for years before it even moved to Denver from Evergreen. The owner has made many improvements over the years and will soon be moving to a bigger and better location in 2010! It is NOT a crowd of 50 yr olds as someone here reported. Average age is 35+. Very attactive, upscale couples and a handfull of a few "select" single men who are respectful of boundaries. In the 8 yrs I've been going there, I've NEVER, EVER witnessed homosexual male activity at the club. The Ranch should DEFINATELY be on your Denver "To Do" list!!!

Love this place... A++++

We are a young Florida couple that visits Denver every month for business and really love Scarlet Ranch. The owners and staff have made a world class club in Denver and we have felt at home since our first visit. The place is one of our favorite in the country. A+++

Best club for the younger swing scene in Colorado

What a great club! If you love swingers clubs, it does not get any better then Scarlet Ranch. The club is very cool on its own, but when it is filled with hundreds of beautiful ROCKS! We travel around the coutry quite a bit and always make time for a night at this club when we are in Colorado. A++++

Love the foam parties

New to Denver and love you young swinger scene here. We had no idea how active this city is. Scarlet Ranch was hard to find, but after going to a few of their parties, we are sold on the on-premise clubs we have always avoided. Take our advice and check out this very hip swingers club in Denver.

Always a great time!

We attend the events at Scarlet Ranch about once ever ysix weekes or so and have always had a great time. The club is big and on Saturday's is always the most pupular choice in Denver. We are younger then most at 22 & 24, but there are always a group to find close in age. We have had a great deal of success in meeting single girls, which is our thing on Thursdays as well. We recommend Scarlet Ranch to everyone :)

Denver's most popular club

Scarlet Ranch has been around for quite a while now and has always been the most popular since opening in downtown Denver. All we can say is check it out and you will not be disappointed. Saturdays are the nights to go and you will have the time of your life. We did!!! Mostly a 30-something group. Attractive and professional. Saturday's are couples and women only which is what we prefer. Jess & Bill

Love this place.

My wife and I have been in Denver for a little more then a year now and love Scarlet Ranch. It is an on-premise swingers club located downtown. The people are very nice, the club is beautiful and my wife loves to play in the shower facing the stage. We generally prefer Saturdays when it is only couples and single women. The back rooms are always hopping and the environment could not be more erotic. We are a little on the older side (47 & 48), but always havea great time and have met wonderful people. Highly recommend.

Great people. Great club.

We have been in the Denver swinger’s scene for about a year now and low this popular club. There is nothing even close in Colorado to this place and we have tried them all. Scarlet Ranch is very classy all the way. They have created the best environment we could have ever asked for. The price is reflective of the membership. We work hard in our professional lives and prefer to be around people similar to us when we go to clubs. Scarlet Ranch is first class all the way. The staff is the best and always makes you feel comfortable even on your first visit.

Scarlet Ranch Is the best!

We went for the first time this past Saturday evening and it was the best experience of our life! There are no single men wandering around. There are no men having sex with each other. Scarlet Ranch is a private club and is very safe and erotic. What we did find is an amazing group of sexual and beautiful people. Why we took so long to find this place is beyond us. We had no idea there ever existed such a beautiful place in Denver. We both have professional careers and prefer to be around others that take care of themselves, around our age (32) and can hold a conversation. Scarlet Ranch surpassed our expectations in every way. We laugh at the fake reviews that have been posted, since it is obvious that other groups are jealous of the standard set by such a great club as Scarlet Ranch. We took the free tour, before joining and you can see what we are talking about! Highly recommend for anyone that wants a beautiful setting filled with beautiful people!

No single men - fake reviews

The best club for couples and hot women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scarlet Ranch one of the top swingers clubs in America for the given reason it ROCKS! There are no single men wandering around masturbating. It is not allowed and since Scarlet Ranch is a private club, they are able to keep out the old, single men like you will find at the Sugar Shack in Denver. If any member has any problem with another couple, it would be taken care of right away. Scarlet Ranch is a great club. They are the most popular swingers club within several thousand miles and if you want to hang out where all of the hot couples and women are, then Scarlet Ranch is for you!

Older Denver swinger club

We went at the recommendation of a few reviews we found online, this site being one of them. We were pretty disappointed with a few things. 1. It was a Saturday night and not very busy, about 20 couples. 2. There were at least 8 single guys even though their website says they do not let single guys in on Saturday nights. 3. The crowd is MUCH older than these reviews state. We are early 30's, every else was 45 plus. 4. We're pretty open minded, however there was a fair amount of guy-on-guy sex happening out in the open. Not really the type of swingers we're looking for. The place looks nice in side, fairly clean, but the combination of the above issues along with the fact that it's VERY expensive will keep us from going again.

Too many single guys

Club is OK, but we were told there are no single men on Saturdays. Not the case. When we went last weekend there were plenty and it was kinda creepy. In the back where the tents are that people have sex in, there were guys peeking into the tents jerking off while watching others have sex. It felt sleezy to us. So we went to the front where the bar and dance floor is and and a guy would not stop following me until my husband told him to back off. Not our cup of tea, unless your into the single guy thing. Crowd is mid-40 and older. It's also expensive.

Scarlet Ranch is where the party is at!

Scarlet Ranch has been one of our favorite swingers clubs for the past 5 or 6 years. Denver is not a big city, but Scarlet Ranch sure knows how to get the people in their door. By far, the best swingers club in Colorado. No drama, no fights, no problems. I would agree with some other reviewers, that they have a mostly mid to late 30-something membership. WE prefer Saturday nights and love that everyone dances and is very friendly. Nothing better then hot, naked women dancing on the stage. Excellent owners and staff. A++++

Denver's most popular swingers club.

Scarlet Ranch has been Denver's most popular swingers club for the past decade. We have been attending their events for several years and always have a good time. The crowd is a thirty-something and attractive by all standards. Well worth the visit.


I have been to the Scarlet Ranch many times and it is the best (and really only) on-premise lifestyle club in Denver. It may not always be packed and crowded, but we always have fun and meet great people. Personally, I like some of the more intimate nights. Saturdays and Theme parties are always crowded and have never had a bad time. There are all ages 20,30,40, 50s. There is something for everyone and every time is a new experience. If you are a swinger, and exhibitionist, or just want to have a good time in an open environment, you have to try the Scarlet Ranch!

Will never go again

We've been to the Ranch about 8 times over the years and they've done some improvements, but the crowd has really become much older than it used to be and it's just too expensive to justify anymore. They claim "young couples in their mid 30's", but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone under 45, really. We wouldn't be so sour, but we live in Castle Rock and called ahead of time and spoke to a girl on the phone. We asked how busy it was (it was already 10:30), and we also asked what the crowd (age) was like. The girl on the phone said it "was very busy with a hot crowd". Sounded great so we drove up from castle rock only to find out there were maybe 40 people there, and maybe only four couples in their 30's. The rest were way out of our age range. We're not sobs, but we want to hook up with people our age. We spent $100, drove 45 minutes to find out the girl on the phone was not very honest just to get some more people in there. We stayed for 30 minutes and left. It will be our last visit.

Denver colorado swingers club for oldies

We read several reviews AND called ahead of time to be sure the crowd is as young as these reviews report and their website reports. We are both 35, not young but not old. We're both fit and attractive. We spent $100 to get in and were extremely disappointed in not only the age of the crowd (late 40's and older...everyone!), but there were only 15 couples there at most, and several single men. The girl on the phone said they were busy and the crowd was great, which is why we went that evening. We spoke to the person behind the bar and they told us it was still a little early (11pm) so we stuck around. By 12:30am it was still empty. No young Denver swingers, no big crowds like the girl on the phone said. Then we asked for our money back and they said we had been there too long! This is AFTER the person at the bar told us to hang out and wait until it got busy! Well, it never did. For a Denver Colorado swingers club that brags how busy and how young the crowd is, we are NOT impressed. We felt scammed and will never return or never recommend scarlet ranch to anyone. We were ripped off and lied to by the people that run this place. If you're looking for a Denver swingers club and UNDER 40, you're waaaay too young for Scarlet Ranch, and if you're over 40, you won't have much company because the place was empty on a so called busy night according to their own staff.

The best swingers club around!

Scarlet Ranch keeps getting better and better. We have been members there for better then 6 years now and it continues to be the best swingers club around. We also understand there are some places in Denver that have tried to compete and do nothing but write bad reviews. Check out Scarlet Ranch and we are sure you will love it just like we do. Mostly a 30-something, attractive and professional membership.

Young, beautiful members!!!!!!!

WOW! We are a new couple to the swinging scene and are in love with Scarlet Ranch. We made the round to all of the swinger hangouts and this place is so far better then the rest. It has a young, attractive membership and the best theme events we have ever attended. As with anything, give it a try and you will never go anywhere else again. The reviews saying the members are old, were posted by the angry guy running the (swingers) bar. We tried that place too, and it was very boring...... Take our advice, give Scarlet Ranch a try and make up your own mind, Kisses

The best we have ever been to!

The best club with the youngest, hottest couples and single women. This place is easily the best swingers club we have ever visited. We heard there is a bar owner that writes bad reviews about these guys and that must be what is posted on here. The crowd (and it is a crowd) is 30-something, dressed hot, and everyone danced instead of standing around like some clubs we have been to. Scarlet Ranch is a destination you should not miss. All we can say is WOW! Now, we just wish we lived closer to attend more parties there. Sandra (27) & Rob (31)

Older Denver swingers club

For a denver swingers club that was once decent, Scarlet Ranch denver swingers club is now attractive a much older (50 +) crowd. It still does not have air conditioning so it get HOT in there and smells funky. If you're an older couple you'll be in heaven. If you're under 40 years old, prepare to spend a lot of money to hang out with an older, not very attractive Denver swingers crowd.

Top swing club in Denver ~ Scarlet Ranch

We attend event at Scarlet Ranch once a month or a little more often in the summer. Scarlet Ranch is one amazing club! Not only is Scarlet Ranch an amazing dance club, it is also an amazing on-premise swingers club! If you want an attractive crowd between 21 and 50, then Scarlet Ranch is worth the flight from anywhere in the country. The owners have been around in Denver for better then 15 years and the club shows their attention to detail. Over the years, a few groups have tried to open and they have always failed. The party is always at Scarlet Ranch! Good luck and have a wonderful time!

A very hot, young club!

We live in Chicago and love our visits to Denver just to attend Scarlet Ranch every month. For anyone that travels and gets to see clubs around the country you will be very impressed with Scarlet Ranch. It is a big club, great staff, very friendly people and an amazing interior. The best of any swing club we have ever seen in the USA. We love it and you will as well. The events are $100.00 and worht ten times that!!!!!!!! Cindy (28) & Eric (30)

Amazing and young, hip crowd!

WOW ~ The Best Club in the Country!!!!!!!!!! We have been in the lifestyle and travel the world for work and Scarlet Ranch is one of the best in the world! The people seem to be between mid 20's through late 40's and very attractive! The cost of the party we attended was only $100 for us as a couple and it was the best money we ever spent. There are a few other groups in Denver we have tried and they are nothing like they claim. Scarlet Ranch is well worth the visit and we just love it! btw - we are 26 & 28, well educated and very fussy :) J&H

The hottest club around!

I agree with the last review. Scarlet Ranch maintains as the best place, for Denver's hot, young couples and single women. We have traveled all over the country and Scarlet Ranch is byfar the best club we have ever been to. The owners are amazing and take care of every detail. If anything the music and crowd (and it is a crowd) is a little young for us and we are 34 & 36.

The Best young club in Denver

The competition is very jealous and writing fake reviews. Take a free tour yourself and then you can see why Scarlet Ranch is always rated as one of the top clubs in the country! No one does it better! First class all the way!

Not so hot crowd - expensive!

The Ranch is already attracting a much older crowd than they started with. We've been several times (6) this year and each time the crowd had gotten progressively older, which is not a bad thing, but if you're looking for the young, slim and slender crowd, best look elsewhere. This place is also VERY expensive. We will let our membership expire and move on the newer, younger places. Too bad...we used to really like it. But it's now headed toward the fate of The Retreat with it's current clientelle. :-(

The Scarlet Ranch

This club is okay. I wouldn't say it's great. It's got a pretty cool set up as far as the inside. We rally couldn't find anyone that was really very friendly and felt like outsiders that shouldn't really be there. Which is odd because we get along with everyone and fit in almost everywhere. The cliques were so tight that if you didn't belong to one they wouldn't speak a word to you. Just not welcoming to new people at all. The club itself looks cool! Just wish the patrons were friendlier. I doubt we'd ever go back. For what it costs to get in (and it is pricey) It's just not worth it. It's worth checking out at least once though.

Denver's Upscale Club!

Scarlet Ranch ROCKS! This is an awesome, real club filled with incredible people. Scarlet Ranch is worth every penny and we will be back very soon! Every night is different and we hope to make it during the week sometime for their live music. The weekends are always wild anf fun! One of the best clubs in the country.

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