The Dallas Playground: Zone Of the Grown and Sexiest, Freaky, Freaky clubs in the south with an elite, upscale membership.
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The Dallas Playground

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Zone Of the Grown and Sexiest, Freaky, Freaky clubs in the south with an elite, upscale membership.

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find a descent club to mingle

This place is trash, full of desparate ghetto fabs, more of a cheat, and fuck club. The owner or manager a light skinned dude with a goatie is very arrogant and a dickhead. They overcharge and you end up in a drunk ghetto fuck club, there VIP rooms are dirty and trash. Save your money folks and find descent places with class to mingle




Ladies choice!!! Felt extremly comfortable...great experience for couples.this place is low-key but @ the same time not...recommend that it be checked out at least once...felt sexy and fabulous...went for 1st time on halloween and spent my 30th in there also...staff is the stripper pole and VIP setting

real people night club

alllows singles and couples singles not allowed with couples unless appoached. patrons friendly but staff is a bit pushy and not liking singles out of bar area assigned. nice woman, not to many single woman but some couples looking for additions and are friendly.

a ladies choice...

I am a sigle female and I have been in the lifestyle for almost four years and I have never been to a club that caters to women as much as The Playground...I mean I have been to some other clubs that I like, but The Playground puts the sex in sexy and they respect your privacy...It has the most private VIP rooms I've seen and some attractions I have never seen. They have an Exotic Cage that I got in when they played that song lick and there were almost twenty other females in there with me...They also have a shodow box, shower and garden tub...Im gonna try these next time. And the DJ plays the ladies requests all nite. I luv The Playground see yall next week

Life is what you make of it.

I enjoy the playground this weekend so much that iI will be back there soon. I dont know what other people have experience but the cost to me was ok. I spent more money at the strip and still went home empty handed. Free liq, food and woman for less than $75 you tell me what strip club offers that. better yet you tell me any place that offers that. The club is what you make it. The playground served ribs for the labor day weekend for free. I enjoyed myself I will not be going to anymore strip clubs. the first time i went to the playground I didnot know what to expect and I was a little board, but when I went back the second and third time I had a blast. So next time when I attend something new I will try to mingle more participate more because thats how you get your moneys worth. life is what you make of it.

My first Saturday at The Playground...

My name is Jasmine and I am 29 years old and I have been in the lifestyle for almost 7 seven years. I have been to almost every lifestyle club in Texas and this is by far one of the sexiest. The best thing about this club is it caters to women the most. Me and my girlfriends got there about 10 o'clock, and they let us in FREE and gave us FREE VIP. I guess all single ladies get in FREE til midnight. Then we discovered that they had FREE liquor and food til sunrise. More importantly they had FREE condoms every where you look. Now even though they only have a few bathrooms, they were spotless. Later in the nite I requested my favorite song and the DJ played it immediately. I liked that. He said "if the ladies say it, I gotta play it." After awhile we ventured into the VIP ROOM. It was very exclusive. They didn't let any single men in there, so me and my girlfriends had a 5 some outta this world. knew three of my friends were bi, but Shelly really surprised me. Then two of us went to another room with a very sexy couple and got sexed up til like 5 in the morning. I love The Playground...


labor day weekend was the first Saturday me and my wife went to the playground and we had a blast...i don't know exactly how many people were there but it was bananas. when we got there they i paid $5 for parking, but i felt my car was safe because they had security in the parking lot in suits. very classy. then i must admit they have one of the sexiest staffs i have every seen. my wife really liked the door girl. when we arrived it was about 11p the club was packed and we only paid $30 for the couple. then when we went to VIP it was great because they don't allow ANY single men in there and VIP gets you access to all the rooms for one price. they also had FREE grey goose, patron and vsop til sunrise. not to mention complimentary dining and FREE condoms. we never been to a lifestyle club with so much to do. my wife got butt naked with the female bartender in the shadow box and the cage. we playd pool wih a very sexy couple and the music was awesome. the dj played all the new music plus a bunch of back in the day jams and some reggae. we didn't leave the club til almost 7am. we will definately be back saturday, and i heard the dj say they're gonna start opening on wednesdays too.


Last night was my first time and i was not impressed at all. They charged for everything; to use the "Smoke" room, to use "Play" room, and to pay to park. Not to mention the "V.I.P" what was that?!? I went to sit on the sofa and literally it felt like I was sitting on the floor. I will say that the music was good and I met a beautiful couple last night. I will definately stick with what I know.


The Playground, is garbage! I went to this piece of ish club, and they charged me way too much to get in. I arrived around 11:00 that night with my wife, and it cost us $70 dollars to get in. Once we were in, it was empty. I'm serious, filled with employees and two private parties only! So we asked to have our money back and some cat AB told us NO! So we decided to stay since we'd already paid our money. It was dead. Our drinks we had were already cold, but we needed cups... IT WAS $2 FOR ONE EMPTY CUP! We wouldn't have had fun, but we met these two georgeous women, I think they are dating. They were having them a nice time on the pole in "the circle". I swear I will never go there again, but if you ever decide to go, hook up with Sunshine and Sasha, one is tall and yella with a big booty, and the other is short and paper bag brown with some nice DD's. You will have a good time if you hang out with these two! I'm serious if I hadn't met these two goddesses, AB would have gave me my money back, I GURANTEE IT! But as for the club, i'd stick to something I KNOW, like Inequity.

where do i get info

i do not have a myspace page and it looks like their page is set to private so how would i get any information about this club besides the reviews it has gotten? it sounds like a fun place to go just wish i knew more information about it...please let me kno

a night at fantasy island

to all those that have never been to the playground on a saturday nite: me and my husband went last saturday and had one of the best nights of our life. i called this review fantasy island because i have always been attracted to women, but i have never had the space or opportunity to explore my wild side. last saturday at the playground my fantasy came true. me and my husband met a two very attractive young ladies that showed us the night of our life. we met eva first...she was a petite busty female in her late twenties or early thirties. at first we all just talked and had a few drinks. during the conversation the subject of whats your fantasy came up. i mentioned that i fantasized about other women. i guess that was the green light for her. later in the conversation she seemed to have dropped something under the table, before i knew it i could feel her caressing me under my skirt. then i felt it, she baptized my inner thighs with her tounge. it felt like a dream come true, her tounge was so soft. then she kept going as i twitched a little beacuse i wasn't wearing any panties, but the she hit me with a calming touch and i think i heard her moan a little, and the fireworks began. i couldn't believe she was pleasuring me right in the middle of the club under the table. i felt shy at first until she hit my spot then i lost control. i hope we see her again...

our first secret sex party...

Me and my wife are new to this whole sex party atmosphere. We have ben married for seven happy years. We both are very sexual people, so we decided to go to the Playground because one of her girlfriends told her about it. When we first arrived my wife was a little timid, then after the comedy show they started playing really sultry music and before you know it she was sucking my dick under the table. Then later that nite me actually had sex in the cage by the dance floor. This was one of the best nites of my life, because during our session in the cage three other females joined us and ate my wife out for almost an hour. We made alot of new friends, we can't wait to go again...

one of the sexiest clubs my wife and I have been to...

We got there about about 9p and they had a comedy show with BET comics...Then after that the party graduated to an ultra sexy soiree with plenty of sexy single ladies and couples...We also got FREE ALL ACCESS VIP because we actually got there just before nine. Now honestly the club is a little pricey, but we realized the club never closes and they had free grey goose and VSOP.

very grown and sexy...

I went to the playground last week and there were a bunch of very attractive females...Me and wife had a very good time and it has a very down to earth feel. There is alot to do@the playground versus other clubs we've been too. They have pool tables, dance floor, stages, cages and like 14 VIP rooms. very spacious, very sexy...and we oly paid $30 for a couple before 11p and we didn't leave until like 10am in the morning

First time last night

The party was fun, plenty of sexy women who loved dancing and showing off their ASSets! A few things that were a bit upsetting...first of all, they charged to self park, then if it is byob then I felt like I should of been able to bring a cooler with everything I needed, but that was prohibited. So I purchaced ice for $2 per cup, and a way over priced 8oz sprite for $5. They seemed to be really strict about making a profit everyway possible. Then the check in process takes way too long, I arrived in time with my text to get in for a discount, and after waiting in line for 20 mins they said I missed the cut off. I was about to u-turn and go to a more familiar spot...just then one of the owners/managers saw my frustration and allowed me and my party the rate we expected. It is a bit ghetto, but overall a good spot to vist and mingle for a premium price if you can not find another spot.

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