Outer Limits: An alternative dance club for couples and single ladies.  Parties every Friday and Saturday starting at 8 pm.
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Outer Limits

Based on 6 customer reviews

Phone: (972) 247-7383
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An alternative dance club for couples and single ladies. Parties every Friday and Saturday starting at 8 pm.

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Hole in the wall w/transsexuals and gay men...

This should not be listed under lifestyle club...Instead this is a hole in the wall with gay men and women that are really men...Thats an abomination! I think me and my husband were the only straight couple.

I love this club

I have a great time every time I visit this club. I do not go every week but the times I have been I always have a wonderful time. The people and staff are always very friendly and everyone dances and has a good time! The bathrooms are very clean and neat. The single men that I have encountered at the club are always very gentlman like and not aggressive. Very good music and good fun!

Its an okay club

I had an opportunity to visit the club twice. I really like that fact taht people there are friendly. Its not clickish. The music was good. The staff was friendly. Its a small place and the way the tables are set up makes it hard to sit down or even slide in to sit down. The ladies were of different sizes, mainly overweight. It smells like hot P###y in there. If it were my club i'd make a few small changes. The same weekend i went to another swingers club and it was black owned and upscale. The people were sexy and they provided food and mixers. However they were very clickish. It was funny because that same weekend i saw only the sexy people at both clubs. It seems to me that outer limits is GHETTO yet friendly.

Huh? Sure we are taling about the same place?

We disagree with all of that except the comment about they do have good music. Now we don't go all the time, but the times we have been there when it wasn't leased out to one of the groups didn't see anything at all like the post which talked down about the club. To the contrary it was very nice, would have to disagree about the single males, ghetto remark, etc. Was ver clean, even the men's room.

I totally love the club...safe & clean enviorment

I have enjoyed the club everytime I have been there. The people are very friendly and will talk with anyone. I love the fact it is not clicky. It is friendly to all ages, sizes and races. I highly reccommend going to the club and check it out. Prices are also reasonable.

hope youhave a qhetto card!

This was real ghetto.... lots of young, single men that should hqave been at the strip bars instead. The crowd was very diverse in size, lots oflarger women, good music though, BYOB, small place, bring security with you as you may need it!

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