After Midnight Club: Offers upscale off-premise social club for real couples and single women.  Bamboo dance floor, quieter meeting room, three dance poles and great people so you an socialize, dance, and romance.
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After Midnight Club

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Phone: (817) 355-9200
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Offers upscale off-premise social club for real couples and single women. Bamboo dance floor, quieter meeting room, three dance poles and great people so you an socialize, dance, and romance.

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Aftermidnight's Shooting Blanks

While it may seem like the "happy go lucky" bar where everyone is your friend at the start - be careful of the characters that you might encounter there. The drama runs deep and lines which should not be crossed can be easily. It is also in a very run down area and one doesn't exactly feel "sexy" walking to and from the car. Unless you consider dodging horny guys who are going to the strip club next door "sexy." The space is good enough, but the DJ couldn't even mix bacon and eggs let alone music. The stalls in the restrooms may or may not be functional that night and the roof may or may not be leaking. Guess it depends on the weather. Despite it all - the crowd used to be pretty "upscale," but that has not been the case lately as the club can't decide if it's aftermidnight or the wanna be half-sister of Iniquity. Personally, I believe in trying everything once... just don't expect too much going in and be aware of your surroundings.

Disappointing first time

I went to AM Saturday night for the first time. I knew several couples there which made it better. But I immediately noticed the "cliques". A lot of the regulars were not very friendly. As a single female I thought I would have been approached by someone new. If I had not already known so many people, it would have been a lonely night. The other thing that I had a major problem with was the number of ment photographing and videoing their wives and other women. I personally don't want to show up on someone's website without knowing. I would have hope it would have been more discreet.

Love it love it :)

I had such a blast i me and my hubby are 23 and we have been there three times now we are hooked, fun place, love the shadow bos and the striper pole, do wish they would spruce the place up but the crowds fun attitued makes up for what its lakeing in apersance, it byob, and they have pool tabels to, there is a i guess "vip" it has a pole in there as well and i loved how it looks in there i wish they would carry that look on through the whole club, mabye they will get to it, but its been a blast there!

Great Place, Real Poeple

I went on their new thursdays event and had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was so nice and the staff was very cool. I consider here for those new to the lifestyle and anyone who likes to be around down to earth people.

Hear Great Things, but Not Impressed

Whatever you do, don't go in a Friday, it's dead. Of course, you can say that about any lifestyle club. Not a horrible club, but not worth the price for an off premesis club. Not in the same league as the 13th Floor, the Velvet Curtain, or Iniquity on any level. We haven't been impressed when we've been there, but a lot of people like it.

Not all it's wrapped up to be

Although fun at first - be aware to not get close to the people who work there. Some have a tendency to not keep their word and others to lose their tempers. Having been to the club on several occassions my advice would be to go and have a good time but heed my advice and stay distant from those affiliated with the club.

Great Fun, Great Atmosphere

As a single female, The After Midnight Club is by far my favourite place to go hang out and have fun. The patrons of the club are very respectful and friendly. The owners and staff are absolutely fabulous and are there to offer assistance when needed. For anyone who new to the lifestyle, The After Midnight Club is a great way to get your feet wet.

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