The 13th Floor: Catering to sensual couples, single ladies and very select single gentlemen, The 13th Floor is Dallas' most exclusive, private, on-premise couples group offering a hot and cold buffet, dancing and the opportunity to fulfill your fantasies in an open-minded, no pressure environment.
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The 13th Floor

Based on 30 customer reviews

Phone: (469) 621-2468

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Catering to sensual couples, single ladies and very select single gentlemen, The 13th Floor is Dallas' most exclusive, private, on-premise couples group offering a hot and cold buffet, dancing and the opportunity to fulfill your fantasies in an open-minded, no pressure environment.

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Great place to go

IMPRESSED! Very clean, great food. Everyone who helps out there is concerned that as a newbie you are comfortable. They are always checking, ansering questions or just being aware. I suggest this to anyone at any level in the lifestyle. Great mix of people.

Favorite Dallas On-Premise Club

We've been multiple occasions to the 13th floor and have had some really great times. Nice outdoor area to get away from the crush and music, good dance floor, very good dj and sound system, public and private play rooms, clean changes of sheets and plenty of fresh towels, clean restrooms with showers, and a dance pole. Ages were all middle age and older. Enough HWP couples for us to socizlize, but there is a mix, so if you want an exclusive Ken and Barbi party this isn't it. The club is well secluded, so no privacy issues. Some single males, but not so many it was ever an issue. There is a dance pole on a smallish size dance floor, so it's a little difficult for women to get some room to dance by themselves on the pole. Not enough seating, be prepared to mingle and move around on a busy night. Too few bath rooms, sometimes lines develop. Very polite and nice hosts/staff, they go out of their way to make it a pleasant, clean, safe, and sexy environment.

Very pleased we were first timers!

We experienced the 13th floor for our first time last night. We were very impressed. The staff were so nice and we felt so much more comfortable than we thought we would. We were first timers and would strongly reccomend it for others! We'll be back

They "Showed" Me

I am from MO, the "Show Me" State and have really enjoyed the Floor. My daughter lives in the area, but I'd come even if she didn't. Great music, dancing, flirting, and meeting new people. Alone or with someone, if you don't have a GREAT time...its on you! Been there about 7 times now and it takes me 7 hours.

Very Enjoyable!!!

Friday was my first time there with my man and we both enjoyed our selves the atmosphere was relaxed the music was good the people were all nice and it was very clean. We are definatelly going to go back.

Tres Bien !!! Sans probleme.

Je suis Francais, et vraiment ce club est tres bien ! Comparable aux clubs en France, avec une ambiance cordiale et une proprete irreprochable; je le recommande aux Francais de passage et aux cousins Francophones.

The Floor - Pros and Cons

We've been there many times. The place seems to cater to the older crowd (45+), especially on Fridays. HWP, height-weight proportional, is pretty rare. As a young (early 30's), very attractive couple, we really don't fit in. Even on Saturday, we're often the youngest couple in the club. A good night would see 4-5 attractive couples under 40yrs old... not great odds if you're a hot young couple. However, the layout is the best in Dallas. It's well run and clean. For us, it's a great place to take a couple, but not a great place to find a couple. It's a genuine swingers club.

First Time Delight

This weekend was our first time at an "on premises" club. It was a great experience. The staff was welcoming and helpful, and gave a brief introduction and tour, then we were on our own. 40-50 couples were there at peak, all having a great time. The place is large and clean, with good food and good music. Totally non-pushy, friendly, do what you want to do fun party atmosphere, which attitude was reflected in the crowd. We felt very comfortable and had a BLAST! Highly recommended. We will be back!

Going back Friday!!!

.We had a really awesome time there. We felt extremely comfortable there. The people are inviting and exciting. loved the place and thought it was a really clean place to have fun in, lol. Look forward to this weekend!!

Spoiled and Worth the Drive!!!

Well this was a first time for us to go to an on-premise location, we have been to only 2 lifestyle clubs...well, this has spoiled us to anything else! No reason to go anywhere else!! Top treatment, good food, wonderful layout, excellent people to play with, VERY VERY comfortable environment for us Newbies! Still shaking my head today, remembering all the fun! Doc and Marilyn

Nice Party House

Nice party house. Probably the best in Dallas/Fort Worth. We have only been once, but was impressed with the people and the layout. We have been to the Red Rooster in Vegas and Taboo in LA and it is equal to them. Just wish they had a pool table.

Going back this weekend!

We went for the first time last Friday. There were about 30-35 couples there! The lay out is fantastic, the food is good, the people are great and they even supply condems! We found a great couple to play with and had a blast! Definately reccommend it!

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