Party Perks 847: PartyPerks847 was created by a small group of friends/playmates who have a zest for life, an appetite for grown-up fun and a mind for the naughty and eclectic!
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Party Perks 847

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Phone: (847) 220-0648
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PartyPerks847 was created by a small group of friends/playmates who have a zest for life, an appetite for grown-up fun and a mind for the naughty and eclectic!

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Great time in Winthrop Harbor

Great club, great folks and great events. I was looking at the review below and I have to wonder if we were at the same party. Some folks in their 40s and some bigger people ?, sure, but hardly as they describe. This was a small venue so needless to say it was not as diverse as their huge Hotel events, but there was still a nice mix of folks, and everyone had a great time. There was no "fried chicken" to be seen, but there were wings as well as nice veggie trays and salads. I can not speak for they being asked to be touched, but we in the lifestyle all know a simple "no thank you" is all that is required. I happen to know the owners of PP847 and I can tell you they are the most accomodating people imaginable. I am sure if these folks had gone to either of them and expressed their discomfort, they would have addressed it and made it right. Partyperks 847 rocks, dont pass up a chance to try it out.

Huge disappointment if you just want to be watched....

My fiance and I just wanted to go someplace where we could have people watch us. We thought this would be a great venue group because they have a system with a bracelet that tells other people at the party you're to be watched and not touched. Yeah, nobody pays attention to it, not even one of the guys involved in security. But then again, they have the lights so low at this place no one can even see the bracelets. We were CONSTANTLY interrupted by people coming over and stroking my hair or asking if they could play with my breasts. What the hell did I bother to wear a bracelet for again?! Not to mention the obnoxious and loud sports-like commentary from people watching was a horrible turn-off. And as if that wasn't enough... The people in attendance were significantly older than us (they're all +40) and aren't big into taking care of their bodies (if you're into large people, this is the group for you). We couldn't help but think of the sex party episode of It's Always Sunny when we walked in (even down to the buffet with fried chicken). Security tried to convince us that their large parties are far more diverse and fun, but we're definitely not going to spend another $50 to find out.

When's the next one?!

We have SO much fun at the parties, we are always left asking "when's the next party!?" The hosts are so generous and kind, and make sure that we are always comfortable. What an amazing and diverse group! Can't wait till the next party!!

January can't come soon enough - I'll be there....

I've been to 2 out of 2 parties so far - yes, I will be there in January! Honestly - everyone is so fun, respectful, and we're all just there to have fun. I love it - couples need to see what they're missing...... :)

I can't wait till the next event!!!!!

Rate it? Can this thing go any higher than a 10.......I have never felt so at ease with a group of people before.....I had the best time. The staff are friendly and cool. A very safe and sane good time!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next event!

Such a cool place !

We attended an event in December, and had a great time. The host and hostess, as well as their staff are the best. All of them went our of their way to be be sure everyone was comfortable and was having fun. It was a great mix of people and the facility is awesome. We plan to return again in January

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