Private Affairs: Theme parties every Saturday night starting at 8 for couples only.  Private Affairs has a bar, dance floor, shower rooms, play rooms, theme room, and more.  Bring your own alcohol and towels for the jacuzzi.
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Private Affairs

Based on 5 customer reviews

Phone: (800) 355-8063
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Theme parties every Saturday night starting at 8 for couples only. Private Affairs has a bar, dance floor, shower rooms, play rooms, theme room, and more. Bring your own alcohol and towels for the jacuzzi.

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We enjoyed ourselves

We attended a party on halloween. It was sold out but we called to see if we could get in, and they told us to come ahead and that they would make room for us. No complaints about the club or the hosts. The reason for the 9 out of possible 10...Some people who were clearly "regulars" seemed a bit stuffy. Neither of us are shy and we were quite 'active" which seemed to annoy some of those people (Silly us, thinking we should have lots of sex with lots of different people at a swing club) We are seasoned swingers, so we ignored the eye rolling. We had fun and those we played with sure didnt have any complaints. All in all, we had a good time and would like very much to go back again .

We kinda liked it

I don"t typically leave reviews, but I noticed someone elses comments about how this club sucks. I don"t know what happened on Sept 1st 07, but I can say my wife and I had a great time when we went. As to the staff< They were nothing but respectful. My wife Still talks about Steve the owner"f@#king her to sleep"as he put it. We don't live in the area, but look forward to the oppurtunity to go back!!This was the first swingers club we had ever attended, and I find it hard to believe that anything like what the other review mentions happened.If anything; the staff was reluctant to play with us for fear of intimidating us.

This Club is Awesome

Private Affairs Club in DeKalb is a great place to meet people, if you are new to the lifestyle or if you are a seasoned swinger. I have been attending parties off and on for years. I have only had positive experiences with this club & its owners. The staff works hard to provide a fun, friendly & safe atmosphere. Decide for yourself.

This club sucks.

Private Affairs Couples Swinging Club in DeKalb Sucks Do not go to Private Affairs in DeKalb. They are sleaze bags! Steve, the owner of the club took my girl into the back and when I tried to get her, staff intervened to stop me. Five of them ganged up on me and told me I could not be in the back area. If you were at this club on Saturday, September 1, 2007, and you have any information regarding this matter please let me know. This club should be shutdown permanently. This is a quote from their web site. Attending our parties. We feel that every couple that attends our parties are part of our (lifestyle) family. We try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible any way that they feel is best. We pride ourselves in having parties that are both fun and exciting. We as a club look forward to having new couples join us. We do not in any way expect our guest's to participate in anything at anytime. Its all about meeting couples, making new friends, and maybe exploring fantasies that might have never become a reality.

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