Club Exotica Calgary: Erotically exciting private couples lifestyle
club,  Fabulously furnished, Exotic decor!  Club Exotica has a  comfortable
ambiance that is perfect for the new and curious as well as the more
experienced modern couple.
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Club Exotica Calgary

Based on 13 customer reviews

Phone: (406) 248-4280
E-Mail: Click here for contact form

Calendar: Available Here | Discount: Get a $10 discount on your orientation night if you mention BC

Erotically exciting private couples lifestyle club, Fabulously furnished, Exotic decor! Club Exotica has a comfortable ambiance that is perfect for the new and curious as well as the more experienced modern couple.

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Unfortunate Clientelle

I agree with one of your previous posts......a beautiful interior which is spotless however, 20 somethings playing DJ and strutting around bare chested isn't what this 39 year old wants to see or hear. I felt like I had stepped into someone's house party....terribly unfortunate. Perhaps it's designed for the younger crowd.

had a good time

my wife and i are new to the scene and had gone to other clubs that seemed to be way too small and clickish. we checked out exotica, unfortunitly it was during to taboo show so it was quiet but we still had a great time. we since boght a membership and will continue to go meet new people and make new friends. we recommend it!!!

love this beautiful club

Exotica is beautiful and clean. Ideal for couples who are serious and don't want to be surrounded by single males. People don't seem to go because everyone waits to see how many others may show up and the nights can be quiet. When it is a busy evening it is great. As members, if you don't keep going then it will not last which will limit where you can go. This seems to be the only club with class, so please show up at least once a month. As for the owners, you must continue to market and send e-mails to your many clients! Love the club, you won't be disappointed

Will not be back to Exotica

I had heard nice things about this club, and was very hopeful. The set up is very decent, and the owner seemed to care. To bad about the "kids" playing DJ, the men floating around, that didn`t seem to have parnters, and the fact that they require way to much personal information. Having been to a few other Calgary clubs, this was the worst one. To bad, as it might of had potential.

Very beautiful Swing club.

Awesome place 2 party, meet and play,, sweet cpls and ladies lacking single studs,, would be nice 2 include them with cpls,, the location is quite adequate , private and lots of room 2 park,cool leather seats, chairs,, and very comfortable,,

Will be going again :D

First time we've ever been to a swingers club, and it was excellent! Very clean, very classy. Was rather quiet, but that was okay. Very fun marshmellow bed and swing! Will most definitely be attending again in the future :D

Very Clean comfortable atmosphere

I enjoyed the atmosphere, location is great, easy to get to and ample parking. Art and Rosa are approachable, helpful. I recomment this club. Love the shower area. I also noticed it to be fairly quiet as it's a new club, once that name get's out there this club will be the bomb

Very nice place

Very nice, classy and clean place. We have been twice and once was super dead and once was very busy. I think business will pick up for them. Only downside is no beds upstairs, just couches and benches.

It's a beautiful place to go...

We love this place, great atmosphere, and very well appointed. The only problem is the lack of people. Such a shame. It really would be nice if more people could be an amazing place to go!

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